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07-18-19 04:35 PM

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Least Favorite Minecraft Mob?
The one you love the least
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07-04-19 07:57 PM
07-14-19 03:32 PM

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Least Favorite Minecraft Mob?


07-04-19 07:57 PM
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So I always thought the Bat was my least favorite creature in Minecraft. And heck, maybe it still is. I just hate the way it always follows you around in caves and flies in front of you when you're trying to break obsidian or something.

But a few days ago I was playing on a realm with a good friend of mine, and as we were in a nether fortress, there were just like 36 Blazes there at all times, shooting with what must have been 99% accuracy. It was so bad that after we blocked ourselves up, any time I would even move a pixel outside the safe zone I'd get sprayed with fireballs and nearly burn to death.

Any time I was trying to carefully kill a Wither Skeleton without it hitting me, a Blaze would shoot me in the ass and cause me to bump into the Wither Skeleton and die.

Any time I wanted to look at discord, they kept making super loud noise that it'd distract me completely.

I just hate Blazes

What about you? Any mobs you despise? Share some funny stories
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07-10-19 10:49 PM
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There's a few mobs I wanna shout out here to start I wanna say I find the bat super annoying in caves it never fails to make me jump and swing at it xD Also there's the never fun guardians because I hate water and fighting in water but with the right gear it's manageable. However the last mob I wanna talk about is by far the most evil creature I've ever encountered in minecraft... the chicken I hate chickens more than anything in mc they ruined a hardcore attempt I did ten minutes in I think I told the story in another thread so to not repeat info I cut it at that but in short Kill the Chicken!!!
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07-14-19 03:32 PM
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For me it's going to be the Skeletons simply because they can hit you from so far.

I can stop fighting and run away, and take like 3 hits before I'm a good distance away. Even if I'm fighting one, they still hit you over and over and because their hits send you back a bit, that's even more time for them to get anothet hit in.
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