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08-22-19 10:35 AM

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06-04-19 06:32 AM
06-04-19 06:32 AM

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June 2019 - MEGA Screenshot Competition - Video Game Characters 6 - Earn $300 Games or $50


06-04-19 06:32 AM
Davideo7 is Online
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This competition is based on the Video Game Characters feature. Whoever assigns the most characters to the most screenshots wins.

Previous winners of this annual competition:
2018: Tafarijah
2017: tyranit
2016: tyranit
2015: Juliaisme123
2014: madison

Examples of how this works
You get a point for each unique character / game combination. I'll use Super Mario World and Mario in my examples:
-If you assign Mario to 3 screenshots for Super Mario World, you get 1 point.
-If you assign Mario to 3 screenshots for 3 different games, you get 3 points.

You can also earn multiple points off of the same screenshot if it contains more than 1 character; example:
-If you assign Yoshi and Mario to the same screenshot for Super Mario World, you get 2 points.

You can assign characters to screenshots of games that other users have already done but not of the same characters. Example:
-Another user assigns Mario to a screenshot for Super Mario World, they get 1 point
-You assign Mario to a screenshot for Super Mario World, you do not get a point
-You assign Yoshi to a screenshot for Super Mario World, you get 1 point

Current Rank:

Go to that page at any time to see how you rank among everyone else in this competition. That page will also show a total which will help determine what the payout is.

The prize amount will be based on how many characters get assigned to how many screenshots among all users. At any time, you can find out that number in the above 'Current Rank' url.

1. 300K Viz or 30 Tickets or $50
2. 100K Viz or 10 Tickets or $25
3. 50K Viz or 5 Tickets or $10
4. 30K Viz or 3 Tickets
5. 10K Viz

1. 100K Viz or 10 Tickets or $25
2. 50K Viz or 5 Tickets or $10
3. 30K Viz or 3 Tickets
4. 10K Viz
5. 5K Viz

1. 50K Viz or 5 Tickets
2. 30K Viz or 3 Tickets
3. 10K Viz
4. 5K Viz
5. 1K Viz

Under 500
1. 30K Viz
2. 10K Viz
3. 5K Viz
4. 2K Viz
5. 1K Viz

Cash prizes are in US currency and can be redeem in just about any way that you want. I can buy something on Amazon for you, transfer the money to you through PayPal, etc. Anything that requires me to buy you something would require you to cover the shipping fee as well (if your payout didn't cover it).

Raffle Tickets let you redeem steam games of $10 value and they are stackable. You can find the available steam games here:

Trophy Award:
The user who wins this competition will get a special trophy item added to their Vizzed Market inventory. Users will be able to display all the trophies they've earned on their profiles (when I'm done remaking them).

-Taking screenshots of characters for a game that someone else has already taken screenshots of for that same game will not count if the screenshots are too similar, if someone takes a screenshot similar to a screenshot already submitted to this competition, it will be down rated
-You must average less than 32 characters per a game (so if you do a game with a ton of characters, you'll have to make up for it by doing a bunch of games that don't have a ton of characters to balance out the average)
-Only screenshots taken after 6/1/2018 count
-Screenshots must be given a description and assigned to a category to count
-Hacked and homebrew games do not count
-If more than 75% of your tagged characters are in games where others have tagged the same characters, than you are not eligible for the cash prizes
-A 'Character' will be anyone in the game that has a name and isn't user generated and isn't randomly generated
-Only screenshots which have a rating of 3 or higher count
-Clones do not count (this only applies to MAME games)
-You MUST use the Vizzed RGR Plugin to take the screenshots for games that exist in the RGR
-If you upload screenshots to the Video Game Room, they must be great quality and must also be taken by you, otherwise they will not count

-Try to focus on games that no one else has done
-When you work on a game, try to add every character for that game
-If you find characters that are missing, be sure to let the staff know asap so that we can get them added right away and than you can add those characters to your games
-Don't be overwhelmed if a lot of users have a lot of points, it's very easy and quick to earn a lot of points
-This competition not only encourages tagging characters in your screenshots, it also encourages taking more screenshots so be sure to take as many as you can
-Make sure to take and use meaningful screenshots if you want to avoid having your screenshots down rated
-Here's a list of games which shows how many characters have been submitted to each game so that you know which games to focus on:
(make sure to click the system that you want to filter by at the top)
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