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08-24-19 12:45 PM

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Post Ordering in Threads
And also a cleaner "Thread Actions" area
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05-08-19 02:08 PM
05-08-19 02:08 PM

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Post Ordering in Threads


05-08-19 02:08 PM
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You can now order the posts of a thread based on a few parameters:
Oldest First: Display the oldest posts first (default)
Newest First: Displays the newest posts first
Most Likes: Most Liked posts first
Content Alphabetical: Alphabetical order based on post content
Content Reverse Alphabetical: Reverse of the previous

The first post of a thread will always display first no matter what order is chosen. This will more than likely be used very little but it'll be incredibly convenient for threads like this (that thread is being ordered by highest rating first).

The options to order the posts is available at the top right of a thread, next to where the "posts per page" and "posts" links were....which brings me to another thing I did: I also cleaned up the 'Thread Actions' area and replaced the links for those 2 actions with drop downs for a less messy and less cluttered look.

You can also change the default order of your own threads from the 'New Thread' and 'Edit Thread' page. I can see this being used a lot with the 'Restrictions' option, which is another feature I recently added and will post about later.

Oh and since the site's code and functionality is becoming more streamlined all the time, it was pretty easy to make this compatible with the Your Posts page . You can see an example of my posts being ordered based on highest rated posts appearing first here.

I suppose I should also mention how it's compatible with the All Posts page too, which is a feature I may or may not have ever announced (yay, I'm finally announcing it). This should be cool to everyone because you can then see the most liked posts ever made .
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