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03-26-19 09:30 PM

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At what point do you think...
...that your clothing is "too worn out to be worn in public" and get rid of it?
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03-10-19 02:02 PM
Light Knight
03-26-19 11:34 AM

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At what point do you think...


03-10-19 02:02 PM
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At what point do you pull a shirt from your closet, about to put it on, take a double-take of it, and think "You know, this isn't really decent anymore to wear in public" and then think either "I should throw it away" or "I should donate it"?

For me, donation is never an issue. Because the only time I stop wearing clothes in public is when they stop serving their primary function: to keep that part of me warm and protected. So I throw it away at that point, because it's no good to anyone.

Yes, this leads to me getting stares when I'm wearing a shirt riddled with moth holes or underwear with a hole under the elastic, or shorts that have a stain on them from 3 years ago. I even have a shirt where the only thing wrong with it is that the hem of the arm cuffs have separated and are only half-hanging on. So every time I wear the shirt, I have to thread my arms through the hanging loops so that the hem is around my arm properly and I get made fun of for that shirt all the time. But I'm not gonna cut off the cuff hem (since that causes the fabric to roll and that would be even more unsightly and uncomfortable). So I just deal with the stares. I don't mind.

But I wait for the extreme cases. I'm certain there are some people who'll donate clothes as soon as a single pin-sized stain appears that detergent can't remove.

How long do you keep your clothes?
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03-26-19 11:34 AM
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I perform light maintenance on my armor every few days, and get it professionally maintained and mended every few months. That way, I have not had to replace it; it's still the same armor I crafted by the one and only Six Winged Angel, the same armor that survived the great battle of Enzo Matrix. 
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