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09-23-19 12:42 PM

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Sword Legion
02-09-19 09:28 PM
Sword Legion
02-09-19 09:28 PM

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How I healed my teeth and avoided a root canal.


02-09-19 09:28 PM
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I remember the day I got out of the dentist's office. I was walking on the pavement outside through one of the most popular tourist locations in my home town. The information had just hit me. The fact that I was born with under bite and took years of Orthodontic Work wasn't enough. That I had 13 cavities because of my genetics by the time I was the same number of years old wasn't either.

The reality was, that my teeth were failing, and now the most dreaded of news had come my way. The dentist wrote down the name of another dentist on a piece of paper and gave my mom the bad news. One of my molars on the right hand side of my mouth had basically died. It couldn't feel hot nor cold, and the X-rays seemed to suggest that I would need a root canal. If I didn't get this treated, I would risk and abscess and terrible pain. Pain that would eventually translate into actual permanent damage and death. Everyone knows the risks of poor dental hygiene. That's why everyone does what their dentist says, fight the losing battle of brushing and flossing--doing what everyone else does.

Honestly, I can't blame them. Even I was the same way.

But when you do a decent job and you still get screwed over, you start asking yourself the real questions in life. Why does this line of thinking keep failing me? What isn't working? Well. . . truth be told, I knew what wasn't working. There's a long story about that thanks to my own mom. My mom is a cancer survivor. . .

I remember when my mom was given ten years to live. She went crazy and started juicing celery, carrots and all this weird stuff. She explained to us that after much research--that many modern diseases were actually the result of a lack of nutrients. She totally cut processed sugar and bread from her diet. She took wheat grass (which is very different than wheat!) and started to feed us healthier as well. That was fourteen years ago, and she's totally killed her cancer. The tumors in her throat shrank and she became much more active. It was a miracle that I got to watch. . .

And a miracle that I would replicate.

Upon seeing my despair, my mom gave me a book that she had been recommended by her friends. She said that she had tried to implement what the book said too, but it was not the same as curing cancer and it was too hard for her. The book was titled pretty simply.

Cure Tooth Decay: Heal And Prevent Cavities With Nutrition

First, I dabbled in keeping the protocol. I did a proof of concept test week to show that I could do without sugar. Later, as the months went by, I began to remove more garbage from my diet. However, I was only dabbling, and eventually I started to feel weird sensations in the right hand side of my mouth. I remember that evening when I walked into the living room to watch spirited away with my brother for the first time ever. These new feelings. . . it was a very low key type of pain. It didn't actually hurt, but it felt very awkward. . . that was when I knew I had to be serious.

I cleaned out every bad thing from my diet that the book had mentioned. I started to read through it a second time. A huge premise in the book is how much worse off our modern diet is because of lack of nutrition. In fact the book says much of what my mom had been saying over the years--that modern diseases are a result of deficiency. Skeletons across the world often have perfect teeth. If a person looks at old medical records that compare the nutrition of people who lived in isolate areas--away from the dangers of cheap and processed food--and person will find that they were far better off. I began to look at several of the charts provided and did my best to determine what I must be deficient in. It took me three weeks to remove all the sensations from my mouth. . . but I finally found a stable diet that worked for me. What did I start to eat that actually cured my nerves and teeth?

1. Stir Fry.

My simple stir fry which I have almost every day consists of a few ingredients. The two most important are broccoli and mushrooms. Broccoli cured my Iron and Vitamin C deficiency and makes up 1/3rd of the entire dish! About 20% of the dish consists of Mushrooms which give me copper (And possibly B vitamins). Other ingredients I used included bell peppers, salt, smoked paprika, and of course, a lot of meat. The meat wasn't often very good though since it was cheap and existed to fill me up. Some meat of actual quality can help heal your teeth and gums quite a bit.

Learning to be content has helped a lot. Naturally, I'd mix the recipe up from time to time, but my choices were limited at first. Before I got my teeth to a stable line of health, I had to avoid nightshades which badly affect the red blood cells in your blood stream. One time I tried to have spinach, and it caused my gums to become inflated. Why? Well, that's because spinach has a wonderful element known as oxalic acid, and it's ten times worse than phytic acid in it's affects upon your blood stream.

Oh yeah, I couldn't have any type of seeds, grains, or bread on this diet because of phytic acid. Did I mention that?

Yeah, my diet was hell at first, but eventually I found my way around, and it was worth it.

2. Eggnog.

This is what I looked forward to every day. While avoiding bad foods was important in order to keep my body from constantly deteriorating, you also want ton include some very special revitalizing super foods. These super foods range from high quality beef, and bone marrow to special herbs and even raw milk. (Which is illegal to purchase technically. I'd say thanks Obama, but it's been this way long before him. I could tell you about the stories I hear from local elders about when the government bought out tons of dairy farms just in my local area.)

But what was my super food? I didn't really have access to raw milk, and what I needed was Vitamin D to revitalize my system. That was when I did the unthinkable--if you thought raw milk was scary, you should think about raw eggs.

My book assured me that much like the laws that have ruined the nutrition in milk via pasteurization--that many of the "risks" associated with eating raw eggs were merely propaganda. There's not way I was going to suck a yoke out of the shell though. . . that's where the Eggnog came in. By mixing a cup of milk, one egg yoke, some maple syrup, and cinnamon together, I created a delicious, ice cream like blend. It tasted wonderful, and most importantly--it gave me the vitamin D that I needed! Later I would have two or three raw eggs a day--straight from our own farm! If anyone wants to copy me in this procedure, then be warned! Factory eggs are useless. You must get eggs from chickens that live outdoors--preferable with grass to pick at and bugs to eat as much as their usual grain. Otherwise the eggs won't help you that much!

This is a diet I've followed off and on. At some point, my body's health stabilized and I found that I no longer needed to worry every single day about pain coming back. This was when I could have some fun and get off my diet briefly. Ice cream. . . breads. . . other treats are welcome every once in a while, but I have to watch it! If I go too loose for too long, my nerves will feel strange again, and that's when I have to quarantine myself from those pleasures!

I wouldn't have it any other way to be honest though. It's like I got a special "thorn in my flesh" which actually helps me stay on track because of it. (Corinthians 12:7-10) I've always wanted to a healthier diet in my life, but I kept waiting till I was ready. Then life forced me to do it early. Now I'm not worried about cancer or any other major health issues showing up in my life because I take care of myself now. I'm not nearly as anxious as I used to be, and I sleep a lot better.

So that is my adventure and how I healed my teeth. If you look up the book I mentioned, you'll learn all kinds of cool things, such as why teeth are actually living organisms with miles of microscopic blood streams going through them. Just know that if you do a diet like mine that your genetics will play a part in it. Some people need more of certain vitamins. . . others need less. It takes serious dedication, but in my opinion, it's well worth it.

And I will summon Light Knight: Since he's the one who suggested I make this thread. : P
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