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01-23-19 02:00 PM

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01-03-19 07:33 AM
01-18-19 07:37 PM

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January 2019 - Video Game Music Competition: Nintendo Wii-U - Earn 100,000 Viz


01-03-19 07:33 AM
Davideo7 is Online
Link | 666 Words

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What do you think is the best song in a Nintendo Wii-U game? Find that song in the Video Game Music Room and post it to this thread. You can find the Wii-U music here:

You can find a list of all available 3DS games on that page as well. You can also go to a game's page and if it has the soundtrack link available from that page, click it.

If a soundtrack is missing that you'd like to do a song for, be sure to request it here:

How the Winner is Determined

When the competition is over, users will vote on the submissions in a music stream (songs will not be in order of their submission like previous streams). Toward the end of each song, I'll give the viewers a link to the song's page on Vizzed and they'll rate the song on a scale from 1-5.

Only new ratings count which means that if the user has already rated the song, their rating will not count. This is so that all previous ratings of a song don't count since popular songs would automatically win. This is also to help encourage users to find lesser known songs.

In order to win, a user needs to get the most points from all of their songs. A song earns points by getting a rating of more than 3. So however many points above a 3 a song gets, that's how many points the user gets from that song. So if a song gets an average of 4.5 rating, that's +1.5 points for that user. A perfect rating for a song would be 5 so +2 points would be the most points a user could get for a song.

However, if a user submits a poorly rated song that gets a rating less than 3, they lose points based on however many points below they the song got. So if a song got an average rating of 2, the user would lose 1 point. This is a way to discourage users from submitting bad songs which take up stream time. Users share points if more than 1 user submit the same song (but points wont be divided by more than 3).

When you submit a song, you optionally can wrap it in administrator tags! This makes it so that no one else can see your submissions which helps prevent users from stealing submissions from other users. It also makes the act of song submitting anonymous so that users don't know who is submitting what which makes them have to try and focus on submitting songs that aren't common.

This is how you'd do your submission with an closed tag:
Your submissions here

-You can submit up to 10 submissions total
-You can submit up to 5 songs per a company
-You can submit up to 3 songs per a franchise
-You can submit only 2 songs per a game
-You can submit no more than 1 licensed song (a song that didn't originate from a video game)
-Songs must be longer than 30 seconds (songs longer 5 minutes will be cut off at 5 minutes)
-You can do the same song as someone else but you and that user share the points (if more than 3 users do the same song, it'll be the equivalent of 3 users)

New Rule: If your overall score ends up being negative, you'll be banned from the next music competition. This is to help reduce the number of bad submissions since those kill the stream.

1st = 100,000 Viz
2nd = 50,000 Viz
3rd = 30,000 Viz
4th = 10,000 Viz
5th = 5,000 Viz

Trophy Award
The user who wins this competition will get a special trophy item added to their Vizzed Market inventory. Users will be able to display all the trophies they've earned on their profiles (when I'm done remaking them).

Competition Ends
January 30th

Competition Begins
The Owner
Owner, Developer, Advertiser, etc
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01-03-19 07:46 AM
vizzy900 is Offline
Link | 66 Words

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This is my 34th music competition:

This is my first entry:

(Content hidden until thread is closed!)

This is my second entry:

(Content hidden until thread is closed!)

This is my third entry:

(Content hidden until thread is closed!)

This is my fourth entry:

(Content hidden until thread is closed!)

This is my fifth entry:

(Content hidden until thread is closed!)

This is my sixth entry:

(Content hidden until thread is closed!)

This is my seventh entry:

(Content hidden until thread is closed!)

This is my eighth entry:

(Content hidden until thread is closed!)

This is my ninth entry:

(Content hidden until thread is closed!)

This is my tenth entry:

(Content hidden until thread is closed!)

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 03-20-12
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(edited by vizzy900 on 01-21-19 04:23 PM)    

01-03-19 07:47 AM
Lexatom is Offline
Link | 28 Words

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Here are my submissions. 

(Content hidden from non-administrators!)

Not gonna do many this time since there's a not a lot of Wii U games, good luck to everyone participating. 
Local Moderator
Toys 'R' Us Confidant

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01-03-19 09:27 PM
danielpal is Offline
Link | 6 Words

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Davideo7 :

(Content hidden until thread is closed!)

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01-05-19 09:21 AM
gamerforlifeforever is Offline
Link | 108 Words

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Here's my submissions.

(Content hidden until thread is closed!)
Vizzed Elite
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01-18-19 07:37 PM
G789 is Offline
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Ah, the Wu U. The system that I initially thought was an add-on to the Wu only to find it was its own console. I feel like the Wii U had much more potential. Oh well, I still had hours of fun playing smash and Mario Kart with friends.
Anyway, please find my music entries below:
(Content hidden until thread is closed!)
Happy New Year everybody. Stay toasty!

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 11-13-13
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(edited by G789 on 01-18-19 07:37 PM)