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sonikku's Last 10 Game Comments (view last 100)
Tetris 2 Prove your skill. Beat my score, with video. Let's see your 80 round deathless run, if you're truly the god of this game.
Kishin Douji Zenki FX - Vajura Fight Seems like you can stun lock a few of the harder bosses by throwing them, dashing toward them while they're down, then grabbing them before they can react and throwing them again, rinse and repeat until death.
Tetris 2 Or we could challenge you here through netplay.
Pokemon Throwback Moltres was originally located somewhere in Victory Road in R/B/Y. Presumably, its event was probably relocated there considering this is a recreation of R/B/Y.
Star Fox 2 (Beta1 Translated) wubbykeith: I don't know how the glitch triggers. I had it change on me mid-combat in a base, was playing Miyu and Fay, and Miyu suddenly turned into Fox for no reason (and I never carry Nova Bombs).
Crazy Taxi There are patterns that can help you determine where a customer is going. Some can send you backwards even if the pattern is correct for it, others will send you backwards no matter what.
Crazy Taxi You may have seen everything, but have you *done* everything? Crazy Box is great training for the main game if you can figure out the techniques, plus there's the Crazy license to go after.
Sonic Shuffle Don't need to buy it anymore, it's available to play on the RGR, provided you own the Beta Test Ticket item (as of when this comment was made).
Ikaruga Welp, I got rekt by chapter 3. Fun game, though.
Wario's Woods Anyone looking to speedrun this, be wary of the last 20-30 levels. They will test your patience and your ability to remain calm and focused.

sonikku's Last Game Reviews
Brutal - Paws of Fury
03-19-14 06:51 AM
A furry fighting game? Sign me up!
So. I was streaming for Vizzed like normal and was boringly sifting through SNES games after finishing a SMW creepypasta hack when I stumbled on this. The screenshot provided had me raising an eyebrow immediately. "Is this... a furry fighting game? I'm intrigued. Let's see what information I can get on this game." I look in the game's page... and there's nothing here, except that David happens to own this game. (David, if you're reading this, I'm interested in what the box said about this game.) No videos. No screenshots. Nothing. So I figure I should be the first to produce content about this relatively unknown game.

Before I review this game, I'd like to share what was going through my head as my first impressions. The game was relatively simple to understand with the basic moves. B, A, and R are your light, medium, and heavy kicks, while X, Y, and L are your light, medium, and heavy punches. Knowing nothing else, I do what every other newbie to fighting games does: mash. I would quickly learn that punching is practically useless for the character I had chosen (a female fox) and that kicks were the way to go. The first foe went down rather easily, as should be the case on the lowest difficulty.

The game then tells me I'm now on a higher difficulty level before the next match starts. Dynamic difficulty. Interesting. So even though I said I wanted to be a white belt, because I won a match, I'm now a red belt. Oh boy. To make matters worse, round 2 was against a character that tends to spam his special move and combo the crap out of you with it without you being able to react. I wound up countering this by learning to spam weak kicks. Not exactly a fun way to get past a spammer, but it's better than watching the opponent spam his special until you die and he gets a perfect.

After I won the second match, the game showed me how to perform a special move. Strangely, the first move I saw was my character smacking her bum three times by pr... Read the rest of this Review
Sonic Championship
02-25-13 11:31 PM
That one obscure Sonic fighting arcade game.
Sonic Championship (better known as Sonic the Fighters) is that one arcade fighting Sonic game you probably never encountered unless you picked up Gems Collection for the Gamecube. Dr. Robotonic (sic) has planned yet another world takeover. Sonic and 7 of his friends each have one of the Chaos Emeralds, and Tails has built a rocket ship which can seat only one. Since Dr. Robotonic is in space, they'll have to use it to get to him, and since apparently everybody wants to be the hero, the only way out is to kill each other in mortal combat until only one remains.

[b]Graphics: 8[/b]

I'm not much for graphics, so my judgment on this may be rather poor. In my opinion, the characters were rather well done and the animations seemed fluid. The cartoony style of the game adds to the charm. Try smacking someone into a wall or crushing them, and they flatten against it briefly. It's not exactly a limb-tearing, blood-gushing, heart-piercing gore fest, but these characters can still take a good deal of punishment to survive being flattened against things. The environments, on the other hand, seem a bit out of place. Especially the one speedboat arena where you fight Tails. Who fights on a speedboat?

[b]Sound: 8[/b]

The music in the game is pretty good. It's no Street Fighter music, but it gets the job done well. The sound effects aren't half bad either. The only real problem I have is the ring loss sound effect, which you hear every time someone gets hurt in some form. You don't get that sense of impact at all from the sound, which in a fighting game is what the sound should be doing.

[b]Addictiveness: 7[/b]

The game is addicting to play for a while in single player, but unless you enjoy fighting computer opponents or are trying in vain to use Super Sonic by never dying up until the second round against Metal Sonic, you probably won't find yourself playing the single player too often. The real addiction comes from... Read the rest of this Review
Yu-Gi-Oh! - Dungeon Dice Monsters
02-01-12 10:33 PM
Believe in the Heart of the... Dice?
Yu-Gi-Oh: Dungeon Dice Monsters is a spin-off of the Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game, and had its own introduction plot in the original series of the anime. While it got very little air time (spanning the length of I think three episodes), the idea was apparently popular enough to base a game around it, which brings us here.

The concept of the game is fairly simple: Each turn, you are given three dice to roll out of the dice pool (which you can choose), each with different symbols on each side of the dice. With one exception, whatever symbol lands face up on the dice gets added to a "crest pool" which you use to do certain things with your monsters. The exception is the summon crest, which does not get saved to the crest pool, but you have to roll two or more of (identically) in order to make a summon in a single roll.  Summoning creates a path using the dice which is formed depending on how the dice unfolds; you can't create a perfectly straight line using this simply because you wouldn't be able to form a cube when you fold that together, and paths must connect to other paths you have made starting from where you are; you CAN be blocked from summoning period if you allow it to happen. Using these dice, you have to make a path from you to your opponent and lead your monsters along the path to make direct attacks on him. Hit the opponent three times, and you win a match.

This game is actually far more interesting in my opinion than the card game. There really isn't much of a story other than to become the champion of Dice Monsters by fighting your way through a few tournaments, but there are quite a number of different characters in this game, many familiar faces from the anime as well as a number of unknowns that feel like they could have been a part of the show, and the only way to unlock them for single duels is to beat them in tournament play.

When it comes to the audiovisual department... for the time, this game was rather well put to... Read the rest of this Review
Advance Wars 2 - Black Hole Rising
04-19-11 03:22 AM
Advance Wars 2: A sequel worth playing.
Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising is the sequel to Advance Wars. In the previous game, the four armies of Orange Star, Blue Moon, Yellow Comet, and Green Earth had managed to fight off Sturm and the Black Hole army. Sturm has come back, and has brought along four new COs to try and take over Wars World. Your mission is to drive these aliens off of Wars World once and for all.

For those that have never played any game in the series, this is actually a good one to start off with despite it being a sequel to the last one, which had AI you could manipulate too well. (APC diversion, anyone?) This is a turn based strategy game where your objective (under normal circumstances) is to either rout the enemy (eliminate all the enemy units) or capture their HQ, though the campaign mode missions can have different terms of victory or defeat.

First timers may want to check out the campaign mode before playing anywhere else, as the first several missions are pretty much the game's tutorial. They slowly introduce you to different unit types, what they can do, and other game mechanics such as using CO Powers and fighting in fog (which isn't as cheap as it is in most games since the AI has to legally see your unit to attack it, though it still knows where all your units are). The only problem is... there's no way to turn off the tutorial, so if you want to play the whole campaign again, you have no choice but to sit through it. Rumor has it that there is a more difficult campaign mode you can play... but unless you're really good at this game, I wouldn't advise playing it more than one time.

There are other maps in this game outside of the campaign mode which can be played in the War Room (where you have to clear the maps given preset conditions, but you choose which CO you want to use) and in Versus mode. The War Room is single player only, but versus mode can be played with up to four players (depending on how many different factions there are on th... Read the rest of this Review
Final Fantasy 7 (remake)
06-21-10 05:59 AM
My Review of this Remake from Long Ago
...okay, I seem to be the first to clear this game, so allow me to give my final analysis of this FFVII remake. Overall, the game could use a LOT of improvements. Physical attacks are nothing but a last ditch effort to survive in here, seeing as they do crap damage compared to -ja level spells. In fact, the majority of your time spent playing this game will be grinding for new equipment in this game. No weapons are sold in any shops, and the only armor you\'ll ever see in the shops is the same you\'ll see from the first shop in the game. There is also very little variety in the strength of the enemy. I only saw one really major difference, and that was when I neared the entrance to Mythril Mine. Also, you\'re right in saying this game stays true to the story of the original game... up until around the point disc 1 ends in the PS1 version. Once you go past Gaea\'s Cliff, you\'re in front of the final dungeon... which is entirely cut out, and you go straight to the final three fights against Sephiroth, after already having fought him once inside Gaea\'s Cliff. (I was using a guide as a reference to where I should be, and around this point is where I became completely lost.) I understand there is a remake of this remake going on. If possible, I would suggest making it so it has more story in it (and thus more forewarning we\'re about to fight the final boss, giving us more time to realize, hey, I need to stock up on everything I can). I beat the final boss through nothing short of a miracle, both in patience and in actual health and items left. I had to mute the game because they pulled a FF1 on us, using the same battle theme for the final bosses as they did for every other encounter in the game. User beware, you may find this harder than the original game.

Additions for turning the thread into a topic (explaining the ratings):

Graphics are based on comparisons to other games of its system. As of the original writing of this review (which is what... Read the rest of this Review

sonikku's Last 5 Game Guides (view last 25)
Star Fox 2 (Beta1 Translated)
06-28-15 12:41 PM
Star Fox 2 Expert Mode Guide
Normally, I'd write these guides with some sort of intro and stuff, but I haven't really had the time I'd like to work on this guide properly and have been using my old Youtube video that managed to beat Expert mode without damage to Corneria for most of my information and looking up other videos so I can give more accurate information.

While this guide CAN be used somewhat for Normal and Hard modes, this is written with the intent of you playing on Expert mode, as it will cover everything you will be doing at some point; Normal only has two planets and two battleships, while Hard only has 3 planets, but all battleships. Expert is also pretty much the only way to get the best scores possible in this game.

Starting planets: You want Meteor and EITHER Titania or Fortuna occupied at the start. Preferably, you want the three attacked bases to be close together, but odds are high this won't happen. You do NOT want the setup of Titania, Meteor, and Fortuna because your beginning will be difficult. Your order of attack should preferably try to leave Meteor for last in this wave and get rid of ONE of the battleships. Do NOT get rid of both of them before getting rid of all three bases, or you will be in for a rough time.

Pilot information:

Fox/Falco: Balanced in everything. Starting item: 3 Nova Bombs

Peppy/Slippy: High HP, slow, long charge. Starting item: 3 full restores.

Miyu/Fay: Low HP, fast, quick charge. Starting items: Twin blaster, 3 overshields.

I recommend choosing Miyu and Fay. Being able to kill things quick in this game is vital, since enemies are still actively moving toward Corneria while you're busy taking down something. The extra HP is not worth starting with a base weapon and longer charge times in Expert mode. If you're really worried about having low health, just pick up the first heart icon you see drop to replace your overshield with the full restore.... Read the rest of this Guide
Mario Party Advance
02-24-15 10:07 PM
Mario Party Advanced Shroom City walkthrough
Mario Party Advanced: The Mario Party designed exclusively for single player.

A small note: The find system I usually employ during these guides is not
here. Instead, if you want to find something specific, search by the name of
the quest or mini-game to get to what you're looking for faster.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. About This Game
3. Moving About
4. The Quests
5. The Mini-Games
6. The Gaddgets
7. Credits


Hello again, sonikku here with another guide. I don't actually have any
experience with this game from the past, though I have seen someone stream it.
From what I've seen of it, it looks like what Mario Party would've been if it
were made solely as a single player game. While that may not seem exciting, to
someone who has never had any local friends to play Mario Party 1 and 3 with
together (the only ones I've ever owned), this wouldn't be much of a different
experience for me.

About This Game

This game is a bit weird for a Mario Party game. Basically, Bowser is causing
havoc again and has scattered the mini-games and Gaddgets (because E. Gadd) to
the four winds, and you have to go hunting for them. With the weird things the
Gaddgets do, you may as well have just slapped WarioWare Inc. on the logo and
sold it as a Wario game... if it weren't for the fact you have to keep helping
people, which totally cramps his style.

To get a number of the games and Gaddgets back, you have to wander around
Shroom Town and do favors for people, including favors for and battles with
Bowser and the Koopa Kids. There are 50 quests in total through various parts
of Shroom City. Some are relatively si... Read the rest of this Guide
Picross 2 (English Translation)
12-30-14 05:55 AM
Tips for playing Picross.
Tips and Tricks when playing Picross

Note: Because of the simplicity of this guide, there won't be a table of
contents. Everything I need to write for this can be placed in one section.
Additionally, this guide is NOT going to hand you the answers to the puzzles.
Games like this just aren't as fun if you already know how to solve it.

Hello everyone, sonikku here with another game guide. This is a relatively
simple guide which will detail some more advanced play tips on how to play
Picross, as the how to play sections don't teach you what to look for in the
puzzles. Hopefully with my guidance, you'll be able to complete the puzzles
without any hand holding, especially if you intend to do the mode that doesn't
alert you to your errors. This is also another general guide that is intended
for all of the Picross games on Vizzed, not just Picross 2.

First off, let's start off with the basics. Picross is a fill in the blank
logic style puzzle game where the answer forms a neat little picture. You're
given a (usually) square grid with a bunch of numbers surrounding it on two
sides. These numbers represent the squares you need to fill in on the game
board. A 5 will ask you to simply fill in 5 squares in that row or column in a
row, while a 3 1 will ask you to fill in 3 squares, followed by 1 square, with
a separation of AT LEAST 1 space. If you're successful, you make a picture.
In normal rules (Mario's Picross in this game), mistakes will dock you time;
2 minute penalty for your first mistake, 4 minute penalty for your second
mistake, and 8 minute penalty for every mistake after the second. In puzzles
with multiple sections, these penalties WILL carry over through the entire
puzzle. In free rules (Wario's Picross in this game), you are not charged for
mistakes, but the game does not tell you when you've made one. Pay attention... Read the rest of this Guide
Mario is Missing!
09-18-14 12:21 PM
Mario is Missing Walkthrough
Mario is Missing, the learning game historically accurate up to 1993. Starring
Luigi Mario as himself.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction [INT]
2. Disclaimer [LEG]
3. How To Play [HLP]
4. Menuing [MNU]
5. Floor 1 [FL1]
6. Floor 2 [FL2]
7. Floor 3 [FL3]
8. Outro [THX]

Introduction [INT]

Hello again, sonikku here bringing you another guide. This comes from my
childhood (how appropriate), one of the games I had that took me forever to
figure out not because I can't do simple lookups, but because I couldn't figure
out how to LEAVE the levels. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do a guide on this
month, so I asked a friend over Skype, and he suggested I do Mario is Missing.
Figured since I know the game decently well, I'd go ahead and do it despite it
being a joke answer.

Keep the following in mind as you read. This is for the SNES version. Content
between the NES and SNES version I believe is largely different. If you are
reading this and trying to use it for the NES version, be warned that this
guide may not be 100% accurate for you.

Disclaimer [LEG]

This guide may be printed out or saved for personal use. It may not be
reproduced, claimed as your own, sold for profit, or otherwise used in a
matter not deemed for personal use. This guide may not be modified or altered
(except at the discretion of moderators to fit site guidelines) and
may not be reposted anywhere else. If this guide is found on any site othe... Read the rest of this Guide
Sonic Spinball
08-21-14 04:35 AM
Sonic Spinball Walkthrough
Table of Contents

1. Intro [INT]
2. Legal [LEG]
3. Controls [BTN]
4. Scoring [PTS]
5. Walkthrough
5.1 Toxic Caves [WK1]
5.2 Lava Powerhouse [WK2]
5.3 The Machine [WK3]
5.4 The Showdown [WK4]
5.5 Bonus Levels [BNS]
6. Tips and Tricks [TRK]
7. Thanks [THX]

1. Intro [INT]

Hello again, sonikku here with another guide. This one is an attempt to
document everything I know about Sonic Spinball, from beating the game to
getting the highest possible score (and yes it does cap). Hopefully I'm able to
help, because this game tends to be one of the harder Genesis Sonic games out
there (and its Game Gear counterpart, which this guide will not be covering, is
no walk in the park either).

2. Legal [LEG]

This guide may be printed out or saved for personal use. It may not be
reproduced, claimed as your own, sold for profit, or otherwise used in a matter
not deemed for personal use. This guide may not be modified or altered (except
at the discrection of moderators to fit site guidelines) and may not
be reposted anywhere else. If this guide is found on any site other than, send me a private message on Vizzed so that I may track them down
and beat them with a sack of oranges.

3. Controls [BTN]

Normally I don't do this because the controls should be intuitive enough to use
immediately, but there are some things the ... Read the rest of this Guide

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Level: Earth Orbit

Bishoujo Janshi Suchie-Pai
Misc: Rule explanation

Bishoujo Janshi Suchie-Pai
Misc: Rule explanation

Bishoujo Janshi Suchie-Pai
Misc: Rule explanation

Bishoujo Janshi Suchie-Pai
Misc: Rule explanation

Bishoujo Janshi Suchie-Pai
Misc: Rule explanation

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