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04-21-21 09:37 PM
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Konami of America
Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo Co.
UPC: 83717170426

Released: 9-01-99
Players: 1

Game Genre:
Role-Playing (RPG)
Game Perspective:
Genre Non-Sport:
Medieval / Fantasy, Turn-based

Price Guide (USD):
Loose:  $88.45
Complete:  $120.44
New:  $289.99
Rarity:  4/10

External Websites:
Ebay Listings
Amazon: $81.99
PriceCharting Info

Suikoden II (PSX) Game - Playstation Suikoden II (PSX)

Suikoden II is a Role-Playing (RPG) game developed by Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo Co., Ltd. and published by Konami of America, Inc. in 1999 for the Playstation.

Suikoden II

Suikoden II Title ScreenSuikoden II Screenshot 1
Suikoden II Box Art FrontSuikoden II Box Art BackSuikoden II Screenthot 2
Rating: 9.8 (55 votes)

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Videos of Suikoden II Gameplay

11-06-14 05:37 PM
00:02:41  Views: 22
Suikoden II - GamePlay - User video4.1/5 GamePlay
11-08-14 09:28 AM
00:05:41  Views: 48
Suikoden II - GamePlay - User video3.8/5

Suikoden II Reviews

Overall 9.8    Graphics 9.7    Sound 10    Addictive 10    Story 10    Depth 9.3    Difficulty 8

Suikoden 2: Second Life   Fireproof
Intro: Suikoden 2, much like Suikoden 1, is also a role playing game but this time you assume the ro...
  Graphics 9   Sound 10   Addictive 10   Story 10   Depth 8   Difficulty 7

      Review Rating: 4.4/5     Submitted: 05-03-12     Review Replies: 0

The Sequel to a great tale   Lycan212
Ah Suikoden 2, quite a rare genre this game belongs to, this rare gem belongs with such other great ...
  Graphics 10   Sound 10   Addictive 10   Story 10   Depth 10   Difficulty 8

      Review Rating: 3.8/5     Submitted: 11-14-14     Review Replies: 0

The Beginning for the Love of all RPGs.   Serf
Suikoden 2 was my first RPG game that I played as a team based attack. When I first played this game...
  Graphics 10   Sound 10   Addictive 10   Story 10   Depth 10   Difficulty 9

      Review Rating: 3/5     Submitted: 07-27-16     Review Replies: 1

Suikoden II Highscores

There are no submitted highscores for this Game

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Suikoden II Guides and Walkthroughs

There are no submitted Guides for this Game

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Game Characters in Suikoden II

Comments for Suikoden II

norbert 04-05-21 - 05:38 PM
 Ues suikoden up to 3 awesome. easy game not that hard, if you pat attenrion and dont rush thru the game. Also a Tip is we all can spend alittle to help site out , it be nice. nothing huge unles you can, 5$ or so a month per person if able more if ya want.
Serf 07-27-16 - 12:32 PM
 I'm having a hard time with controls. They seem to have a mind of it's own. I can't press the buttons I need to and when I do, its as if holding down the buttons so the character becomes out of my control. Is this only happening to my by chance?
Serf 07-25-16 - 12:55 PM
 I have been looking for this forever! My childhood will be complete! Oh my gosh! Let's do this!
dragonslayer444 07-25-15 - 06:09 AM
 The first game is a bonified masterpiece this is believe it or not even better.
cyberstrategist.. 03-26-15 - 05:55 PM
 It was just working about half an hour ago and I closed the window (to avoid running up my time played for story reasons) and now won't play when I try to reopen it :(
Fireproof 02-04-15 - 07:52 PM
 Best PS game. I know a mint copy can run as much as $400+. The game is hard to find in quality condition.
MeatAndPotatoes 01-26-15 - 03:44 PM
 It's parity, and it's a little bit frost. This game is a bit more off than on it.
drag00n365 01-15-15 - 12:30 AM
 rarity 2/10 my ass.
raceco 01-07-15 - 11:55 PM
 all i know is suikoden 3 for ps2 is amazing, searched years for the game... till i found out the sell them on amazon but besides the point im hoping to get the psx soon =p if i remember right for your b-day you get 15k viz and i have 37k. This is a must.
Darthdaishi 12-26-14 - 05:44 AM
 well, it has been returned to its regular price of 50,000, I am so glad I got it at its discounted price.
Chesuf 12-18-14 - 08:56 PM
 I wish people would learn that you have to get the PSX Item from the item store for 25,000 vizzed before you can play PSX games.
niharaf 12-10-14 - 11:32 AM
 why i can't play the game? it said that i have to be a staff member to play this game. why?anyone ? please :(
MysteryMan007 11-20-14 - 02:30 AM
 Underrated? Possibly.
bacex86 10-26-14 - 10:43 PM
 So can you actually play this game on here or?
dragonslayer444 10-17-14 - 02:31 PM
 Total number of suikoden games is 12 but 5 in the main series.
huygeb 06-07-14 - 08:22 PM
 So...will definitely come back to this one
Fireproof 04-17-14 - 12:53 PM
 Yeah I believe there is 5 total right now and I hope to see a 6th.
AgnarLotbrok 08-16-13 - 10:05 PM
 I want to play the other ones for the ps2, I never knew they made them :) WISH I KNEW OF A GREAT PS2 EMU
AgnarLotbrok 08-16-13 - 10:04 PM
 Because its consided a special emu. The admins though, don't have to pay.
Fireproof 08-03-13 - 09:21 AM
 This is an absolutely amazing game, trust me!
xseed 08-03-13 - 01:36 AM
 I wonder why we need to buy a psx with 50K viz to play psx games....
AgnarLotbrok 08-03-13 - 01:17 AM
 omg, I have been dieing for these to be put on here, ty so much!