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List of Video Game Characters in Bully Franchise
Alfred [Bully],
Angie Ng [Bully],
Beatrice [Bully],
Bethany Jones [Bully],
Betty [Bully],
Bif Taylor [Bully],
Bo Jackson [Bully],
Brandy [Bully],
Bryce Montrose [Bully],
Bucky Pasteur [Bully],
Casey Harris [Bully],
Chad Morris [Bully],
Christy Martin [Bully],
Chuck [Bully],
Courtney [Bully],
Crystal [Bully],
Damon West [Bully],
Dan Wilson [Bully],
Davis White [Bully],
Delilah [Bully],
Denny [Bully],
Donald Anderson [Bully],
Dorsey [Bully],
Dr. Bambillo [Bully],
Dr. Slawter [Bully],
Dr. Slawter [Bully],
Dr. Watts [Bully],
Dr. Watts [Bully],
Drew [Bully],
Duncan [Bully],
Earnest Jones [Bully],
Earnest Jones [Bully],
Edgar Munsen [Bully],
Edgar Munsen [Bully],
Edna [Bully],
Ethan Robinson [Bully],
Eunice Pound [Bully],
Fake Santa [Bully],
Fatty Johnson [Bully],
Fenwick [Bully],
Freeley [Bully],
Gary Smith [Bully],
Gloria Jackson [Bully],
Gord Vendome [Bully],
Gregory [Bully],
Gurney [Bully],
Hal Esposito [Bully],
Handy [Bully],
Hector [Bully],
Henry [Bully],
Ivan Alexander [Bully],
Jerry [Bully],
Jezebel [Bully],
Jimmy Hopkins [Bully],
Jimmy Hopkins [Bully],
Johnny Vincent [Bully],
Johnny Vincent [Bully],
Juri Karamazov [Bully],
Karen Johnson [Bully],
Karl Branting [Bully],
Kirby Olsen [Bully],
Krakauer [Bully],
Lance Jackson [Bully],
Lefty Mancini [Bully],
Leon [Bully],
Lightning [Bully],
Lola [Bully],
Lola Lombardi [Bully],
Lucky de Luca [Bully],
Luis Luna [Bully],
Mandy [Bully],
Mandy Wiles [Bully],
Maria Theresa [Bully],
Max MacTavish [Bully],
Melody Adams [Bully],
Melvin O'Connor [Bully],
Mihailovich [Bully],
Miss Abby [Bully],
Miss Danvers [Bully],
Miss Kopke [Bully],
Miss Peters [Bully],
Miss. Danvers [Bully],
Mom [Bully],
Mr. Breckindale [Bully],
Mr. Bubas [Bully],
Mr. Buckingham [Bully],
Mr. Burton [Bully],
Mr. Carmichael [Bully],
Mr. Castillo [Bully],
Mr. Doolin [Bully],
Mr. Galloway [Bully],
Mr. Galloway [Bully],
Mr. Gordon [Bully],
Mr. Hattrick [Bully],
Mr. Hattrick [Bully],
Mr. Huntingdon [Bully],
Mr. Johnson [Bully],
Mr. Luntz [Bully],
Mr. Martin [Bully],
Mr. Matthews [Bully],
Mr. Morrati [Bully],
Mr. Oh [Bully],
Mr. Ramirez [Bully],
Mr. Rushinski [Bully],
Mr. Salvatore [Bully],
Mr. Smith [Bully],
Mr. Sullivan [Bully],
Mr. Svenson [Bully],
Mr. Wiggins [Bully],
Mr.Burton [Bully],
Mrs. Cavin [Bully],
Mrs. Lisburn [Bully],
Mrs. MacRae [Bully],
Mrs. Peabody [Bully],
Ms. Isaacs [Bully],
Ms. Philips [Bully],
Ms. Philips [Bully],
Neil [Bully],
Neil [Bully],
Nicky Charles [Bully],
Norton Williams [Bully],
O'Rourke [Bully],
Officer Monson [Bully],
Omar Romero [Bully],
Osbourne [Bully],
Otto Tyler [Bully],
Parker Ogilvie [Bully],
Peanut Romano [Bully],
Pete Kowalski [Bully],
Pete Kowalski [Bully],
Pinky [Bully],
Pinky Gauthier [Bully],
Ray Hughes [Bully],
Ricky Pucino [Bully],
Rudy [Bully],
Seth Kolbe [Bully],
Stan [Bully],
Stepfather [Bully],
Tad Spencer [Bully],
Ted Thompson [Bully],
Ted Thompson [Bully],
Thad Carlson [Bully],
The Hobo [Bully],
Theo [Bully],
Tobias Mason [Bully],
Tom Gurney [Bully],
Trent Northwick [Bully],
Trevor Moore [Bully],
Troy Miller [Bully],
Vance Medici [Bully],
Wade Martin [Bully],
Zack Owens [Bully],
Zeke [Bully],
Zoe [Bully],
Zoe Taylor [Bully],

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