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List of Video Game Characters in Fairy Tail Franchise
Alzack Connell [Fairy Tail],
Bickslow [Fairy Tail],
Bisca Connell [Fairy Tail],
Cana Alberona [Fairy Tail],
Carla [Fairy Tail],
Cobra [Fairy Tail],
Droy [Fairy Tail],
Elfman Strauss [Fairy Tail],
Erza Scarlet [Fairy Tail],
Eve Tearm [Fairy Tail],
Evergreen [Fairy Tail],
Freed Justine [Fairy Tail],
Gajeel Redfox [Fairy Tail],
Gray Fullbuster [Fairy Tail],
Hibiki Lates [Fairy Tail],
Jet [Fairy Tail],
Jura Neekis [Fairy Tail],
Juvia Lockser [Fairy Tail],
Laxus Dreyar [Fairy Tail],
Levy McGarden [Fairy Tail],
Lisanna Strauss [Fairy Tail],
Loke [Fairy Tail],
Lyon Vastia [Fairy Tail],
Midnight [Fairy Tail],
Mirajane Strauss [Fairy Tail],
Mystogan [Fairy Tail],
Racer [Fairy Tail],
Ren Akatsuki [Fairy Tail],
Sherry Blendy [Fairy Tail],
Ultear Milkovich [Fairy Tail],
Wendy Marvell [Fairy Tail],

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