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List of Video Game Characters in Naruto Franchise
Akamaru [Naruto],
Akatsuchi [Naruto],
Anko Mitarashi [Naruto],
Ao [Naruto],
Asuma Sarutobi [Naruto],
Ay [Naruto],
Chiyo [Naruto],
Choji Akimichi [Naruto],
Chojuro [Naruto],
Chouza Akimichi [Naruto],
Danzo Shimura [Naruto],
Darui [Naruto],
Deidara [Naruto],
Ebisu [Naruto],
Fourth Kazekage [Naruto],
Fuu [Naruto],
Gaara [Naruto],
Haku [Naruto],
Hanabi Hyuga [Naruto],
Hanzo [Naruto],
Hashirama Senju [Naruto],
Hidan [Naruto],
Hinata Hyuga [Naruto],
Hinoki [Naruto],
Ino Yamanaka [Naruto],
Inoichi Yamanaka [Naruto],
Iruka Umino [Naruto],
Itachi Uchiha [Naruto],
Jiraiya [Naruto],
Jirobo [Naruto],
Jugo [Naruto],
Kabuto [Naruto],
Kagura [Naruto],
Kakashi [Naruto],
Kakuzu [Naruto],
Kankuro [Naruto],
Karin [Naruto],
Kiba Inuzuka [Naruto],
Kidomaru [Naruto],
Killer Bee [Naruto],
Kimimaro Kaguya [Naruto],
Kisame Hoshigaki [Naruto],
Konan [Naruto],
Konohamaru [Naruto],
Kurama [Naruto],
Kurenai Yuhi [Naruto],
Kurotsuchi [Naruto],
Kushina Uzumaki [Naruto],
Madara Uchiha [Naruto],
Mei Terumi [Naruto],
Mifune [Naruto],
Might Guy [Naruto],
Minato Namikaze [Naruto],
Naruto Uzumaki [Naruto],
Nazuna [Naruto],
Neji Hyuga [Naruto],
Obito Uchiha [Naruto],
Onoki [Naruto],
Orochimaru [Naruto],
Pain [Naruto],
Rin Nohara [Naruto],
Rock Lee [Naruto],
Rokkaku [Naruto],
Sai [Naruto],
Sakon & Ukon [Naruto],
Sakura Haruno [Naruto],
Sasori [Naruto],
Sasuke Uchiha [Naruto],
Second Mizukage [Naruto],
Shee [Naruto],
Shikaku Nara [Naruto],
Shikamaru Nara [Naruto],
Shino Aburame [Naruto],
Shizune [Naruto],
Suigetsu Hozuki [Naruto],
Tayuya [Naruto],
Temari [Naruto],
Tenten [Naruto],
The Third Hokage [Naruto],
Third Raikage [Naruto],
Tobirama Senju [Naruto],
Tonton [Naruto],
Tsunade [Naruto],
Yahiko [Naruto],
Yamato [Naruto],
Zabuza [Naruto],
Zetsu [Naruto],

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