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List of Video Game Characters in Touhou Project Franchise
Alice Margatroid [Touhou Project],
Aya Shameimaru [Touhou Project],
Byakuren Hijiri [Touhou Project],
Chen [Touhou Project],
Cirno [Touhou Project],
Clownpiece [Touhou Project],
Daiyousei [Touhou Project],
Eirin Yagokoro [Touhou Project],
Flandre Scarlet [Touhou Project],
Fujiwara no Mokou [Touhou Project],
Hina Kagiyama [Touhou Project],
Hong Meiling [Touhou Project],
Ichirin Kumoi [Touhou Project],
Iku Nagae [Touhou Project],
Imaizumi Kagerou [Touhou Project],
Kaguya Houraisan [Touhou Project],
Kanako Yasaka [Touhou Project],
Keine Kamishirasawa [Touhou Project],
Kisume [Touhou Project],
Kogasa Tatara [Touhou Project],
Koishi Komeiji [Touhou Project],
Komachi Onozuka [Touhou Project],
Letty Whiterock [Touhou Project],
Lily White [Touhou Project],
Lunasa Prismriver [Touhou Project],
Lyrica Prismriver [Touhou Project],
Mamizou Futatsuiwa [Touhou Project],
Marisa Kirisame [Touhou Project],
Medicine Melancholy [Touhou Project],
Merlin Prismriver [Touhou Project],
Mima [Touhou Project],
Minamitsu Murasa [Touhou Project],
Minoriko Aki [Touhou Project],
Momiji Inubashiri [Touhou Project],
Mononobe no Futo [Touhou Project],
Mystia Lorelei [Touhou Project],
Nazrin [Touhou Project],
Nitori Kawashiro [Touhou Project],
Nue Houjuu [Touhou Project],
Parsee Mizuhashi [Touhou Project],
Patchouli Knowledge [Touhou Project],
Raiko Horikawa [Touhou Project],
Ran Yakumo [Touhou Project],
Reimu Hakurei [Touhou Project],
Reisen Udongein Inaba [Touhou Project],
Reiuji Utsuho [Touhou Project],
Remilia Scarlet [Touhou Project],
Rin Kaenbyou [Touhou Project],
Rumia [Touhou Project],
Sakuya Izayoi [Touhou Project],
Sanae Kochiya [Touhou Project],
Satori Komeiji [Touhou Project],
Seija Kijin [Touhou Project],
Sekibanki [Touhou Project],
Shikieiki Yamaxanadu [Touhou Project],
Shinmyoumaru Sukuna [Touhou Project],
Shizuha Aki [Touhou Project],
Shou Toramaru [Touhou Project],
Suika Ibuki [Touhou Project],
Suwako Moriya [Touhou Project],
Tenshi Hinanawi [Touhou Project],
Tewi Inaba [Touhou Project],
Toyosatomimi no Miko [Touhou Project],
Wakasagihime [Touhou Project],
Wriggle Nightbug [Touhou Project],
Yamame Kurodani [Touhou Project],
Youmu Konpaku [Touhou Project],
Yukari Yakumo [Touhou Project],
Yuugi Hoshiguma [Touhou Project],
Yuyuko Saigyouji [Touhou Project],

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