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List of Video Game Characters in BlazBlue Franchise
Acht [BlazBlue],
Akio Osafune [BlazBlue],
Akira Kamewari [BlazBlue],
Amane Nishiki [BlazBlue],
Arakune [BlazBlue],
Azure Shrine Maiden [BlazBlue],
Bang Shishigami [BlazBlue],
Brain Cat [BlazBlue],
Bullet [BlazBlue],
Carl Clover [BlazBlue],
Drei [BlazBlue],
Elise von Klagen [BlazBlue],
Es [BlazBlue],
Es-N [BlazBlue],
Hades Izanami [BlazBlue],
Hakumen [BlazBlue],
Hazama [BlazBlue],
Hibiki Kohaku [BlazBlue],
Hinata Himezuru [BlazBlue],
Iron Tager [BlazBlue],
Jin Kisaragi [BlazBlue],
Jubei [BlazBlue],
Kagura Mutsuki [BlazBlue],
Kazuto Kotetsu [BlazBlue],
Kiri [BlazBlue],
Kokonoe Mercury [BlazBlue],
Konoe A. Mercury [BlazBlue],
Lambda-11 [BlazBlue],
Lambda-11 [BlazBlue],
Litchi Faye Ling [BlazBlue],
Little Sister [BlazBlue],
Makoto Nanaya [BlazBlue],
Marcelyn F. Mercury [BlazBlue],
Me [BlazBlue],
Mei Amanohokosaka [BlazBlue],
Mu-12 [BlazBlue],
Naoto Kurogane [BlazBlue],
Nobody [BlazBlue],
Noel Vermillion [BlazBlue],
Rachel Alucard [BlazBlue],
Ragna the Bloodedge [BlazBlue],
Relius Clover [BlazBlue],
Ripper [BlazBlue],
Ryouko Kagari [BlazBlue],
Saya [BlazBlue],
Sechs [BlazBlue],
Souichirou Unomaru [BlazBlue],
Taokaka [BlazBlue],
Touya Kagari [BlazBlue],
Trinity Glassfille [BlazBlue],
Tsubaki Yayoi [BlazBlue],
V-13 [BlazBlue],
Yuki Himezuru [BlazBlue],
Yuki Terumi [BlazBlue],

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