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List of Video Game Characters in Duel Masters Franchise
Aeris, Flight Elemental [Duel Masters],
Alek, Solidity Enforcer [Duel Masters],
Aless, the Oracle [Duel Masters],
Amber Grass [Duel Masters],
Amber Piercer [Duel Masters],
Ancient Giant [Duel Masters],
Angler Cluster [Duel Masters],
Aqua Bouncer [Duel Masters],
Aqua Deformer [Duel Masters],
Aqua Guard [Duel Masters],
Aqua Hulcus [Duel Masters],
Aqua Jolter [Duel Masters],
Aqua Knight [Duel Masters],
Aqua Shooter [Duel Masters],
Aqua Soldier [Duel Masters],
Aqua Vehicle [Duel Masters],
Armored Blaster Valdios [Duel Masters],
Armored Cannon Balbaro [Duel Masters],
Armored Walker Urherion [Duel Masters],
Armored Warrior Quelos [Duel Masters],
Artisan Picora [Duel Masters],
Astral Warper [Duel Masters],
Astrocomet Dragon [Duel Masters],
Baby Zoppe [Duel Masters],
Baraga, Blade of Gloom [Duel Masters],
Barkwhip, the Smasher [Duel Masters],
Blasto, Explosive Soldier [Duel Masters],
Bloody Squito [Duel Masters],
Bolshack Dragon [Duel Masters],
Boltail Dragon [Duel Masters],
Bolzard Dragon [Duel Masters],
Bombersaur [Duel Masters],
Bone Assassin, the Ripper [Duel Masters],
Bone Piercer [Duel Masters],
Bone Spider [Duel Masters],
Brawler Zyler [Duel Masters],
Bronze-Arm Tribe [Duel Masters],
Burning Mane [Duel Masters],
Candy Drop [Duel Masters],
Cannon Shell [Duel Masters],
Cavalry General Curatops [Duel Masters],
Chaos Worm [Duel Masters],
Chaotic Skyterror [Duel Masters],
Chilias, The Oracle [Duel Masters],
Coiling Vines [Duel Masters],
Corile [Duel Masters],
Crystal Lancer [Duel Masters],
Dark Clown [Duel Masters],
Dark Titan Maginn [Duel Masters],
Dawn Giant [Duel Masters],
Deadly Fighter Braid Claw [Duel Masters],
Deathblade Beetle [Duel Masters],
Dew Mushroom [Duel Masters],
Dogarn, The Marauder [Duel Masters],
Dome Shell [Duel Masters],
Draglide [Duel Masters],
Elf-X [Duel Masters],
Emeral [Duel Masters],
Emerald Grass [Duel Masters],
Engineer Kipo [Duel Masters],
Essence Elf [Duel Masters],
Ethel, Star Sea Elemental [Duel Masters],
Exploding Cactus [Duel Masters],
Explosive Dude Joe [Duel Masters],
Explosive Fighter Ucarn [Duel Masters],
Faerie Child [Duel Masters],
Fatal Attacker Horvath [Duel Masters],
Fear Fang [Duel Masters],
Flametropus [Duel Masters],
Fonch, the Oracle [Duel Masters],
Forest Hornet [Duel Masters],
Fortress Shell [Duel Masters],
Frei, Vizier of Air [Duel Masters],
Fu Reil, Seeker of Storms [Duel Masters],
Galsaur [Duel Masters],
Gamil, Knight of Hatred [Duel Masters],
Gatling Skyterror [Duel Masters],
General Dark Fiend [Duel Masters],
Gigaberos [Duel Masters],
Gigabolver [Duel Masters],
Gigagiele [Duel Masters],
Gigamantis [Duel Masters],
Gigargon [Duel Masters],
Gigastand [Duel Masters],
Golden Wing Striker [Duel Masters],
Gran Gure, Space Guardian [Duel Masters],
Gregoria, Princess of War [Duel Masters],
Gregorian Worm [Duel Masters],
Hang Worm, Fetid Larva [Duel Masters],
Horrid Worm [Duel Masters],
Hunter Cluster [Duel Masters],
Hunter Fish [Duel Masters],
Hypersquid Walter [Duel Masters],
Iere, Vizier of Bullets [Duel Masters],
Illusionary Merfolk [Duel Masters],
Immortal Baron, Vorg [Duel Masters],
Iocant, the Oracle [Duel Masters],
King Coral [Duel Masters],
King Nautilus [Duel Masters],
King Neptas [Duel Masters],
King Ponitas [Duel Masters],
King Ripped-Hide [Duel Masters],
Kolon, the Oracle [Duel Masters],
La Ura Giga, Sky Guardian [Duel Masters],
Leaping Tornado Horn [Duel Masters],
Legendary Bynor [Duel Masters],
Locomotiver [Duel Masters],
Logic Sphere [Duel Masters],
Lok, Vizier of Hunting [Duel Masters],
Magmarex [Duel Masters],
Marine Flower [Duel Masters],
Marinomancer [Duel Masters],
Marrow Ooze, the Twister [Duel Masters],
Masked Pomegranite [Duel Masters],
Metalwing Skyterror [Duel Masters],
Meteosaur [Duel Masters],
Mighty Shouter [Duel Masters],
Milieus, the Daystretcher [Duel Masters],
Mini Titan Gett [Duel Masters],
Missile Boy [Duel Masters],
Mist Rias, Sonic Guardian [Duel Masters],
Mongrel Man [Duel Masters],
Mudman [Duel Masters],
Muramasa, Duke of Blades [Duel Masters],
Nomad Hero Gigio [Duel Masters],
Onslaughter Triceps [Duel Masters],
Phal Eega, Dawn Guardian [Duel Masters],
Phantom Fish [Duel Masters],
Pippie Kuppie [Duel Masters],
Plasma Chaser [Duel Masters],
Poison Worm [Duel Masters],
Poisonous Dahlia [Duel Masters],
Poisonous Mushroom [Duel Masters],
Pouch Shell [Duel Masters],
Psyshroom [Duel Masters],
Purple Piercer [Duel Masters],
Raging Dash Horn [Duel Masters],
Rayla, Truth Enforcer [Duel Masters],
Re Bil, Seeker of Archery [Duel Masters],
Red-Eye Scorpion [Duel Masters],
Reusol, the Oracle [Duel Masters],
Revolver Fish [Duel Masters],
Roaring Great-Horn [Duel Masters],
Rothus, the Traveler [Duel Masters],
Ruby Grass [Duel Masters],
Rumbling Terahorn [Duel Masters],
Saucer-Head Shark [Duel Masters],
Scarlet Skyterror [Duel Masters],
Scissor Eye [Duel Masters],
Scratchclaw [Duel Masters],
Seamine [Duel Masters],
Senatine Jade Tree [Duel Masters],
Shadow Moon, Cursed Shade [Duel Masters],
Shtra [Duel Masters],
Silver Axe [Duel Masters],
Silver Fist [Duel Masters],
Smile Angler [Duel Masters],
Snip Striker Bullraizer [Duel Masters],
Sniper Mosquito [Duel Masters],
Sparkle Flower [Duel Masters],
Spiral Grass [Duel Masters],
Stained Glass [Duel Masters],
Stampeding Longhorn [Duel Masters],
Steel Smasher [Duel Masters],
Stinger Ball [Duel Masters],
Stinger Worm [Duel Masters],
Stonesaur [Duel Masters],
Storm Shell [Duel Masters],
Supporting Tulip [Duel Masters],
Swamp Worm [Duel Masters],
Sword Butterfly [Duel Masters],
Thorny Mandra [Duel Masters],
Three-eyed Dragonfly [Duel Masters],
Toel, Vizier of Hope [Duel Masters],
Torcon [Duel Masters],
Tower Shell [Duel Masters],
Tri-Horn Shepherd [Duel Masters],
Tropico [Duel Masters],
Uberdragon Jabaha [Duel Masters],
Unicorn Fish [Duel Masters],
Vampire Silphy [Duel Masters],
Wailing Shadow Belbetphlo [Duel Masters],
Wandering Braineater [Duel Masters],
Writhing Bone Ghoul [Duel Masters],
Wyn, The Oracle [Duel Masters],
Xeno Mantis [Duel Masters],

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