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List of Video Game Characters in Spyro Franchise
Agent 9 [Spyro],
Annie [Spyro],
Astor [Spyro],
Bash [Spyro],
Bentley [Spyro],
Bianca [Spyro],
Boomer [Spyro],
Butler [Spyro],
Cali [Spyro],
Camo [Spyro],
Chop Chop [Spyro],
Crush [Spyro],
Cynder [Spyro],
Cyril [Spyro],
Dan Johnson [Spyro],
Dino-Rang [Spyro],
Double Trouble [Spyro],
Drill Sergeant [Spyro],
Drobot [Spyro],
Elora [Spyro],
Eruptor [Spyro],
Flameslinger [Spyro],
Flynn [Spyro],
Frog Weed [Spyro],
Ghost Roaster [Spyro],
Gill Grunt [Spyro],
Gnasty Gnorc [Spyro],
Greta [Spyro],
Gulp [Spyro],
Hedgewick [Spyro],
Hex [Spyro],
Hunter [Spyro],
Ignitor [Spyro],
Ignitus [Spyro],
Kaos [Spyro],
King Gaul [Spyro],
Lightning Rod [Spyro],
Lindar [Spyro],
Malefor [Spyro],
Master Eon [Spyro],
Minibags [Spyro],
Mole-Yair [Spyro],
Moneybags [Spyro],
Prism Break [Spyro],
Professor [Spyro],
Ripto [Spyro],
Sgt. Bird [Spyro],
Sheila [Spyro],
Slam-Bam [Spyro],
Sonic Boom [Spyro],
Stealth Elf [Spyro],
Stump Smash [Spyro],
Sunburn [Spyro],
Terrador [Spyro],
Terrafin [Spyro],
Terry [Spyro],
The Chronicler [Spyro],
The Professor [Spyro],
The Sorceress [Spyro],
Tomas [Spyro],
Trigger Happy [Spyro],
Uncle O'Hare [Spyro],
Volteer [Spyro],
Voodood [Spyro],
Warnado [Spyro],
Wham-Shell [Spyro],
Whirlwind [Spyro],
Wrecking Ball [Spyro],
Zap [Spyro],
Zoe [Spyro],
Zook [Spyro],

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