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List of Video Game Characters in Resident Evil (BioHazard) Franchise
Ada Wong [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Adam Benford [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Albert Wesker [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Alex Wesker [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Alexander Ashford [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Alexia Ashford [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Alfred Ashford [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Alyssa Ashcroft [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Annette Birkin [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Ashley Graham [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Barry Burton [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Ben Bertolucci [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Billy Coen [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Bitores Mendez [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Brad Vickers [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Brian Irons [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Carla Radames [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Carlos Oliveira [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Chris Redfield [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Cindy Lennox [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Claire Redfield [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Clancy [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
David King [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Deborah Harper [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Derek C. Simmons [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Dr Salvador [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Enrico Marini [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Ethan Winters [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Eveline [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Finn Macauley [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Forest Speyer [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
George Hamilton [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
H.U.N.K. [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Harry [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Helena Harper [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Ingrid Hunnigan [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Jack Baker [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Jack Krauser [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Jake Muller [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
James Marcus [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Jill Valentine [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Jim Chapman [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Joseph Frost [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Keaton [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Kenneth J. Sullivan [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Kevin Dooley [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Kevin Ryman [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Leon S. Kennedy [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Lisa Trevor [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Lucas Baker [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Luis Sera [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Marco Rose [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Marguerite Baker [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Mark Wilkins [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Marvin Branagh [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Mia Winters [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Moira Burton [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Natalia Korda [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Neil Fisher [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Nemesis [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Nicholai Ginovaef [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Osmund Saddler [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Ozwell E. Spencer [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Piers Nivans [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Ramon Salazar [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Rebecca Chambers [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Richard Aiken [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Robert Kendo [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Rodrigo Juan Raval [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Sherry Birkin [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Sheva Alomar [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Steve Burnside [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
The Merchant [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
TOFU [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Tyrant [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Ustanak [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
William Birkin [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],
Yoko Suzuki [Resident Evil (BioHazard)],

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