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List of Video Game Characters in Pokémon Franchise
Aaron [Pokémon],
Abomasnow [Pokémon],
Abra [Pokémon],
Absol [Pokémon],
Accelgor [Pokémon],
Aegislash [Pokémon],
Aerodactyl [Pokémon],
Agatha [Pokémon],
Aggron [Pokémon],
Aipom [Pokémon],
Alakazam [Pokémon],
Alder [Pokémon],
Alomomola [Pokémon],
Altaria [Pokémon],
Amaura [Pokémon],
Ambipom [Pokémon],
Amoonguss [Pokémon],
Ampharos [Pokémon],
Anabel [Pokémon],
Anorith [Pokémon],
Aqua grunt [Pokémon],
Arbok [Pokémon],
Arcanine [Pokémon],
Arceus [Pokémon],
Archen [Pokémon],
Archeops [Pokémon],
Archer [Pokémon],
Archie [Pokémon],
Argenta [Pokémon],
Ariados [Pokémon],
Armaldo [Pokémon],
Aromatisse [Pokémon],
Aron [Pokémon],
Arthur of Thursday [Pokémon],
Articuno [Pokémon],
Ash Ketchum [Pokémon],
Audino [Pokémon],
Aurorus [Pokémon],
Avalugg [Pokémon],
Axew [Pokémon],
AZ [Pokémon],
Azelf [Pokémon],
Azumarill [Pokémon],
Azurill [Pokémon],
Bagon [Pokémon],
Baltoy [Pokémon],
Banette [Pokémon],
Barbaracle [Pokémon],
Barboach [Pokémon],
Barlow [Pokémon],
Baron Phobos [Pokémon],
Basculin [Pokémon],
Bastiodon [Pokémon],
Bayleef [Pokémon],
Beartic [Pokémon],
Beautifly [Pokémon],
Beauty Samantha [Pokémon],
Beauty Valerie [Pokémon],
Beauty Victoria [Pokémon],
Beedrill [Pokémon],
Beheeyem [Pokémon],
Beldum [Pokémon],
Bellossom [Pokémon],
Bellsprout [Pokémon],
Ben [Pokémon],
Bergmite [Pokémon],
Bertha [Pokémon],
Bianca [Pokémon],
Bibarel [Pokémon],
Bidoof [Pokémon],
Bill [Pokémon],
Binacle [Pokémon],
Bird Keeper Abe [Pokémon],
Bird Keeper Bryan [Pokémon],
Bird Keeper Denis [Pokémon],
Bird Keeper Peter [Pokémon],
Bird Keeper Rod [Pokémon],
Bird Keeper Theo [Pokémon],
Bird Keeper Toby [Pokémon],
Bisharp [Pokémon],
Bittercold [Pokémon],
Black Kyurem [Pokémon],
Blackbelt Lao [Pokémon],
Blackbelt Lung [Pokémon],
Blackbelt Nob [Pokémon],
Blackbelt Yoshi [Pokémon],
Blaine [Pokémon],
Blastoise [Pokémon],
Blaziken [Pokémon],
Blissey [Pokémon],
Blitzle [Pokémon],
Blue [Pokémon],
Boldore [Pokémon],
Bonsly [Pokémon],
Bouffalant [Pokémon],
Braixen [Pokémon],
Brandon [Pokémon],
Braviary [Pokémon],
Brawly [Pokémon],
Breloom [Pokémon],
Brendan [Pokémon],
Brock [Pokémon],
Bronius [Pokémon],
Bronzong [Pokémon],
Bronzor [Pokémon],
Bruno [Pokémon],
Brycen [Pokémon],
Budew [Pokémon],
Bug Catcher Al [Pokémon],
Bug Catcher Arnie [Pokémon],
Bug Catcher Benny [Pokémon],
Bug Catcher Colton [Pokémon],
Bug Catcher Don [Pokémon],
Bug Catcher James [Pokémon],
Bug Catcher Josh [Pokémon],
Bug Catcher Rick [Pokémon],
Bug Catcher Wade [Pokémon],
Bugsy [Pokémon],
Buizel [Pokémon],
Bulbasaur [Pokémon],
Buneary [Pokémon],
Bunnelby [Pokémon],
Burgh [Pokémon],
Burmy [Pokémon],
Butterfree [Pokémon],
Byron [Pokémon],
Cacnea [Pokémon],
Cacturne [Pokémon],
Caitlin [Pokémon],
Calem [Pokémon],
Camerupt [Pokémon],
Camper Elliot [Pokémon],
Camper Ivan [Pokémon],
Camper Roland [Pokémon],
Camper Spencer [Pokémon],
Camper Ted [Pokémon],
Camper Todd [Pokémon],
Candice [Pokémon],
Captain Stern [Pokémon],
Carbink [Pokémon],
Carnivine [Pokémon],
Carracosta [Pokémon],
Carvanha [Pokémon],
Cascoon [Pokémon],
Castform [Pokémon],
Caterpie [Pokémon],
Celebi [Pokémon],
Chandelure [Pokémon],
Chansey [Pokémon],
Charizard [Pokémon],
Charmander [Pokémon],
Charmeleon [Pokémon],
Chatot [Pokémon],
Chelle [Pokémon],
Cheren [Pokémon],
Cherrim [Pokémon],
Cherubi [Pokémon],
Chesnaught [Pokémon],
Chespin [Pokémon],
Chikorita [Pokémon],
Chili [Pokémon],
Chimchar [Pokémon],
Chimecho [Pokémon],
Chinchou [Pokémon],
Chingling [Pokémon],
Chuck [Pokémon],
Cilan [Pokémon],
Cinccino [Pokémon],
Clair [Pokémon],
Clamperl [Pokémon],
Clauncher [Pokémon],
Clawitzer [Pokémon],
Clay [Pokémon],
Claydol [Pokémon],
Clefable [Pokémon],
Clefairy [Pokémon],
Cleffa [Pokémon],
Clemont [Pokémon],
Cloyster [Pokémon],
Cobalion [Pokémon],
Cofagrigus [Pokémon],
Combee [Pokémon],
Combusken [Pokémon],
Conkeldurr [Pokémon],
Cooltrainer Emma [Pokémon],
Cooltrainer Nick [Pokémon],
Corphish [Pokémon],
Corsola [Pokémon],
Cottonee [Pokémon],
Cradily [Pokémon],
Cranidos [Pokémon],
Crasher Wake [Pokémon],
Crawdaunt [Pokémon],
Cress [Pokémon],
Cresselia [Pokémon],
Croagunk [Pokémon],
Crobat [Pokémon],
Croconaw [Pokémon],
Crustle [Pokémon],
Cryogonal [Pokémon],
Cubchoo [Pokémon],
Cubone [Pokémon],
Cyndaquil [Pokémon],
Cynthia [Pokémon],
Cyrus [Pokémon],
Dahlia [Pokémon],
Dakim [Pokémon],
Dana [Pokémon],
Darach [Pokémon],
Dark Matter [Pokémon],
Darkrai [Pokémon],
Darmanitan [Pokémon],
Darumaka [Pokémon],
Dawn [Pokémon],
Dedenne [Pokémon],
Deerling [Pokémon],
Deino [Pokémon],
Delcatty [Pokémon],
Delia Ketchum [Pokémon],
Delibird [Pokémon],
Delphox [Pokémon],
Deoxys [Pokémon],
Dewgong [Pokémon],
Dewott [Pokémon],
Dialga [Pokémon],
Diancie [Pokémon],
Diantha [Pokémon],
Diggersby [Pokémon],
Diglett [Pokémon],
Ditto [Pokémon],
Dock [Pokémon],
Dodrio [Pokémon],
Doduo [Pokémon],
Donphan [Pokémon],
Doublade [Pokémon],
Dr. Mason [Pokémon],
Dragalge [Pokémon],
Dragonair [Pokémon],
Dragonite [Pokémon],
Drake [Pokémon],
Drapion [Pokémon],
Drasna [Pokémon],
Dratini [Pokémon],
Drayden [Pokémon],
Drifblim [Pokémon],
Drifloon [Pokémon],
Drilbur [Pokémon],
Drowzee [Pokémon],
Druddigon [Pokémon],
Ducklett [Pokémon],
Dude [Pokémon],
Dugtrio [Pokémon],
Dunsparce [Pokémon],
Duosion [Pokémon],
Durant [Pokémon],
Dusclops [Pokémon],
Dusknoir [Pokémon],
Duskull [Pokémon],
Dustox [Pokémon],
Dwebble [Pokémon],
Eelektrik [Pokémon],
Eelektross [Pokémon],
Eevee [Pokémon],
Ein [Pokémon],
Ekans [Pokémon],
Electabuzz [Pokémon],
Electivire [Pokémon],
Electrike [Pokémon],
Electrode [Pokémon],
Elekid [Pokémon],
Elesa [Pokémon],
Elgyem [Pokémon],
Emboar [Pokémon],
Emmet [Pokémon],
Emolga [Pokémon],
Empoleon [Pokémon],
Entei [Pokémon],
Erika [Pokémon],
Erma [Pokémon],
Escavalier [Pokémon],
Espeon [Pokémon],
Espurr [Pokémon],
Ethan [Pokémon],
Eusine [Pokémon],
Evelyn [Pokémon],
Evice [Pokémon],
Excadrill [Pokémon],
Exeggcute [Pokémon],
Exeggutor [Pokémon],
Exploud [Pokémon],
Falkner [Pokémon],
Fantina [Pokémon],
Farfetch'd [Pokémon],
Fearow [Pokémon],
Feebas [Pokémon],
Fennekin [Pokémon],
Feraligatr [Pokémon],
Ferroseed [Pokémon],
Ferrothorn [Pokémon],
Finneon [Pokémon],
Firebreather Bill [Pokémon],
Firebreather Dick [Pokémon],
Firebreather Ray [Pokémon],
Firebreather Walt [Pokémon],
Fisher Chris [Pokémon],
Fisher Henry [Pokémon],
Fisher Justin [Pokémon],
Fisher Marvin [Pokémon],
Fisher Ralph [Pokémon],
Flaaffy [Pokémon],
Flabébé [Pokémon],
Flannery [Pokémon],
Flareon [Pokémon],
Fletchinder [Pokémon],
Fletchling [Pokémon],
Flint [Pokémon],
Floatzel [Pokémon],
Floette [Pokémon],
Florges [Pokémon],
Flygon [Pokémon],
Foongus [Pokémon],
Forretress [Pokémon],
Fraxure [Pokémon],
Frieda of Friday [Pokémon],
Frillish [Pokémon],
Froakie [Pokémon],
Frogadier [Pokémon],
Froslass [Pokémon],
Furfrou [Pokémon],
Furret [Pokémon],
Gabite [Pokémon],
Gallade [Pokémon],
Galvantula [Pokémon],
Garbodor [Pokémon],
Garchomp [Pokémon],
Gardenia [Pokémon],
Gardevoir [Pokémon],
Garret [Pokémon],
Gary Oak [Pokémon],
Gastly [Pokémon],
Gastrodon [Pokémon],
Genesect [Pokémon],
Gengar [Pokémon],
Gentleman [Pokémon],
Gentleman Alfred [Pokémon],
Gentleman Preston [Pokémon],
Geodude [Pokémon],
Ghetsis [Pokémon],
Giallo [Pokémon],
Gible [Pokémon],
Gigalith [Pokémon],
Ginchiyo [Pokémon],
Giovanni [Pokémon],
Girafarig [Pokémon],
Giratina [Pokémon],
Glaceon [Pokémon],
Glacia [Pokémon],
Glalie [Pokémon],
Glameow [Pokémon],
Gligar [Pokémon],
Gliscor [Pokémon],
Gloom [Pokémon],
Gogoat [Pokémon],
Golbat [Pokémon],
Goldeen [Pokémon],
Golduck [Pokémon],
Golem [Pokémon],
Golem [Pokémon],
Golett [Pokémon],
Golurk [Pokémon],
Gonzap [Pokémon],
Goodra [Pokémon],
Goomy [Pokémon],
Gordor [Pokémon],
Gorebyss [Pokémon],
Gorm [Pokémon],
Gothita [Pokémon],
Gothitelle [Pokémon],
Gothorita [Pokémon],
Gourgeist [Pokémon],
Granbull [Pokémon],
Grant [Pokémon],
Graveler [Pokémon],
Greninja [Pokémon],
Greta [Pokémon],
Grimer [Pokémon],
Grimsley [Pokémon],
Grotle [Pokémon],
Groudon [Pokémon],
Grovyle [Pokémon],
Growlithe [Pokémon],
Grumpig [Pokémon],
Guide Gent [Pokémon],
Gulpin [Pokémon],
Gurdurr [Pokémon],
Gyarados [Pokémon],
Happiny [Pokémon],
Hariyama [Pokémon],
Haunter [Pokémon],
Hawlucha [Pokémon],
Haxorus [Pokémon],
Heatmor [Pokémon],
Heatran [Pokémon],
Heliolisk [Pokémon],
Helioptile [Pokémon],
Heracross [Pokémon],
Herdier [Pokémon],
Hideyoshi [Pokémon],
Hiker Anthony [Pokémon],
Hiker Bailey [Pokémon],
Hiker Benjamin [Pokémon],
Hiker Daniel [Pokémon],
Hiker Russell [Pokémon],
Hippopotas [Pokémon],
Hippowdon [Pokémon],
Hitmonchan [Pokémon],
Hitmonlee [Pokémon],
Hitmontop [Pokémon],
Ho-Oh [Pokémon],
Hocus [Pokémon],
Hombone [Pokémon],
Honchkrow [Pokémon],
Honedge [Pokémon],
Hoothoot [Pokémon],
Hoppip [Pokémon],
Horsea [Pokémon],
Houndoom [Pokémon],
Houndour [Pokémon],
Hugh [Pokémon],
Huntail [Pokémon],
Hunter [Pokémon],
Hydreigon [Pokémon],
Hypno [Pokémon],
Igglybuff [Pokémon],
Ilima [Pokémon],
Illumise [Pokémon],
Imakuni [Pokémon],
Infernape [Pokémon],
Ingo [Pokémon],
Inkay [Pokémon],
Iris [Pokémon],
Ivysaur [Pokémon],
James [Pokémon],
Janine [Pokémon],
Jasmine [Pokémon],
Jellicent [Pokémon],
Jessie [Pokémon],
Jigglypuff [Pokémon],
Jirachi [Pokémon],
Jolteon [Pokémon],
Joltik [Pokémon],
Jovi [Pokémon],
Juan [Pokémon],
Juggler Irwin [Pokémon],
Jumpluff [Pokémon],
Jupiter [Pokémon],
Jynx [Pokémon],
Kabuto [Pokémon],
Kabutops [Pokémon],
Kadabra [Pokémon],
Kakuna [Pokémon],
Kangaskhan [Pokémon],
Karen [Pokémon],
Karrablast [Pokémon],
Kasa [Pokémon],
Kate [Pokémon],
Kecleon [Pokémon],
Keldeo [Pokémon],
Kellyn [Pokémon],
Kimono Girl Kuni [Pokémon],
Kimono Girl Miki [Pokémon],
Kimono Girl Naoko [Pokémon],
Kimono Girl Sayo [Pokémon],
Kimono Girl Zuki [Pokémon],
Kingdra [Pokémon],
Kingler [Pokémon],
Kirlia [Pokémon],
Klang [Pokémon],
Klefki [Pokémon],
Klink [Pokémon],
Klinklang [Pokémon],
Koffing [Pokémon],
Koga [Pokémon],
Korrina [Pokémon],
Krabby [Pokémon],
Kricketot [Pokémon],
Kricketune [Pokémon],
Kris [Pokémon],
Krokorok [Pokémon],
Krookodile [Pokémon],
Kyogre [Pokémon],
Kyurem [Pokémon],
Lairon [Pokémon],
Lampent [Pokémon],
Lance [Pokémon],
Landorus [Pokémon],
Lanette [Pokémon],
Lanturn [Pokémon],
Lapras [Pokémon],
Larvesta [Pokémon],
Larvitar [Pokémon],
Lass Bridget [Pokémon],
Lass Carrie [Pokémon],
Lass Connie [Pokémon],
Lass Dana [Pokémon],
Lass Krise [Pokémon],
Lass Mimi [Pokémon],
Lass Robin [Pokémon],
Lass Tiana [Pokémon],
Latias [Pokémon],
Latios [Pokémon],
Leaf [Pokémon],
Leafeon [Pokémon],
Leavanny [Pokémon],
Ledian [Pokémon],
Ledyba [Pokémon],
Lenora [Pokémon],
Lickilicky [Pokémon],
Lickitung [Pokémon],
Liepard [Pokémon],
Lileep [Pokémon],
Lillie [Pokémon],
Lilligant [Pokémon],
Lillipup [Pokémon],
Lily [Pokémon],
Linoone [Pokémon],
Litleo [Pokémon],
Litwick [Pokémon],
Liza [Pokémon],
Lombre [Pokémon],
Looker [Pokémon],
Lopunny [Pokémon],
Lorelei [Pokémon],
Lotad [Pokémon],
Loudred [Pokémon],
Lt. Surge [Pokémon],
Lucario [Pokémon],
Lucario [Pokémon],
Lucas [Pokémon],
Lucian [Pokémon],
Lucy [Pokémon],
Ludicolo [Pokémon],
Lugia [Pokémon],
Lumineon [Pokémon],
Lunatone [Pokémon],
Lunick [Pokémon],
Luvdisc [Pokémon],
Luxio [Pokémon],
Luxray [Pokémon],
Lyra [Pokémon],
Lysandre [Pokémon],
Machamp [Pokémon],
Machoke [Pokémon],
Machop [Pokémon],
Magby [Pokémon],
Magcargo [Pokémon],
Magikarp [Pokémon],
Magmar [Pokémon],
Magmortar [Pokémon],
Magnemite [Pokémon],
Magneton [Pokémon],
Magnezone [Pokémon],
Makuhita [Pokémon],
Malamar [Pokémon],
Malva [Pokémon],
Mamoswine [Pokémon],
Manaphy [Pokémon],
Mandibuzz [Pokémon],
Manectric [Pokémon],
Mankey [Pokémon],
Mantine [Pokémon],
Mantyke [Pokémon],
Maractus [Pokémon],
Mareep [Pokémon],
Marill [Pokémon],
Mark [Pokémon],
Marlon [Pokémon],
Marowak [Pokémon],
Mars [Pokémon],
Marshal [Pokémon],
Marshtomp [Pokémon],
Masquerain [Pokémon],
Mawile [Pokémon],
May [Pokémon],
Maylene [Pokémon],
Medicham [Pokémon],
Meditite [Pokémon],
Medium Grace [Pokémon],
Medium Martha [Pokémon],
Mega Blastoise [Pokémon],
Mega Blaziken [Pokémon],
Mega Kangaskhan [Pokémon],
Mega Manectric [Pokémon],
Mega Venusaur [Pokémon],
Meganium [Pokémon],
Meloetta [Pokémon],
Meowstic [Pokémon],
Meowth [Pokémon],
Mesprit [Pokémon],
Metagross [Pokémon],
Metang [Pokémon],
Metapod [Pokémon],
Mew [Pokémon],
Mewtwo [Pokémon],
Michael [Pokémon],
Mienfoo [Pokémon],
Mienshao [Pokémon],
Mightyena [Pokémon],
Milotic [Pokémon],
Miltank [Pokémon],
Mime Jr. [Pokémon],
Minccino [Pokémon],
Minun [Pokémon],
Miror B. [Pokémon],
Misdreavus [Pokémon],
Mismagius [Pokémon],
Miss Fleetfoot [Pokémon],
MissingNo. [Pokémon],
Misty [Pokémon],
Mitsuhide [Pokémon],
Moltres [Pokémon],
Mom [Pokémon],
Monferno [Pokémon],
Monica of Monday [Pokémon],
Morty [Pokémon],
Mothim [Pokémon],
Motochika [Pokémon],
Motonari [Pokémon],
Mr. Briney [Pokémon],
Mr. Mime [Pokémon],
Mr. Pokemon [Pokémon],
Mudkip [Pokémon],
Muk [Pokémon],
Munchlax [Pokémon],
Munna [Pokémon],
Murkrow [Pokémon],
Musharna [Pokémon],
N [Pokémon],
Nate [Pokémon],
Natu [Pokémon],
Nene [Pokémon],
Nidoking [Pokémon],
Nidoqueen [Pokémon],
Nidoran [Pokémon],
Nidoran (Female) [Pokémon],
Nidoran (Male) [Pokémon],
Nidorina [Pokémon],
Nidorino [Pokémon],
Nincada [Pokémon],
Ninetales [Pokémon],
Ninjask [Pokémon],
Nita [Pokémon],
Nobunaga [Pokémon],
Noctowl [Pokémon],
Noibat [Pokémon],
Noivern [Pokémon],
Noland [Pokémon],
Norman [Pokémon],
Nosepass [Pokémon],
Numel [Pokémon],
Nurse Joy [Pokémon],
Nuzleaf [Pokémon],
Octillery [Pokémon],
Oddish [Pokémon],
Officer Dirk [Pokémon],
Officer Jenny [Pokémon],
Officer Johnson [Pokémon],
Officer Keith [Pokémon],
Oichi [Pokémon],
Old Man [Pokémon],
Olympia [Pokémon],
Omanyte [Pokémon],
Omastar [Pokémon],
Onix [Pokémon],
Oshawott [Pokémon],
Pachirisu [Pokémon],
Palkia [Pokémon],
Palmer [Pokémon],
Palpitoad [Pokémon],
Pancham [Pokémon],
Pangoro [Pokémon],
Panpour [Pokémon],
Pansage [Pokémon],
Pansear [Pokémon],
Paras [Pokémon],
Parasect [Pokémon],
Patrat [Pokémon],
Pawniard [Pokémon],
Pelipper [Pokémon],
Persian [Pokémon],
Petilil [Pokémon],
Phanpy [Pokémon],
Phantump [Pokémon],
Phione [Pokémon],
Phoebe [Pokémon],
Pichu [Pokémon],
Picnicker Brooke [Pokémon],
Picnicker Erin [Pokémon],
Picnicker Gina [Pokémon],
Picnicker Kim [Pokémon],
Picnicker Liz [Pokémon],
Picnicker Tiffany [Pokémon],
Pidgeot [Pokémon],
Pidgeotto [Pokémon],
Pidgey [Pokémon],
Pidove [Pokémon],
Pignite [Pokémon],
Pikaboo [Pokémon],
Pikachu [Pokémon],
Pikipek [Pokémon],
Piloswine [Pokémon],
Pineco [Pokémon],
Pinsir [Pokémon],
Piplup [Pokémon],
Plusle [Pokémon],
Pokefan Beverly [Pokémon],
Pokefan Brandon [Pokémon],
Pokefan Derek [Pokémon],
Pokefan Ruth [Pokémon],
Pokefan William [Pokémon],
Pokemaniac Ben [Pokémon],
Pokemaniac Brent [Pokémon],
Pokemaniac Donald [Pokémon],
Pokemaniac Isaac [Pokémon],
Pokemaniac Larry [Pokémon],
Pokemaniac Ron [Pokémon],
Pokemaniac Shane [Pokémon],
Pokémon Trainer [Pokémon],
Politoed [Pokémon],
Poliwag [Pokémon],
Poliwhirl [Pokémon],
Poliwrath [Pokémon],
Ponyta [Pokémon],
Poochyena [Pokémon],
Porygon [Pokémon],
Porygon-Z [Pokémon],
Porygon2 [Pokémon],
Primeape [Pokémon],
Prinplup [Pokémon],
Probopass [Pokémon],
Professor Birch [Pokémon],
Professor Elm [Pokémon],
Professor Hastings [Pokémon],
Professor Juniper [Pokémon],
Professor Krane [Pokémon],
Professor Kukui [Pokémon],
Professor Oak [Pokémon],
Professor P [Pokémon],
Professor Rowan [Pokémon],
Protagonist [Pokémon],
Protagonist (Male) [Pokémon],
Pryce [Pokémon],
Psychic Greg [Pokémon],
Psychic Mark [Pokémon],
Psychic Nathan [Pokémon],
Psychic Norman [Pokémon],
Psyduck [Pokémon],
Pumpkaboo [Pokémon],
Pupitar [Pokémon],
Purrloin [Pokémon],
Purugly [Pokémon],
Pyroar [Pokémon],
Quagsire [Pokémon],
Quilava [Pokémon],
Quilladin [Pokémon],
Qwilfish [Pokémon],
Raichu [Pokémon],
Raikou [Pokémon],
Ralts [Pokémon],
Ramos [Pokémon],
Rampardos [Pokémon],
Rapidash [Pokémon],
Raticate [Pokémon],
Rattata [Pokémon],
Rayquaza [Pokémon],
Red [Pokémon],
Regice [Pokémon],
Regigigas [Pokémon],
Regirock [Pokémon],
Registeel [Pokémon],
Relicanth [Pokémon],
Remoraid [Pokémon],
Reshiram [Pokémon],
Reuniclus [Pokémon],
Rhydon [Pokémon],
Rhyhorn [Pokémon],
Rhyperior [Pokémon],
Rhythmi [Pokémon],
Riolu [Pokémon],
Ritchie [Pokémon],
Roark [Pokémon],
Rocket Grunt (Male) [Pokémon],
Rockruff [Pokémon],
Roggenrola [Pokémon],
Ronald [Pokémon],
Rood [Pokémon],
Rosa [Pokémon],
Roselia [Pokémon],
Roserade [Pokémon],
Rotom [Pokémon],
Roxanne [Pokémon],
Roxie [Pokémon],
Rufflet [Pokémon],
Ryoku [Pokémon],
Sableye [Pokémon],
Sabrina [Pokémon],
Sage Chow [Pokémon],
Sage Edmond [Pokémon],
Sage Jeffrey [Pokémon],
Sage Jin [Pokémon],
Sage Li [Pokémon],
Sage Neal [Pokémon],
Sage Nico [Pokémon],
Sage Ping [Pokémon],
Sage Troy [Pokémon],
Sailor [Pokémon],
Sailor Ernest [Pokémon],
Sailor Eugene [Pokémon],
Sailor Harry [Pokémon],
Sailor Huey [Pokémon],
Sailor Kent [Pokémon],
Sailor Terrell [Pokémon],
Salamence [Pokémon],
Samurott [Pokémon],
Sandile [Pokémon],
Sandshrew [Pokémon],
Sandslash [Pokémon],
Saturn [Pokémon],
Sawk [Pokémon],
Sawsbuck [Pokémon],
Scatterbug [Pokémon],
Sceptile [Pokémon],
Schoolboy Alan [Pokémon],
Schoolboy Chad [Pokémon],
Schoolboy Jack [Pokémon],
Scizor [Pokémon],
Scolipede [Pokémon],
Scott [Pokémon],
Scrafty [Pokémon],
Scraggy [Pokémon],
Scyther [Pokémon],
Seadra [Pokémon],
Seaking [Pokémon],
Sealeo [Pokémon],
Seedot [Pokémon],
Seel [Pokémon],
Seismitoad [Pokémon],
Sentret [Pokémon],
Serena [Pokémon],
Serperior [Pokémon],
Servine [Pokémon],
Severed Head Kent [Pokémon],
Seviper [Pokémon],
Sewaddle [Pokémon],
Sharpedo [Pokémon],
Shauna [Pokémon],
Shauntal [Pokémon],
Shaymin [Pokémon],
Shaymin [Pokémon],
Shedinja [Pokémon],
Shelgon [Pokémon],
Shellder [Pokémon],
Shellos [Pokémon],
Shelly [Pokémon],
Shelmet [Pokémon],
Shieldon [Pokémon],
Shiftry [Pokémon],
Shinx [Pokémon],
Shizard [Pokémon],
Shroomish [Pokémon],
Shuckle [Pokémon],
Shuppet [Pokémon],
Sidney [Pokémon],
Siebold [Pokémon],
Sigilyph [Pokémon],
Silcoon [Pokémon],
Silver [Pokémon],
Simipour [Pokémon],
Simisage [Pokémon],
Simisear [Pokémon],
Skarmory [Pokémon],
Skiddo [Pokémon],
Skiploom [Pokémon],
Skitty [Pokémon],
Skorupi [Pokémon],
Skrelp [Pokémon],
Skuntank [Pokémon],
Skyla [Pokémon],
Slaking [Pokémon],
Slakoth [Pokémon],
Sliggoo [Pokémon],
Slowbro [Pokémon],
Slowking [Pokémon],
Slowpoke [Pokémon],
Slugma [Pokémon],
Slurpuff [Pokémon],
Smeargle [Pokémon],
Smoochum [Pokémon],
Sneasel [Pokémon],
Snivy [Pokémon],
Snorlax [Pokémon],
Snorunt [Pokémon],
Snover [Pokémon],
Snubbull [Pokémon],
Solana [Pokémon],
Solosis [Pokémon],
Solrock [Pokémon],
Spearow [Pokémon],
Spenser [Pokémon],
Spewpa [Pokémon],
Spheal [Pokémon],
Spinarak [Pokémon],
Spinda [Pokémon],
Spiritomb [Pokémon],
Spoink [Pokémon],
Spritzee [Pokémon],
Squirtle [Pokémon],
Stantler [Pokémon],
Staraptor [Pokémon],
Staravia [Pokémon],
Starly [Pokémon],
Starmie [Pokémon],
Staryu [Pokémon],
Steelix [Pokémon],
Steven [Pokémon],
Stoutland [Pokémon],
Stunfisk [Pokémon],
Stunky [Pokémon],
Sudowoodo [Pokémon],
Suicune [Pokémon],
Summer [Pokémon],
Sunbather River [Pokémon],
Sunflora [Pokémon],
Sunkern [Pokémon],
Sunny of Sunday [Pokémon],
Super Nerd Eric [Pokémon],
Super Nerd Teru [Pokémon],
Surskit [Pokémon],
Sven [Pokémon],
Swablu [Pokémon],
Swadloon [Pokémon],
Swalot [Pokémon],
Swampert [Pokémon],
Swanna [Pokémon],
Swellow [Pokémon],
Swimmer Berke [Pokémon],
Swimmer Charlie [Pokémon],
Swimmer Denise [Pokémon],
Swimmer Elaine [Pokémon],
Swimmer George [Pokémon],
Swimmer Kara [Pokémon],
Swimmer Kaylee [Pokémon],
Swimmer Kirk [Pokémon],
Swimmer Mathew [Pokémon],
Swimmer Paula [Pokémon],
Swimmer Randall [Pokémon],
Swimmer Simon [Pokémon],
Swimmer Susie [Pokémon],
Swimmer Wendy [Pokémon],
Swinub [Pokémon],
Swirlix [Pokémon],
Swoobat [Pokémon],
Sylveon [Pokémon],
Tabitha [Pokémon],
Taillow [Pokémon],
Talonflame [Pokémon],
Tangela [Pokémon],
Tangrowth [Pokémon],
Tate [Pokémon],
Tauros [Pokémon],
Teddiursa [Pokémon],
Tentacool [Pokémon],
Tentacruel [Pokémon],
Tepig [Pokémon],
Terrakion [Pokémon],
Thorton [Pokémon],
Throh [Pokémon],
Thundurus [Pokémon],
Tierno [Pokémon],
Timburr [Pokémon],
Tirtouga [Pokémon],
Togekiss [Pokémon],
Togepi [Pokémon],
Togetic [Pokémon],
Torchic [Pokémon],
Torkoal [Pokémon],
Tornadus [Pokémon],
Torterra [Pokémon],
Totodile [Pokémon],
Toxicroak [Pokémon],
Tracey Sketchit [Pokémon],
Tranquill [Pokémon],
Trapinch [Pokémon],
Treecko [Pokémon],
Trevenant [Pokémon],
Trevor [Pokémon],
Tropius [Pokémon],
Trubbish [Pokémon],
Tucker [Pokémon],
Turtwig [Pokémon],
Tuscany of Tuesday [Pokémon],
Twins Amy and May [Pokémon],
Twins Ann & Anne [Pokémon],
Tympole [Pokémon],
Tynamo [Pokémon],
Typhlosion [Pokémon],
Tyranitar [Pokémon],
Tyrantrum [Pokémon],
Tyrogue [Pokémon],
Tyrunt [Pokémon],
Umbreon [Pokémon],
Unfezant [Pokémon],
Unown [Pokémon],
Ursaring [Pokémon],
Uxie [Pokémon],
Valerie [Pokémon],
Vanillish [Pokémon],
Vanillite [Pokémon],
Vanilluxe [Pokémon],
Vaporeon [Pokémon],
Venipede [Pokémon],
Venomoth [Pokémon],
Venonat [Pokémon],
Venus [Pokémon],
Venusaur [Pokémon],
Vespiquen [Pokémon],
Vibrava [Pokémon],
Victini [Pokémon],
Victreebel [Pokémon],
Vigoroth [Pokémon],
Vileplume [Pokémon],
Viola [Pokémon],
Virizion [Pokémon],
Vivillon [Pokémon],
Volbeat [Pokémon],
Volcarona [Pokémon],
Volkner [Pokémon],
Voltorb [Pokémon],
Vullaby [Pokémon],
Vulpix [Pokémon],
Wailmer [Pokémon],
Wailord [Pokémon],
Wallace [Pokémon],
Wally [Pokémon],
Walrein [Pokémon],
Wartortle [Pokémon],
Watchog [Pokémon],
Wattson [Pokémon],
Weavile [Pokémon],
Weedle [Pokémon],
Weepinbell [Pokémon],
Weezing [Pokémon],
Wes [Pokémon],
Wesley of Wednesday [Pokémon],
Whimsicott [Pokémon],
Whirlipede [Pokémon],
Whiscash [Pokémon],
Whismur [Pokémon],
White Kyurem [Pokémon],
Whitney [Pokémon],
Wigglytuff [Pokémon],
Wikstrom [Pokémon],
Will [Pokémon],
Wingull [Pokémon],
Winona [Pokémon],
Wobbuffet [Pokémon],
Woobat [Pokémon],
Wooper [Pokémon],
Wormadam [Pokémon],
Wulfric [Pokémon],
Wurmple [Pokémon],
Wynaut [Pokémon],
Xatu [Pokémon],
Xerneas [Pokémon],
Xerosic [Pokémon],
Yamask [Pokémon],
Yanma [Pokémon],
Yanmega [Pokémon],
Yoshihiro [Pokémon],
Youngster Albert [Pokémon],
Youngster Calvin [Pokémon],
Youngster Gordon [Pokémon],
Youngster Ian [Pokémon],
Youngster Joey [Pokémon],
Youngster Mikey [Pokémon],
Youngster Samuel [Pokémon],
Yveltal [Pokémon],
Zangoose [Pokémon],
Zapdos [Pokémon],
Zebstrika [Pokémon],
Zekrom [Pokémon],
Zigzagoon [Pokémon],
Zinzolin [Pokémon],
Zoroark [Pokémon],
Zorua [Pokémon],
Zubat [Pokémon],
Zweilous [Pokémon],
Zygarde [Pokémon],

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