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List of Video Game Characters in Assassin's Creed Franchise
Adéwalé [Assassin's Creed],
Al Mualim [Assassin's Creed],
Altair [Assassin's Creed],
Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad [Assassin's Creed],
Aveline de Grandpré [Assassin's Creed],
Connor Davenport [Assassin's Creed],
Connor Kenway [Assassin's Creed],
Dante Alighieri [Assassin's Creed],
Desmond Miles [Assassin's Creed],
Edward Kenway [Assassin's Creed],
Evie Frye [Assassin's Creed],
Ezio Auditore Da Firenze [Assassin's Creed],
Girolamo Savonarola [Assassin's Creed],
Haytham Kenway [Assassin's Creed],
Jacob Frye [Assassin's Creed],
Lucy Stillman [Assassin's Creed],
Maria Thorpe [Assassin's Creed],
Mario Auditore da Firenze [Assassin's Creed],
Rodrigo Borgia [Assassin's Creed],
Shao Jun [Assassin's Creed],
Shaun Hastings [Assassin's Creed],
Shay Patrick Cormac [Assassin's Creed],
Tamir [Assassin's Creed],
Warren Vidic [Assassin's Creed],

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