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List of Video Game Characters in Monster Rancher Franchise
Sleepyhead [Monster Rancher],
Abata [Monster Rancher],
Aero [Monster Rancher],
Aguila [Monster Rancher],
Alabia Niton [Monster Rancher],
Alf [Monster Rancher],
Allergan [Monster Rancher],
Allure [Monster Rancher],
Aloha [Monster Rancher],
Aloha Saurian [Monster Rancher],
Ambush [Monster Rancher],
Amenho [Monster Rancher],
Amenhotep [Monster Rancher],
Amethyst [Monster Rancher],
Ammon [Monster Rancher],
Angel [Monster Rancher],
Angolmor [Monster Rancher],
Anguish [Monster Rancher],
Anki [Monster Rancher],
Anquihare [Monster Rancher],
Anquiloden [Monster Rancher],
Ant Koro [Monster Rancher],
Ant Mew [Monster Rancher],
Ant Yellow [Monster Rancher],
Ant. Blue [Monster Rancher],
Ant. Red [Monster Rancher],
Antares [Monster Rancher],
Antlan [Monster Rancher],
Ape [Monster Rancher],
Apocolis [Monster Rancher],
Aqua [Monster Rancher],
Aqua Cutter [Monster Rancher],
Aqua Mask [Monster Rancher],
Aqua Mew [Monster Rancher],
Arbor Mogi [Monster Rancher],
Ardebaren [Monster Rancher],
Armocchi [Monster Rancher],
Armor Cho [Monster Rancher],
Armor Dragon [Monster Rancher],
Aroma [Monster Rancher],
Arrow Head [Monster Rancher],
Asfar [Monster Rancher],
Ash [Monster Rancher],
Asphaltum [Monster Rancher],
Assasi Ripper [Monster Rancher],
Astro [Monster Rancher],
Automaton [Monster Rancher],
Aya [Monster Rancher],
Baby Dino [Monster Rancher],
Baby Doll [Monster Rancher],
Bad Seed [Monster Rancher],
Bajarl [Monster Rancher],
Bakky [Monster Rancher],
Baku [Monster Rancher],
Baku Clown [Monster Rancher],
Bakuroller [Monster Rancher],
Ballon [Monster Rancher],
Balon [Monster Rancher],
Bargest [Monster Rancher],
Baseball Boy [Monster Rancher],
Basilisk [Monster Rancher],
Battle Rocks [Monster Rancher],
Battleleon [Monster Rancher],
Baum [Monster Rancher],
Baum Kuchen [Monster Rancher],
Bazoo [Monster Rancher],
Bazul [Monster Rancher],
Bazula [Monster Rancher],
Beaclon [Monster Rancher],
Beakie [Monster Rancher],
Beaklon [Monster Rancher],
Bealock [Monster Rancher],
Beamer [Monster Rancher],
Beegator [Monster Rancher],
Beerock [Monster Rancher],
Beeslim [Monster Rancher],
Beetle Fish [Monster Rancher],
Bengal [Monster Rancher],
Beralsekt [Monster Rancher],
Berserker [Monster Rancher],
Bethelgeus [Monster Rancher],
Bettle Mochi [Monster Rancher],
Biansnow [Monster Rancher],
Big Blue [Monster Rancher],
Big Korobocci [Monster Rancher],
Bighand [Monster Rancher],
Bikini [Monster Rancher],
Birdie [Monster Rancher],
Black Golem [Monster Rancher],
Black Henger [Monster Rancher],
Black Plant [Monster Rancher],
Black Rex [Monster Rancher],
Black Saurian [Monster Rancher],
Black Worm [Monster Rancher],
Blakkus [Monster Rancher],
Blixy Klingy [Monster Rancher],
Blizzarin [Monster Rancher],
Blobster [Monster Rancher],
Blocken [Monster Rancher],
Bloodshed [Monster Rancher],
Bloodshot [Monster Rancher],
Bloody Eye [Monster Rancher],
Blue Fur [Monster Rancher],
Blue Hare [Monster Rancher],
Blue Kato [Monster Rancher],
Blue Phoenix [Monster Rancher],
Blue Plant [Monster Rancher],
Blue Sponge [Monster Rancher],
Blue Terror [Monster Rancher],
Blue Thunder [Monster Rancher],
Bolzoi [Monster Rancher],
Bonsai [Monster Rancher],
Bossy [Monster Rancher],
Bowbow [Monster Rancher],
Bowmew [Monster Rancher],
Bowwow [Monster Rancher],
Boxer [Monster Rancher],
Boxer Bajarl [Monster Rancher],
Bronze Suezo [Monster Rancher],
Brown Mask [Monster Rancher],
Bug Bug Flower [Monster Rancher],
Bunny [Monster Rancher],
Burning Wall [Monster Rancher],
Burstliner [Monster Rancher],
Buster [Monster Rancher],
Cabalos [Monster Rancher],
Caloriena [Monster Rancher],
Cantalos [Monster Rancher],
Car Roller [Monster Rancher],
Cari [Monster Rancher],
Carlin [Monster Rancher],
Cawken [Monster Rancher],
Celious [Monster Rancher],
Centaur [Monster Rancher],
Centurion [Monster Rancher],
Ceto [Monster Rancher],
Chaos Dragon [Monster Rancher],
Chaos Durahan [Monster Rancher],
Chaos Ripper [Monster Rancher],
Chariot [Monster Rancher],
Chef [Monster Rancher],
Chinois [Monster Rancher],
Chloro Jell [Monster Rancher],
Cinder Bird [Monster Rancher],
Citronie [Monster Rancher],
Clay (Jell x Hare) [Monster Rancher],
Clay (Jell x Monol) [Monster Rancher],
Clear Shell [Monster Rancher],
Clear Suezo [Monster Rancher],
Clown Lessie [Monster Rancher],
Cocadrille [Monster Rancher],
Coconutty [Monster Rancher],
Color [Monster Rancher],
Color Pandora [Monster Rancher],
Colorful [Monster Rancher],
Colorpandora [Monster Rancher],
Coltia [Monster Rancher],
Comedy Koro [Monster Rancher],
Condo Rin [Monster Rancher],
Coral [Monster Rancher],
Corkasus [Monster Rancher],
Corone [Monster Rancher],
Cosmocchi [Monster Rancher],
Cox [Monster Rancher],
Crab Dragon [Monster Rancher],
Crab Saurian [Monster Rancher],
Crescent [Monster Rancher],
Crevasse [Monster Rancher],
Crimson Eyed [Monster Rancher],
Cross Eye [Monster Rancher],
Curevis [Monster Rancher],
Curie [Monster Rancher],
Cutie [Monster Rancher],
Cutter [Monster Rancher],
Cybernetico [Monster Rancher],
Cyclops [Monster Rancher],
Dagon [Monster Rancher],
Daina [Monster Rancher],
Dakkung [Monster Rancher],
Dao [Monster Rancher],
Dark Antlan [Monster Rancher],
Dark Bringer [Monster Rancher],
Dark Cell [Monster Rancher],
Dark Whip [Monster Rancher],
Daton [Monster Rancher],
Datonare [Monster Rancher],
Dean [Monster Rancher],
Death Dragon [Monster Rancher],
Deathwing [Monster Rancher],
Deluxe Liner [Monster Rancher],
Dento [Monster Rancher],
Deton [Monster Rancher],
Devi [Monster Rancher],
Devil Madillo [Monster Rancher],
Diabaros [Monster Rancher],
Diana [Monster Rancher],
Dice [Monster Rancher],
Dino [Monster Rancher],
Disc Niton [Monster Rancher],
Disk [Monster Rancher],
Disrupt [Monster Rancher],
Dixie (Pixie x Dino) [Monster Rancher],
Dixie (Pixie x Zuum) [Monster Rancher],
Dodongo [Monster Rancher],
Dokoo [Monster Rancher],
Dolaine [Monster Rancher],
Dominos [Monster Rancher],
Doodle [Monster Rancher],
Draco Doll [Monster Rancher],
Draco Hopper [Monster Rancher],
Draco Kato [Monster Rancher],
Draco Mocchi [Monster Rancher],
Draco Moch [Monster Rancher],
Dragon [Monster Rancher],
Dragoon [Monster Rancher],
Drarin [Monster Rancher],
Dribbler [Monster Rancher],
Drill [Monster Rancher],
Drill Mocchi [Monster Rancher],
Drill Tusk [Monster Rancher],
Drimole [Monster Rancher],
Drivi Dillo [Monster Rancher],
Dryad [Monster Rancher],
Duck Fever [Monster Rancher],
Ducken [Monster Rancher],
Ducklon [Monster Rancher],
Durahan [Monster Rancher],
Eagle King [Monster Rancher],
Eared Mew [Monster Rancher],
Earth Keeper [Monster Rancher],
Ebony [Monster Rancher],
Echo [Monster Rancher],
Ecologia [Monster Rancher],
Ecologuardia [Monster Rancher],
Edgehog [Monster Rancher],
Edgy [Monster Rancher],
Eega [Monster Rancher],
Egg Plantern [Monster Rancher],
Electrieel [Monster Rancher],
Emerald Eye [Monster Rancher],
End Bringer [Monster Rancher],
Eval [Monster Rancher],
Eve [Monster Rancher],
Evil Beak [Monster Rancher],
Evil Fish [Monster Rancher],
Evil Hare [Monster Rancher],
Express Worm [Monster Rancher],
Eye Fan [Monster Rancher],
Eye Guy [Monster Rancher],
Eye Jell [Monster Rancher],
Eye Worm [Monster Rancher],
Eyebee [Monster Rancher],
Faerilina [Monster Rancher],
Fairy Hare [Monster Rancher],
Fairy Hopper [Monster Rancher],
Fairy Saurian [Monster Rancher],
Fake Graphiti [Monster Rancher],
Fake Penguin [Monster Rancher],
Falcolan [Monster Rancher],
Fang [Monster Rancher],
Fanged Mask [Monster Rancher],
Fantuger [Monster Rancher],
Farn [Monster Rancher],
Fay [Monster Rancher],
Fencer [Monster Rancher],
Fenril [Monster Rancher],
Ferious [Monster Rancher],
Flamingo [Monster Rancher],
Flare Death [Monster Rancher],
Flazer [Monster Rancher],
Fleece [Monster Rancher],
Flower Worm [Monster Rancher],
Fly Eye [Monster Rancher],
Fly Plant [Monster Rancher],
Folkes [Monster Rancher],
Forestra [Monster Rancher],
Forward Golem [Monster Rancher],
Four Eyed [Monster Rancher],
Freebird [Monster Rancher],
Frog Hopper [Monster Rancher],
Frost [Monster Rancher],
Frozen Gaboo [Monster Rancher],
Fukazo [Monster Rancher],
Fukazukin [Monster Rancher],
Funbaba [Monster Rancher],
Furred Mask [Monster Rancher],
Furred Suezo [Monster Rancher],
Furred Wall [Monster Rancher],
Futorunner [Monster Rancher],
Futurity [Monster Rancher],
Gaboo [Monster Rancher],
Gaboo Soldier [Monster Rancher],
Gadgeter G [Monster Rancher],
Gaia [Monster Rancher],
Galaxy [Monster Rancher],
Gali [Monster Rancher],
Galion [Monster Rancher],
Galirous [Monster Rancher],
Gallop [Monster Rancher],
Galloptan [Monster Rancher],
Galooda [Monster Rancher],
Galum [Monster Rancher],
Gamba [Monster Rancher],
Game Probot [Monster Rancher],
Gamer [Monster Rancher],
Gangster [Monster Rancher],
Gara [Monster Rancher],
Gargoyle [Monster Rancher],
Gariel [Monster Rancher],
Garlant [Monster Rancher],
Garu [Monster Rancher],
Garuda [Monster Rancher],
Garum [Monster Rancher],
Gattcha Rin [Monster Rancher],
Gecko [Monster Rancher],
Geisha [Monster Rancher],
Gelatine [Monster Rancher],
Genocider [Monster Rancher],
GentleMocchi [Monster Rancher],
George [Monster Rancher],
Ghars [Monster Rancher],
Ghost [Monster Rancher],
Gia [Monster Rancher],
Gibberer [Monster Rancher],
Gidras [Monster Rancher],
Giga Bio [Monster Rancher],
Giga Pint [Monster Rancher],
Gigalon [Monster Rancher],
Gil [Monster Rancher],
Giliant [Monster Rancher],
Gilolitan [Monster Rancher],
Gingie [Monster Rancher],
Gitan [Monster Rancher],
Gizumocchi [Monster Rancher],
Glacier [Monster Rancher],
Gobi [Monster Rancher],
Goku [Monster Rancher],
Gold Dust [Monster Rancher],
Gold Plant [Monster Rancher],
Gold Suezo [Monster Rancher],
Goldie [Monster Rancher],
Goldy [Monster Rancher],
Golem [Monster Rancher],
Gontar [Monster Rancher],
Gooaall! [Monster Rancher],
Good Guy [Monster Rancher],
Gooji [Monster Rancher],
Gordish [Monster Rancher],
Granity [Monster Rancher],
Grapa Duck [Monster Rancher],
Grape [Monster Rancher],
Grapie [Monster Rancher],
Gray Wolf [Monster Rancher],
Great Ape [Monster Rancher],
Green Suezo [Monster Rancher],
Griffonite [Monster Rancher],
Grindink [Monster Rancher],
Griphyon [Monster Rancher],
Groomy [Monster Rancher],
Groucho [Monster Rancher],
Guan Yu Duck [Monster Rancher],
Gun Bits [Monster Rancher],
Gunbitt [Monster Rancher],
Guy [Monster Rancher],
Gyoruna [Monster Rancher],
Hachiro [Monster Rancher],
HakTak [Monster Rancher],
Halloween [Monster Rancher],
Happy Mask [Monster Rancher],
Hare [Monster Rancher],
Hare Hound [Monster Rancher],
Hare Plant [Monster Rancher],
Hell Heart [Monster Rancher],
Hell Pierrot [Monster Rancher],
Helm Hound [Monster Rancher],
Hengar [Monster Rancher],
Henger [Monster Rancher],
Henger Doll [Monster Rancher],
Hercules [Monster Rancher],
Hermes [Monster Rancher],
Heuy [Monster Rancher],
Hibis [Monster Rancher],
Higante [Monster Rancher],
High Roller [Monster Rancher],
Highlander [Monster Rancher],
Hince [Monster Rancher],
Hip Mew [Monster Rancher],
Hippopo Chaos [Monster Rancher],
Hipzo [Monster Rancher],
Holly [Monster Rancher],
Homura [Monster Rancher],
Hopper [Monster Rancher],
Horn [Monster Rancher],
Hornie [Monster Rancher],
Hot Foot [Monster Rancher],
Hotrod [Monster Rancher],
Hound Dragon [Monster Rancher],
Hound Knight [Monster Rancher],
Hound Saurian [Monster Rancher],
Howl Zapper [Monster Rancher],
Husky Gill [Monster Rancher],
Ice Candy [Monster Rancher],
Ice Man [Monster Rancher],
Icebergy [Monster Rancher],
Icy [Monster Rancher],
Icy Jell [Monster Rancher],
Iris [Monster Rancher],
Ivory Wall [Monster Rancher],
Izuna [Monster Rancher],
Jaba [Monster Rancher],
Jackoranta [Monster Rancher],
Jagd Hound [Monster Rancher],
Jaggernaut [Monster Rancher],
Jaguarbeat [Monster Rancher],
Jail Keeper [Monster Rancher],
Janne [Monster Rancher],
Jaques [Monster Rancher],
Jarod [Monster Rancher],
Jelaydon [Monster Rancher],
Jell [Monster Rancher],
Jello [Monster Rancher],
Jelly Gaboo [Monster Rancher],
Jelly Hare [Monster Rancher],
Jelly Hound [Monster Rancher],
Jelly Saurian [Monster Rancher],
Jelly Worm [Monster Rancher],
Jet [Monster Rancher],
Jihad [Monster Rancher],
Jill [Monster Rancher],
Jilt [Monster Rancher],
Jinnee [Monster Rancher],
Joker [Monster Rancher],
Junger [Monster Rancher],
Jungler [Monster Rancher],
Jupiter [Monster Rancher],
Jura Wall (Monol x Dino) [Monster Rancher],
Jura Wall (Monol x Zuum) [Monster Rancher],
Kaduka [Monster Rancher],
Kagemusha [Monster Rancher],
Kagura [Monster Rancher],
KaKao [Monster Rancher],
Kamui [Monster Rancher],
Kapukkoro [Monster Rancher],
Karakaraken (Karakarakkung) [Monster Rancher],
Karioke [Monster Rancher],
Karone [Monster Rancher],
Kasumi [Monster Rancher],
Kato [Monster Rancher],
Kaut Roar Kaut [Monster Rancher],
Kelmadics [Monster Rancher],
Kelp [Monster Rancher],
KiKi [Monster Rancher],
King Ape [Monster Rancher],
King Tut Duck [Monster Rancher],
Kirin [Monster Rancher],
Kitten [Monster Rancher],
Knight Mocchi [Monster Rancher],
Knight Niton [Monster Rancher],
Kokushi Muso [Monster Rancher],
Konta [Monster Rancher],
Koro Ball [Monster Rancher],
Koro Helmets [Monster Rancher],
Koro Koroller [Monster Rancher],
Koron Cho [Monster Rancher],
Koronit [Monster Rancher],
Kuma [Monster Rancher],
Kung Fu Hare [Monster Rancher],
Kuririn [Monster Rancher],
Kuro [Monster Rancher],
Lafreshitan [Monster Rancher],
Laguna [Monster Rancher],
Lava [Monster Rancher],
Lava Lessie [Monster Rancher],
Leaf Hare [Monster Rancher],
Leafy [Monster Rancher],
Lepus [Monster Rancher],
Lesione [Monster Rancher],
Lesziena [Monster Rancher],
Lexus [Monster Rancher],
Leziena [Monster Rancher],
Lidee [Monster Rancher],
Lilim [Monster Rancher],
Lion Koro [Monster Rancher],
Liper [Monster Rancher],
Liquid Cube [Monster Rancher],
Locomotive [Monster Rancher],
Log Sawer [Monster Rancher],
Looker [Monster Rancher],
Lorica [Monster Rancher],
Love Seeker [Monster Rancher],
Lovey [Monster Rancher],
Macchu Picchu [Monster Rancher],
Mad Gaboo [Monster Rancher],
Madillo [Monster Rancher],
Mage [Monster Rancher],
Magi [Monster Rancher],
Magic [Monster Rancher],
Magic Bajarl [Monster Rancher],
Magma [Monster Rancher],
Magma Heart [Monster Rancher],
Magmax [Monster Rancher],
Magna [Monster Rancher],
Magnet [Monster Rancher],
Mahjong Koro [Monster Rancher],
Maigon [Monster Rancher],
Mail Ripper [Monster Rancher],
Malinca Rin [Monster Rancher],
Mama Nya [Monster Rancher],
Mandrake [Monster Rancher],
Manna [Monster Rancher],
Marble [Monster Rancher],
Marble Guy [Monster Rancher],
Marimba [Monster Rancher],
Mariomax [Monster Rancher],
Masala [Monster Rancher],
Mask Worm [Monster Rancher],
Master Pabs [Monster Rancher],
Maturi Dragon [Monster Rancher],
Melcarba [Monster Rancher],
Mellon Cho [Monster Rancher],
Melon [Monster Rancher],
Melon Suezo [Monster Rancher],
Merma Garu [Monster Rancher],
Mermaid [Monster Rancher],
Merman [Monster Rancher],
Messiah [Monster Rancher],
Metal Glay [Monster Rancher],
Metal Glory [Monster Rancher],
Metal Jell [Monster Rancher],
Metal Shell [Monster Rancher],
Metalhead [Monster Rancher],
Metalner [Monster Rancher],
Metazorl [Monster Rancher],
Mew [Monster Rancher],
MewKiri [Monster Rancher],
Mewsneak [Monster Rancher],
Mia [Monster Rancher],
Mik Mew [Monster Rancher],
Miku [Monster Rancher],
Milky Way [Monster Rancher],
Mini [Monster Rancher],
Mini Ogre Koro [Monster Rancher],
Mint [Monster Rancher],
Mirage Plant [Monster Rancher],
Mischief [Monster Rancher],
Moaigon [Monster Rancher],
Mocchi [Monster Rancher],
Mocchi Saurus [Monster Rancher],
Mocchini [Monster Rancher],
Mochi Garu [Monster Rancher],
Mochi Lips [Monster Rancher],
Mochi Mew [Monster Rancher],
Mochi Monk [Monster Rancher],
Mochi Plant [Monster Rancher],
Mock [Monster Rancher],
Mocky [Monster Rancher],
Mogi [Monster Rancher],
Momo [Monster Rancher],
Mono Eye [Monster Rancher],
Mono Eyed [Monster Rancher],
Monol [Monster Rancher],
Moo [Monster Rancher],
Moose [Monster Rancher],
Mopsy [Monster Rancher],
Moztan [Monster Rancher],
Mr. Fujiyama [Monster Rancher],
Muchi [Monster Rancher],
Muddy Jell [Monster Rancher],
Mum Mew [Monster Rancher],
Munitan [Monster Rancher],
Munlee [Monster Rancher],
Mushtan [Monster Rancher],
Mustachios [Monster Rancher],
Mustard [Monster Rancher],
Mustard Arrow [Monster Rancher],
Mustardy [Monster Rancher],
Naga [Monster Rancher],
Naga Saurian [Monster Rancher],
Nagisa [Monster Rancher],
Naji [Monster Rancher],
Naskaova [Monster Rancher],
Neon [Monster Rancher],
New Leaf [Monster Rancher],
Niezheg [Monster Rancher],
Night Flyer [Monster Rancher],
Night Sickle [Monster Rancher],
Nightfang [Monster Rancher],
Ninja Kato [Monster Rancher],
Niton [Monster Rancher],
Noble Jell [Monster Rancher],
Noble Saurian [Monster Rancher],
Noro [Monster Rancher],
Nussie [Monster Rancher],
Nya [Monster Rancher],
Nyamix [Monster Rancher],
Nyankoro [Monster Rancher],
Nycta [Monster Rancher],
Nymph [Monster Rancher],
Obelisk [Monster Rancher],
Obor [Monster Rancher],
Octomee [Monster Rancher],
Octopee [Monster Rancher],
Odium [Monster Rancher],
Offshore [Monster Rancher],
Ogyo [Monster Rancher],
Oh [Monster Rancher],
Omega (Henger x Dino) [Monster Rancher],
Omega (Henger x Zuum) [Monster Rancher],
Omen [Monster Rancher],
OP Mocchi [Monster Rancher],
Orion [Monster Rancher],
Osaka Knight [Monster Rancher],
Oscerot [Monster Rancher],
Owl Beard [Monster Rancher],
Owl Den [Monster Rancher],
Owl Mochi [Monster Rancher],
Pan Quiche [Monster Rancher],
Pancho [Monster Rancher],
Pandi Baku [Monster Rancher],
Papad [Monster Rancher],
Parasarian [Monster Rancher],
Peach Dillo [Monster Rancher],
Peach Rin [Monster Rancher],
Peach Tree Bug [Monster Rancher],
Peacocken [Monster Rancher],
Pebbly [Monster Rancher],
Pengimochi [Monster Rancher],
Pepe [Monster Rancher],
Petit Knight [Monster Rancher],
Petraden [Monster Rancher],
Pharo Eye [Monster Rancher],
Phoenix [Monster Rancher],
Pierry [Monster Rancher],
Pink Eye [Monster Rancher],
Pink Golem [Monster Rancher],
Pink Hopper [Monster Rancher],
Pink Jam [Monster Rancher],
Pink Kato [Monster Rancher],
Pink Mask [Monster Rancher],
Pink Princess [Monster Rancher],
Pink Zilla [Monster Rancher],
Pipo Ape [Monster Rancher],
Pirahnikoro [Monster Rancher],
Pirate Ape [Monster Rancher],
Pithecan [Monster Rancher],
Pixel [Monster Rancher],
Pixie [Monster Rancher],
Pixie/Mocci [Monster Rancher],
Planet [Monster Rancher],
Plant [Monster Rancher],
Plated Arrow [Monster Rancher],
Platinum [Monster Rancher],
Plauna [Monster Rancher],
Player [Monster Rancher],
Pod Dog [Monster Rancher],
Poison [Monster Rancher],
Pole Mock [Monster Rancher],
Pong Pong [Monster Rancher],
Poseidon [Monster Rancher],
Pressure [Monster Rancher],
Priarocks [Monster Rancher],
Prince [Monster Rancher],
Prince Hare [Monster Rancher],
Princess Koro [Monster Rancher],
Prism [Monster Rancher],
Proto [Monster Rancher],
Proto Ant [Monster Rancher],
Psiroller [Monster Rancher],
Psirow [Monster Rancher],
Psy Mew [Monster Rancher],
Pteraden [Monster Rancher],
Puddinggel [Monster Rancher],
Pull Worm [Monster Rancher],
Pulsar [Monster Rancher],
Pulscorn [Monster Rancher],
Pumpki Duck [Monster Rancher],
Pumpki Plant [Monster Rancher],
Pumpkimochi [Monster Rancher],
Punisher [Monster Rancher],
Puppy Koro [Monster Rancher],
Purple Hare [Monster Rancher],
Purple Jell [Monster Rancher],
Purple Mask [Monster Rancher],
Purple Suezo [Monster Rancher],
Purple Worm [Monster Rancher],
Putaranoden [Monster Rancher],
Queen Plant [Monster Rancher],
Queen Roller [Monster Rancher],
Quintie [Monster Rancher],
Rabbi Rin [Monster Rancher],
Radar [Monster Rancher],
Radial [Monster Rancher],
Radial Niton [Monster Rancher],
Rage Rock [Monster Rancher],
Raggae Plant [Monster Rancher],
Ragnaroks [Monster Rancher],
Raiden [Monster Rancher],
Raiducken [Monster Rancher],
Rainbow [Monster Rancher],
Ramuna [Monster Rancher],
Ray [Monster Rancher],
Ray (Zan x Lesione) [Monster Rancher],
Rayrin [Monster Rancher],
Reaper [Monster Rancher],
Rear Eyed [Monster Rancher],
Red Burn [Monster Rancher],
Red Eye [Monster Rancher],
Red Hot Baku [Monster Rancher],
Red Shorts Ape [Monster Rancher],
Red Worm [Monster Rancher],
Reformer [Monster Rancher],
Regal [Monster Rancher],
Renocraft [Monster Rancher],
Rhino Tank [Monster Rancher],
Rhinorhine [Monster Rancher],
Rhinoroller [Monster Rancher],
Rinka [Monster Rancher],
Rinocerous [Monster Rancher],
Ripper [Monster Rancher],
Ripper (Naga x Pixie) [Monster Rancher],
Ripper Slime [Monster Rancher],
Robo [Monster Rancher],
Rock Ape [Monster Rancher],
Rock Bush [Monster Rancher],
Rock Dragon [Monster Rancher],
Rock Hound [Monster Rancher],
Rock Plant [Monster Rancher],
Rock Saurian [Monster Rancher],
Rock Worm [Monster Rancher],
Rocklon [Monster Rancher],
Rockn Roller [Monster Rancher],
Rockton [Monster Rancher],
Rocky [Monster Rancher],
Rocky Fur [Monster Rancher],
Rocky Suezo [Monster Rancher],
Rollbeat [Monster Rancher],
Romper Wall [Monster Rancher],
Ropa [Monster Rancher],
Roseo Cobra [Monster Rancher],
Rover [Monster Rancher],
Rubberabby [Monster Rancher],
Ruby Knight [Monster Rancher],
Ryga Roller [Monster Rancher],
Ryoku [Monster Rancher],
Ryulon [Monster Rancher],
Saga [Monster Rancher],
Salamander [Monster Rancher],
Sam [Monster Rancher],
Samura Rin [Monster Rancher],
Sand Golem [Monster Rancher],
Sand Saurian [Monster Rancher],
Sandlessie [Monster Rancher],
Sandy [Monster Rancher],
Santa [Monster Rancher],
Sapphire [Monster Rancher],
Satan Clause [Monster Rancher],
Scaled Golem [Monster Rancher],
Scaled Hare [Monster Rancher],
Scaled Jell [Monster Rancher],
Scaled Mask [Monster Rancher],
Scaled Plant [Monster Rancher],
Scaled Worm [Monster Rancher],
Scaler [Monster Rancher],
Scales [Monster Rancher],
Scalie [Monster Rancher],
Scarapio [Monster Rancher],
Scorpi [Monster Rancher],
Scribble [Monster Rancher],
Selketo [Monster Rancher],
Seniorin [Monster Rancher],
Serene [Monster Rancher],
Serenity [Monster Rancher],
Shades [Monster Rancher],
Shadow [Monster Rancher],
Shanx [Monster Rancher],
Sharly [Monster Rancher],
Shel [Monster Rancher],
Shell Saurian [Monster Rancher],
Shellincho [Monster Rancher],
Shidao [Monster Rancher],
Shin [Monster Rancher],
Shishi [Monster Rancher],
Shogun [Monster Rancher],
Shogun Mogi [Monster Rancher],
Shon Mask [Monster Rancher],
Shrub [Monster Rancher],
Silhouette [Monster Rancher],
Silver Face [Monster Rancher],
Silver Suezo [Monster Rancher],
Siren [Monster Rancher],
Skele Plant [Monster Rancher],
Skeleton [Monster Rancher],
Sketch [Monster Rancher],
Skipper [Monster Rancher],
Skull Capped [Monster Rancher],
Skull Mew [Monster Rancher],
Skunk Roller [Monster Rancher],
Sky [Monster Rancher],
Skyhorn [Monster Rancher],
Slash [Monster Rancher],
Sleaves [Monster Rancher],
Sloth Beetle [Monster Rancher],
Smiley [Monster Rancher],
Sneak Hopper [Monster Rancher],
Sniper [Monster Rancher],
Snow Hopper [Monster Rancher],
Snowy [Monster Rancher],
Sobo [Monster Rancher],
Soboros [Monster Rancher],
Sodacchi [Monster Rancher],
Spinner [Monster Rancher],
Sponge [Monster Rancher],
Spot [Monster Rancher],
Spot Saurian [Monster Rancher],
Springer [Monster Rancher],
Spyhare [Monster Rancher],
Stinger (Naga x Dino) [Monster Rancher],
Stinger (Naga x Zuum) [Monster Rancher],
Stone Ape [Monster Rancher],
Stone Dragon [Monster Rancher],
Stone Mask [Monster Rancher],
Stoner [Monster Rancher],
Striker [Monster Rancher],
Stripe [Monster Rancher],
Stripe Shell [Monster Rancher],
Strong Horn [Monster Rancher],
Style [Monster Rancher],
Succhi [Monster Rancher],
Sueki Suezo [Monster Rancher],
Sueko [Monster Rancher],
Suezo [Monster Rancher],
Suezo Mask [Monster Rancher],
Sumopion [Monster Rancher],
Surfana [Monster Rancher],
Suzuri Cho [Monster Rancher],
Suzurin [Monster Rancher],
Swimmer [Monster Rancher],
Tainted Cat [Monster Rancher],
Tank [Monster Rancher],
Tanklon 2 [Monster Rancher],
Tanmarin [Monster Rancher],
Tasman [Monster Rancher],
Tecno Dragon [Monster Rancher],
Teddy [Monster Rancher],
Terror Dog [Monster Rancher],
Tesca [Monster Rancher],
Tetra [Monster Rancher],
Tiamat [Monster Rancher],
Ticken [Monster Rancher],
Tiger [Monster Rancher],
Time Noise [Monster Rancher],
Titan [Monster Rancher],
Tobita [Monster Rancher],
Tokunbokun [Monster Rancher],
Tombstone [Monster Rancher],
Toothy [Monster Rancher],
Tortboy [Monster Rancher],
Toto [Monster Rancher],
Traffi Koro [Monster Rancher],
Tram [Monster Rancher],
Tri Eye [Monster Rancher],
Tri-gai [Monster Rancher],
Tricker [Monster Rancher],
Trident [Monster Rancher],
Trojan [Monster Rancher],
Tropical Ape [Monster Rancher],
Tropical Dog [Monster Rancher],
Trotter [Monster Rancher],
Tubby [Monster Rancher],
Tumu Dillo [Monster Rancher],
Two-Tone [Monster Rancher],
Tyrant [Monster Rancher],
Ultrarl [Monster Rancher],
Undine [Monster Rancher],
Undine (Pixie x Lesione) [Monster Rancher],
Unico [Monster Rancher],
Usaba (Plant x Suezo) [Monster Rancher],
Usaba (Plant x Worm) [Monster Rancher],
Valentino [Monster Rancher],
Valkyrie [Monster Rancher],
Vanity [Monster Rancher],
Velvet [Monster Rancher],
Verde [Monster Rancher],
Versailline [Monster Rancher],
Vesuvius [Monster Rancher],
Viper [Monster Rancher],
Vivaroller [Monster Rancher],
Vixen [Monster Rancher],
Wall Mimic [Monster Rancher],
War Baku [Monster Rancher],
Warabi [Monster Rancher],
Warrior [Monster Rancher],
Watermelony [Monster Rancher],
Weeds [Monster Rancher],
White Birch [Monster Rancher],
White Hound [Monster Rancher],
White Mocchi [Monster Rancher],
White Suezo [Monster Rancher],
Wild Hare [Monster Rancher],
Wild Saurian [Monster Rancher],
Wild West Naga [Monster Rancher],
Windine [Monster Rancher],
Windukkung [Monster Rancher],
Wing Worm [Monster Rancher],
Wizring [Monster Rancher],
Wolfie [Monster Rancher],
Wondar [Monster Rancher],
Wood Golem [Monster Rancher],
Wood Knight [Monster Rancher],
Wood Saurian [Monster Rancher],
Woody [Monster Rancher],
Woody Hopper [Monster Rancher],
Worm [Monster Rancher],
Worm Jell [Monster Rancher],
Wracky [Monster Rancher],
Wyola [Monster Rancher],
Yakuto [Monster Rancher],
Yuma [Monster Rancher],
Yuppee [Monster Rancher],
Zabel [Monster Rancher],
Zan [Monster Rancher],
Zanzo [Monster Rancher],
Zebra Saurian [Monster Rancher],
Zest [Monster Rancher],
Zilla [Monster Rancher],
Zilla King [Monster Rancher],
Zombie [Monster Rancher],
Zoom [Monster Rancher],
Zorjil [Monster Rancher],
Zuum [Monster Rancher],

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