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List of Video Game Characters in Monster Hunter Franchise
Abyssal Lagiacrus [Monster Hunter],
Agnaktor [Monster Hunter],
Akantor [Monster Hunter],
Altareon [Monster Hunter],
Altaroth [Monster Hunter],
Anteka [Monster Hunter],
Apceros [Monster Hunter],
Aptonoth [Monster Hunter],
Arzuros [Monster Hunter],
Ash Kecha Wacha [Monster Hunter],
Ashen Lao-Shan Lung [Monster Hunter],
Astalos [Monster Hunter],
Azure Rathalos [Monster Hunter],
Baggi [Monster Hunter],
Barioth [Monster Hunter],
Barroth [Monster Hunter],
Basarios [Monster Hunter],
Black Diablos [Monster Hunter],
Black Gravios [Monster Hunter],
Blagonga [Monster Hunter],
Blango [Monster Hunter],
Blangonga [Monster Hunter],
Blue Yian Kut-Ku [Monster Hunter],
Bnahabra [Monster Hunter],
Brute Tigrex [Monster Hunter],
Bulldrome [Monster Hunter],
Bullfango [Monster Hunter],
Caravaneer [Monster Hunter],
Ceadeus [Monster Hunter],
Ceanataur [Monster Hunter],
Cephadrome [Monster Hunter],
Cephalos [Monster Hunter],
Chameleos [Monster Hunter],
Conga [Monster Hunter],
Congalala [Monster Hunter],
Copper Blangonga [Monster Hunter],
Crimson Fatalis [Monster Hunter],
Daimyo Hermitaur [Monster Hunter],
Dalamadur [Monster Hunter],
Delex [Monster Hunter],
Desert Seltas [Monster Hunter],
Diablos [Monster Hunter],
Dire Miralis [Monster Hunter],
Duramboros [Monster Hunter],
Emerald Congalala [Monster Hunter],
Epioth [Monster Hunter],
Fatalis [Monster Hunter],
Felyne [Monster Hunter],
Gammoth [Monster Hunter],
Gargwa [Monster Hunter],
Gendrome [Monster Hunter],
Genprey [Monster Hunter],
Giadrome [Monster Hunter],
Giaprey [Monster Hunter],
Giggi [Monster Hunter],
Gigginox [Monster Hunter],
Glavenus [Monster Hunter],
Gobul [Monster Hunter],
Gold Rathian [Monster Hunter],
Goldbeard Ceadeus [Monster Hunter],
Gravios [Monster Hunter],
Great Baggi [Monster Hunter],
Great Jaggi [Monster Hunter],
Great Thunderbug [Monster Hunter],
Green Plesioth [Monster Hunter],
Gypceros [Monster Hunter],
Hallowed Jhen Mohran [Monster Hunter],
Hermitaur [Monster Hunter],
Hornetaur [Monster Hunter],
Hypnocatrice [Monster Hunter],
Iodrome [Monster Hunter],
Ioprey [Monster Hunter],
Ivory Lagiacrus [Monster Hunter],
Jhen Mohran [Monster Hunter],
Kecha Wacha [Monster Hunter],
Kelbi [Monster Hunter],
Khezu [Monster Hunter],
King Shakalaka [Monster Hunter],
Kirin [Monster Hunter],
Kushala Daora [Monster Hunter],
Lagiacrus [Monster Hunter],
Lao-Shan Lung [Monster Hunter],
Lavasioth [Monster Hunter],
Lucent Nargacuga [Monster Hunter],
Ludroth [Monster Hunter],
Lunastra [Monster Hunter],
Maccao [Monster Hunter],
Malfestio [Monster Hunter],
Melynx [Monster Hunter],
Mizutsune [Monster Hunter],
Molten Tigrex [Monster Hunter],
Monoblos [Monster Hunter],
Mosswine [Monster Hunter],
Najarala [Monster Hunter],
Nakarkos [Monster Hunter],
Nargacuga [Monster Hunter],
Nerscylla [Monster Hunter],
Nibelsnarf [Monster Hunter],
Oroshi Kirin [Monster Hunter],
Pink Rathian [Monster Hunter],
Plesioth [Monster Hunter],
Plum Daimyo Hermitaur [Monster Hunter],
Popo [Monster Hunter],
Purple Gypceros [Monster Hunter],
Purple Ludroth [Monster Hunter],
Queen Vespoid [Monster Hunter],
Qurupeco [Monster Hunter],
Rajang [Monster Hunter],
Rathalos [Monster Hunter],
Rathian [Monster Hunter],
Red Khezu [Monster Hunter],
Remobra [Monster Hunter],
Rhenoplos [Monster Hunter],
Rust Duramboros [Monster Hunter],
Rusted Kushala Daora [Monster Hunter],
Savage Deviljho [Monster Hunter],
Seltas [Monster Hunter],
Seltas Queen [Monster Hunter],
Seregios [Monster Hunter],
Shagaru Magala [Monster Hunter],
Shah Dalamadur [Monster Hunter],
Shakalaka [Monster Hunter],
Shen Gaoren [Monster Hunter],
Shogun Ceanataur [Monster Hunter],
Silver Rathalos [Monster Hunter],
Slagtoth [Monster Hunter],
Sophia [Monster Hunter],
Stygian Zinogre [Monster Hunter],
Teostra [Monster Hunter],
Terra Shogun Ceanataur [Monster Hunter],
Tetsucabra [Monster Hunter],
Tigrex [Monster Hunter],
Trenya [Monster Hunter],
Ukanlos [Monster Hunter],
Uragaan [Monster Hunter],
Uroktor [Monster Hunter],
Velocidrome [Monster Hunter],
Velociprey [Monster Hunter],
Vespoid [Monster Hunter],
Volvidon [Monster Hunter],
White Fatalis [Monster Hunter],
White Monoblos [Monster Hunter],
Wroggi [Monster Hunter],
Yama Tsukami [Monster Hunter],
Yian Garuga [Monster Hunter],
Yian Kut Ku [Monster Hunter],
Zamite [Monster Hunter],
Zamtrios [Monster Hunter],

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