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List of Video Game Characters in Metroid Franchise
A-Voq [Metroid],
Adam Malkovich [Metroid],
Anthony Higgs [Metroid],
Arachnus [Metroid],
Dark Samus [Metroid],
Deorem [Metroid],
Emperor Ing [Metroid],
Ensnared Kiru Giru [Metroid],
Flaahgra [Metroid],
Gandrayda [Metroid],
Ghor [Metroid],
Hive Mecha [Metroid],
I-Sha [Metroid],
Imago [Metroid],
Incinerator Drone [Metroid],
Jump Guardian [Metroid],
Kraid [Metroid],
Madeline Bergman [Metroid],
Metroid Hatchling [Metroid],
Metroid Prime [Metroid],
Metroid Queen [Metroid],
Mua [Metroid],
Nightmare [Metroid],
O-Lir [Metroid],
Omega Metroid [Metroid],
Omega Pirate [Metroid],
Parasite Queen [Metroid],
Plated Beetle [Metroid],
Quadraxis [Metroid],
Reo [Metroid],
Ridley [Metroid],
Ridley [Metroid],
Rundas [Metroid],
SA-X [Metroid],
Samus Aran [Metroid],
Skree [Metroid],
Spider Guardian [Metroid],
Thardus [Metroid],
U-Mos [Metroid],
X Parasite [Metroid],
Zero Suit Samus [Metroid],
Zoomer [Metroid],

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