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List of Video Game Characters in Metal Gear Franchise
Amanda [Metal Gear],
Big Boss [Metal Gear],
Black Arts Viper [Metal Gear],
Black Ninja [Metal Gear],
Bloody Brad [Metal Gear],
Brian McBride [Metal Gear],
Chico [Metal Gear],
Chris Jenner [Metal Gear],
Colonel Campbell [Metal Gear],
Colonel Volgin [Metal Gear],
Courtney Collins [Metal Gear],
Crying Wolf [Metal Gear],
Cunningham [Metal Gear],
Decoy Octopus [Metal Gear],
Dirty Duck [Metal Gear],
Doktor [Metal Gear],
Donald Anderson [Metal Gear],
Drebin 893 [Metal Gear],
Ed [Metal Gear],
Elisa [Metal Gear],
Ellen Madnar [Metal Gear],
Emma Emmerich [Metal Gear],
EVA [Metal Gear],
Fatman [Metal Gear],
Fire Trooper [Metal Gear],
Fortune [Metal Gear],
Four Horsemen [Metal Gear],
Galvez [Metal Gear],
Gear REX [Metal Gear],
Gene [Metal Gear],
George [Metal Gear],
Gray Fox [Metal Gear],
Gustava Heffner [Metal Gear],
Guy Savage [Metal Gear],
Holly White [Metal Gear],
Hot Coldman [Metal Gear],
Huey Emmerich [Metal Gear],
J. William [Metal Gear],
James Johnson [Metal Gear],
Jim Houseman [Metal Gear],
Jimmy Harks [Metal Gear],
Johnny [Metal Gear],
Johnny Sasaki [Metal Gear],
Jonathan [Metal Gear],
Jonathan [Metal Gear],
Jungle Evil [Metal Gear],
Kenneth Baker [Metal Gear],
Kevin Washington [Metal Gear],
Kio Marv [Metal Gear],
Laughing Octopus [Metal Gear],
Liquid Snake [Metal Gear],
Little Gray [Metal Gear],
Little John [Metal Gear],
Lyndon Johnson [Metal Gear],
Machine Gun Kid [Metal Gear],
Major Zero [Metal Gear],
Marionette Owl [Metal Gear],
Master Miller [Metal Gear],
Mei Ling [Metal Gear],
Meryl Silverburgh [Metal Gear],
Mistral [Metal Gear],
Monsoon [Metal Gear],
N'mani [Metal Gear],
Naomi Hunter [Metal Gear],
Nastasha Romanenko [Metal Gear],
Night Fright [Metal Gear],
Nikita Khrushchev [Metal Gear],
Olga Gurlukovich [Metal Gear],
Otacon [Metal Gear],
Para-Medic [Metal Gear],
Paz [Metal Gear],
Peter Stillman [Metal Gear],
Psycho Mantis [Metal Gear],
Pyro Bison [Metal Gear],
Python [Metal Gear],
Raging Raven [Metal Gear],
Raiden [Metal Gear],
Red Blaster [Metal Gear],
Revolver Ocelot [Metal Gear],
Rosemary [Metal Gear],
Running Man [Metal Gear],
Screaming Mantis [Metal Gear],
Sergei Gurlukovich [Metal Gear],
Shotmaker [Metal Gear],
Sigint [Metal Gear],
Skull Face [Metal Gear],
Slasher Hawk [Metal Gear],
Sniper Wolf [Metal Gear],
Sokolov [Metal Gear],
Solid Snake [Metal Gear],
Solidus Snake [Metal Gear],
Sophie N'dram [Metal Gear],
Steven Armstrong [Metal Gear],
Strangelove [Metal Gear],
Sundowner [Metal Gear],
Sunny Gurlukovich [Metal Gear],
Teliko Friedman [Metal Gear],
The Boss [Metal Gear],
The End [Metal Gear],
The Fear [Metal Gear],
The Fury [Metal Gear],
The Pain [Metal Gear],
The Sorrow [Metal Gear],
Vamp [Metal Gear],
Venom Snake [Metal Gear],
Venus [Metal Gear],
Vulcan Raven [Metal Gear],
Weasel [Metal Gear],

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