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List of Video Game Characters in Mega Man (Rockman) Franchise
100 Watton [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Adhering Suzy [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Agile [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Aile [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Air Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Aircon Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
AirMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Al Ferry [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Alia [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Alien [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Alpha [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Ammonicule [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Ammonicule2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Ammonicule3 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Anko [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Apache Joe [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Appley [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Applez [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Appull [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Aqua Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Arachy [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Arashi Kazefuki [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Arm [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Armadil2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Armadil3 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Armadill [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Ashe [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Astro Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Au-Au [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Auto [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Avalanche Yeti [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Axl [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Axle the Red [Mega Man (Rockman)],
B Bitter [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Ballade [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Bamboo Pandamonium [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Bar Waying [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Bark [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Baryl [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Basher [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Bass [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Bass.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Batabattan [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Battan [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Batton [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Batton Bone [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Batton Bone B81 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Battonton [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Batty [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Beak [Mega Man (Rockman)],
BeastMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Beat [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Beetank [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Beetank2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Beetank3 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Beetle [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Ben K [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Big Eye [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Big Fish [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Big Pets [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Big Snakey [Mega Man (Rockman)],
BigBrute [Mega Man (Rockman)],
BigCragger [Mega Man (Rockman)],
BigHat [Mega Man (Rockman)],
BigHat2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
BigHat3 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
BigSnake [Mega Man (Rockman)],
BigSnake2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
BigSnake3 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Bikky [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Billy [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Biree [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Bit [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Bit Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Blackmare [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Blade Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Blader [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Blast Hornet [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Blast Raster [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Blaster [Mega Man (Rockman)],
BlastMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Blaze Heatnix [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Blazin' Flizard [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Blizzard Buffalo [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Blizzard Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Blizzard Wolfang [Mega Man (Rockman)],
BlizzardMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Blockey [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Blocky [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Bluebeam Trap [Mega Man (Rockman)],
BlueDemon [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Bolton and Nutton [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Bomb Flier [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Bomb Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Bomb Thrown [Mega Man (Rockman)],
BombCorn [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Bomber Pepe [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Bombier [Mega Man (Rockman)],
BombMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Bombombomb [Mega Man (Rockman)],
BomBoy [Mega Man (Rockman)],
BomLab [Mega Man (Rockman)],
BomWrk [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Boobeam Trap [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Boomer [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Bounder [Mega Man (Rockman)],
BowlMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Brain Break [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Breaker [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Bright Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Brown [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Bubble Crab [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Bubble Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
BubbleMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Bubukan [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Bud Bison [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Bunby Heli [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Bunny [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Burn Rooster [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Burner Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Burst Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Buster Rod - G [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Byte [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Cacter [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Cactikil [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Cactroll [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Camon [Mega Man (Rockman)],
CanDevil [Mega Man (Rockman)],
CanDevil2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
CanDevil3 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
CanGuard [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Canlada [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Cannon [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Cannon Driver [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Cannon Joe [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Cannopeller [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Canodumb [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Canodumb2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Canodumb3 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
CanRaid [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Catack [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Cateen [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Catpult [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Centaur Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Champy [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Changkey [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Changkey Maker [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Charge Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
ChargeMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Charlie Airstar [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Chibee [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Childre Inarabitta [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Chill Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Chimpy [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Choker Oh [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Chumpy [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Ciel [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Cinnamon [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Circring Q9 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
CirCrus [Mega Man (Rockman)],
CircusMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
CirKill [Mega Man (Rockman)],
CirSmsh [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Claw [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Cloud Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Cloudier [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Cloudiest [Mega Man (Rockman)],
CloudMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Cloudy [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Clown Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Cocco [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Cockroach Twin [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Cold Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
ColdBear [Mega Man (Rockman)],
ColdBear2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
ColdBear3 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
ColdHead [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Colonel [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Colonel Redips [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Colonel.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
ColorMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Colton [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Commander Yammark [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Commando Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Concrete Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Copy Robot [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Copy X [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Core [Mega Man (Rockman)],
CosmoMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Cossack Catcher [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Coswallown [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Count Bomb [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Count Zap [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Cragger [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Crash Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Crazy Razy [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Croak Hopper [Mega Man (Rockman)],
CRORQ [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Crush Crawfish [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Crystal Joe [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Crystal Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Crystal Snail [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Cubit Foxtar [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Curlinger [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Cut Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
CutMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
CWU-01P [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Cyber Beast Gregar [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Cyber Gabyoall [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Cyber Peacock [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Dachone [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Dachone Ltd. Ed. [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Dada [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Daidine [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Dangan Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Dantz [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Dark Dizzy [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Dark Man 1 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Dark Man 2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Dark Man 3 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Dark Man 4 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Dark Mantis [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Dark Miyabi [Mega Man (Rockman)],
DarkMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Darkmare [Mega Man (Rockman)],
DarkMech [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Death Guardian [Mega Man (Rockman)],
DeathFire [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Deathtanz Mantisk [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Deetle [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Dejira [Mega Man (Rockman)],
DemonEye [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Denise Marmalade [Mega Man (Rockman)],
DesertMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Dex Oyama [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Dharma [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Dingo [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Dive Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
DiveMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Doc Robot [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Docron [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Dogma [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Dominerd [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Dominerd2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Dominerd3 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Dompan [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Doomer [Mega Man (Rockman)],
DoomMech [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Double [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Douglas [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Dr. Cain [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Dr. Cossack [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Dr. Doppler [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Dr. Froid [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Dr. Light [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Dr. Regal [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Dr. Weil [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Dr. Wily [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Draggin [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Draggy [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Draglet [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Drill Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
DrillMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Drixa [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Drixol [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Drixor [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Duff McWhalen [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Duo [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Duo.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Dust Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
DustMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Dyna Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Dynamo [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Dynamo Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
EarthDragon [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Earthrock Trilobyte [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Eddie [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Eleball [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Elebee [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Elec Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Elec'n [Mega Man (Rockman)],
ElecMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
ElecMech [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Electric Gabyoall [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Elegaia [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Eleglobe [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Elehorn [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Elehornet [Mega Man (Rockman)],
ElementMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Elemperor1 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Elemperor2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Elemperor3 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Elemperor4 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Eleogre [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Elesphere [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Elewasp [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Elpizo [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Enker [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Epsilon [Mega Man (Rockman)],
EraseMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Eregion [Mega Man (Rockman)],
ErthJelly [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Escaroo [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Eugene Chaud [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Fanner [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Fanner2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Fanner3 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Fatty [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Fefnir [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Felony [Mega Man (Rockman)],
FighterPlane [Mega Man (Rockman)],
FighterPlane2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
FighterPlane3 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Fire Boy [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Fire Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Fire Telly [Mega Man (Rockman)],
FireMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Fishy [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Fishy2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Fishy3 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Flame Hyenard [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Flame Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Flame Stag [Mega Man (Rockman)],
FlameMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Flamey [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Flappy [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Flappy2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Flappy3 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Flash Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Flashlit [Mega Man (Rockman)],
FlashMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Flashor [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Flashy [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Flea [Mega Man (Rockman)],
flicky [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Floshell [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Fly Boy [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Flying Shell [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Foojeen [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Foot Holder [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Freeze Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
FreezeMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Friender [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Frost Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Frost Walrus [Mega Man (Rockman)],
FullFire [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Fyrefox [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Gabgyo [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Gabyoall [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Gachappon [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Gaia [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Gaia2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Gaia3 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Galaxy Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Gamadayu [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Gamarn [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Gamma [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Gareth [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Garyoby [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Gate [Mega Man (Rockman)],
GateMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Geetle [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Gemini Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
General [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Geo Stelar [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Giant Metall [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Giant Springer [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Gigabolt Man-O-War [Mega Man (Rockman)],
GigaCorn [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Giree [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Glacier le Cactank [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Gloomer [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Glyde.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Gnarly [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Goblin [Mega Man (Rockman)],
GoofBall [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Gorilla Tank [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Gospel.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Graviton [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Gravity Antonion [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Gravity Beetle [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Gravity Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Green Biker Dude [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Green Devil [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Grenade Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Grey [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Grey Devil [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Grizzly Slash [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Ground Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Ground Scaravich [Mega Man (Rockman)],
GroundMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Guardian [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Gunner [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Guts Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Guts Tank [Mega Man (Rockman)],
GutsMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Gyoraibo [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Gyotot [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Gyro Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
GyroMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Haehaey [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Hammer Joe [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Handy [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Handy2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Handy3 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Hard Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
HardHead [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Hari Harry [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Harpuia [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Haruka Hikari [Mega Man (Rockman)],
HauntedCandle [Mega Man (Rockman)],
HauntedCandle2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
HauntedCandle3 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Have 'Su' Bee [Mega Man (Rockman)],
HeadyA [Mega Man (Rockman)],
HeadyH [Mega Man (Rockman)],
HeadyW [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Heat Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
HeatJelly [Mega Man (Rockman)],
HeatMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Heavier [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Heaviest [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Heavy [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Heli Buton [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Helipon [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Hellbat Schilt [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Hellody [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Hideo Kojima [Mega Man (Rockman)],
High Max [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Higsby [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Hirarian 427 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Hologran [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Holograph Mega Mans [Mega Man (Rockman)],
HoneyBomber [Mega Man (Rockman)],
HoneyBomber2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
HoneyBomber3 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Hornet Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Hotchkiss'n [Mega Man (Rockman)],
HotHead [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Hover [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Hover Gunner [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Hyper Storm - H [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Ice Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
IceMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Imorm [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Infinity Mijinion [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Iris [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Irucan [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Isoc [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Item Carrier [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Izzy Glow [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Jamacy [Mega Man (Rockman)],
JapanMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Jasmine [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Jelly [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Jet Bomb [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Jet Buton [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Jet Stingray [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Jewel Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
JokerEye [Mega Man (Rockman)],
JudgeMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Jumbig [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Junk Golem [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Junk Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Jupiter [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Kabatoncue [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Kalinka Cossack [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Kamadoma [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Kamegoro [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Kamegoro Maker [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Kaminari Goro [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Karma [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Katonbyon [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Kerog [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Kettle [Mega Man (Rockman)],
KettleDX [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Kilbo [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Kilbur [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Kilby [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Kill Fisher [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Killer Bomb [Mega Man (Rockman)],
KillerEye [Mega Man (Rockman)],
KillFleur [Mega Man (Rockman)],
KillPlant [Mega Man (Rockman)],
KillWeed [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Killy [Mega Man (Rockman)],
King [Mega Man (Rockman)],
King Poseidon [Mega Man (Rockman)],
KingMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Knight Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
KnightMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Knot Beret B [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Komasaburo [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Komuso Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Kouker Q [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Kukku [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Kyunbyunn [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Ladder Press [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Lan Hikari [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Lark [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Lavagon [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Leviathan [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Lieutenant Raika [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Life Virus [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Lord Wily [Mega Man (Rockman)],
LowBlow [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Luna Platz [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Lyric [Mega Man (Rockman)],
M-422A [Mega Man (Rockman)],
M-445 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
M422A [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Macko [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Mad Bull 97 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Mag Fly [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Magic Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
MagicMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Magma Dragoon [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Magma Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Magmacker [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Magna Centipede [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Magneaker [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Magnet Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
MagnetMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Magnoid [Mega Man (Rockman)],
MagTec+ [Mega Man (Rockman)],
MagTect [Mega Man (Rockman)],
MagTectX [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Mainer [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Mambu [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Mantan [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Marina [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Marinee [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Mars [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Masa [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Mashy [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Master Albert [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Matasaburo [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Mattrex [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Mayl Sakurai [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Mecha Dragon [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Mechakkero [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Mechazaurus [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Meddy.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Mega Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Mega Man Volnutt [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Mega Nest [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Mega Water - S [Mega Man (Rockman)],
MegaBunny [Mega Man (Rockman)],
MegaCorn [Mega Man (Rockman)],
MegalianE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
MegaMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Melody [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Mercury [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Met [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Metal Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Metal Shark Player [Mega Man (Rockman)],
MetalCragger [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Metall Cannon [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Metall Daddy [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Metall Deluxe [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Metall K-1000 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Metall Mommy [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Metall Potton [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Metall Swim [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Metall/Mettaur [Mega Man (Rockman)],
MetalMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Metfire [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Metonger Z [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Metrid [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Metrod [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Metrodo [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Mettaur2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Mettaur3 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
MettaurEX [Mega Man (Rockman)],
MettaurSP [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Middy [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Milko [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Miney [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Miney2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Miney3 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Minoan [Mega Man (Rockman)],
MistMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Miyu [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Mizzile [Mega Man (Rockman)],
MoBlow [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Moby [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Mole [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Molier [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Moloko [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Momogra [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Momogre [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Momogro [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Monking [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Mono Roader [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Morph Moth [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Moshy [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Mosqurito [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Mosqurito2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Mosqurito3 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Mothraya [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Mousubeil [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Mr. Famous [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Mr. Higsby [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Mr. Match [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Ms. Madd [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Ms. Mari [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Mummira [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Mushy [Mega Man (Rockman)],
MuteAnt [Mega Man (Rockman)],
N.O-1 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
N.O-2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
N.O-3 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Nailer [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Nanako [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Napalm Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
NapalmMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Nebula Grey [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Needle Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Needle Press [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Needler [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Neo Metall [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Neon Tiger [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Neptune [Mega Man (Rockman)],
New Shield Attacker [Mega Man (Rockman)],
New Shotman [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Nightmare [Mega Man (Rockman)],
NinJoe [Mega Man (Rockman)],
NinJoy [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Ninky [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Nitro Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Nitron [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Nobita [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Null [Mega Man (Rockman)],
NullAndVoid [Mega Man (Rockman)],
NumberMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Obiiru [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Octon [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Octoper OA [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Octopus Battery [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Octor [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Octovian [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Oil Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
OldBurner [Mega Man (Rockman)],
OldHeater [Mega Man (Rockman)],
OldStove [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Omega [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Omega-Xis [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Optic Sunflower [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Overdrive Ostrich [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Pakatto 24 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Pandeeta [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Pandora [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Parasyu [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Pearl [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Peat [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Pelicanu [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Peng [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Penga [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Pengi [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Pengon [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Penpen [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Penpen Maker [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Pepe [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Peterchy [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Petit Snakey [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Phantom [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Pharaoh Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
PharaohMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Pickelman [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Pickelman Bull [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Picket Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Picopico-kun [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Pierobot [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Pikopiko-Kun [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Pipi [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Piranha [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Piranha2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Piranha3 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Pirate Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
PlanetMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Plant Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
PlantMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Planty [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Plug Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Pluto [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Poitton [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Poitton2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Poitton3 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Pole [Mega Man (Rockman)],
PoofBall [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Pooker [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Popper [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Popper2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Popper3 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Potton [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Power Muscler [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Power Piston [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Power Slam [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Press [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Princess Pride [Mega Man (Rockman)],
ProgMark1 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
ProgMark2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
ProgMark3 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Prometheus [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Propeller Eye [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Proto Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
ProtoMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
PuffBall [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Puffy [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Puffy2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Puffy3 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Pukapelly [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Pukapucker [Mega Man (Rockman)],
PulseBulb [Mega Man (Rockman)],
PulseBulb2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
PulseBulb3 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Pump Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Punk [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Puyoyon [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Quaker [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Quick Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
QuickMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Quint [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Rackaser [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Rainy Turtloid [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Raoul [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Ratton [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Ratty [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Ratty2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Ratty3 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Red [Mega Man (Rockman)],
RedDevil [Mega Man (Rockman)],
RedUFO [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Rembakun [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Returning Monkey [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Ribitta [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Ride Boarski [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Rider Joe [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Rightod [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Ring Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Ring Ring [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Robbit [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Rock Thrown [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Rockman Shadow [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Roll [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Roll.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Rolling Drill [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Rounder [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Rounder II [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Roxette [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Rush [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Rush (program) [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Sabottein [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Sal [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Sasoreenu [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Satella [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Satella2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Satella3 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Saturn [Mega Man (Rockman)],
ScarCrow [Mega Man (Rockman)],
ScarCrow2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
ScarCrow3 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Screw Bomber [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Screwdriver [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Scriver [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Scuttle [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Scuttler [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Scuttlest [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Scuttzer [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Scutz [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Scworm [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Sea Mine [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Sean Obihiro [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Search Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
SearchMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Serenade.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Serges [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Shade Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
ShadeMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Shadow [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Shadow Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
ShadowMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Shaker [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Shark Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
SharkMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Sheep Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
ShellGeek [Mega Man (Rockman)],
ShellMan [Mega Man (Rockman)],
ShellNerd [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Shield Attacker [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Shield Attacker GTR [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Shield Sheldon [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Shigaraky [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Shooter [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Shotman [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Shrimpy [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Shrimpy2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Shrimpy3 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Shrink [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Shrubby [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Shrubby2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Shrubby3 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Signas [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Silly [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Skarab [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Skarry [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Skeleton Joe [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Skelly [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Skull Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Skull Walker [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Skullhead [Mega Man (Rockman)],
SkullMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Skullmet [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Sky Farmer [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Slash Beast [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Slash Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
SlashMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Slimer [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Slimest [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Slimey [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Smasher [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Snake Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
SnakeArm [Mega Man (Rockman)],
SnakeArm2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
SnakeArm3 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
SnakeMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Snipe Anteator [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Sniper [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Sniper Armor [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Sniper Joe [Mega Man (Rockman)],
SnowBlow [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Solar Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Soldier Stonekong [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Sonia Strumm [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Space Metall [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Spark Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Sparkler [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Sparknoid [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Sparky [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Spider [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Spider Core [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Spidy [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Spike Marl [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Spiker [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Spikey [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Spikey2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Spikey3 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Spiky Mk-ll [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Spine [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Spiraly [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Splash Warfly [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Splash Woman [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Split Mushroom [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Spooky [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Spooky2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Spooky3 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
SpoutMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Spring Face Bomb [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Spring Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Springer [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Square Machine [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Squid Adler [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Squidon [Mega Man (Rockman)],
SRU-21/P [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Star Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Starfish [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Starfish2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Starfish3 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Stone Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
StoneMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Storm Owl [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Strike Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Subeil [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Submarine Flier [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Sumatran [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Sunstar [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Super Ball Machine Jr. [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Super Cutter [Mega Man (Rockman)],
SuperKettle [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Suzy G [Mega Man (Rockman)],
SW-525 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Swallown [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Swirly [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Sword Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Swordy [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Swordy2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Swordy3 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Taban [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Tackle Fire [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Tadahou [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Tadashi Hikari [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Taketento [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Tako Trash [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Tama [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Tango [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Tanishi [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Tank CSII [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Tark [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Tatebo [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Tatepakkan [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Teck [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Teckyun [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Tel Tel [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Telly [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Tengu Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
TenguMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Tentoroid [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Tentoroid BS [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Tentoroid RS [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Terra [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Tesla Magnus [Mega Man (Rockman)],
The Skiver [Mega Man (Rockman)],
ThunderDragon [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Thunderman.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Time Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Toad Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
ToadMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Togehero [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Togerics [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Tom Boy [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Tomahawk Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
TomahawkMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Tonboroid S [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Tondeall [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Top Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
TopMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Tora [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Torch Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Tornado Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Tornado Tonion [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Toss Machine [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Totam [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Totem [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Totem Polen [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Totun [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Toxic Seahorse [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Trap Blast [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Trasher [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Treble [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Tretista Kelverian [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Tromby [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Trumpy [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Tuby [Mega Man (Rockman)],
TuffBunny [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Tunnel Rhino [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Turbo Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Tuttle [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Twin Cannon [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Twin Roader [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Twinner [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Twinnest [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Twins [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Twisty [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Twisty2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Twisty3 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Up’n’Down [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Uranus [Mega Man (Rockman)],
V [Mega Man (Rockman)],
VacuumFan [Mega Man (Rockman)],
ValGear [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Vanishing Gungaroo [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Velguarder [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Vent [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Venus [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Viner [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Vinert [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Viney [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Violen [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Void [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Volcaner [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Volcanest [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Volcano [Mega Man (Rockman)],
VolGear [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Volt Catfish [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Volt Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Volteel Biblio [Mega Man (Rockman)],
VulGear [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Waldon [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Walking Bomb [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Wall Blaster [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Wall Blaster 2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Walla [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Walland [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Wanaan [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Watcher [Mega Man (Rockman)],
WaterDragon [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Wave Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Wave Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Weather [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Web Spider [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Webby [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Wheel Gator [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Whirly [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Whomper [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Whopper [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Wily Capsule [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Wily Capsule 2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Wily Machine 1 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Wily Machine 2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Wily Machine 3 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Wily Machine 4 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Wily Machine 5 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Wily Machine 6 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Wily Press [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Wind Crowrang [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Wind Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
WindBox [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Winger [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Wire Sponge [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Wither [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Wonder [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Wood Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
WoodDragon [Mega Man (Rockman)],
WoodMan.EXE [Mega Man (Rockman)],
WuLong [Mega Man (Rockman)],
WuMax [Mega Man (Rockman)],
WuNote [Mega Man (Rockman)],
X Crusher [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Yaffu [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Yahoot [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Yai Ayanokoji [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Yamato Man [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Yambow [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Yart [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Yellow Devil [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Yellow Devil Mark 2 [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Yort [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Yudon [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Yuichiro Hikari [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Yurt [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Zack Temple [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Zemon [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Zhag [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Zomon [Mega Man (Rockman)],
Zymon [Mega Man (Rockman)],

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