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List of Video Game Characters in Kirby Franchise
Acchi [Kirby],
Acro [Kirby],
Adeleine [Kirby],
Ado [Kirby],
Axe knight [Kirby],
Bang-Bang [Kirby],
Big Waddle Dee [Kirby],
Bio Spark [Kirby],
Birdon [Kirby],
Bivolt [Kirby],
Blade knight [Kirby],
Blasto [Kirby],
Blipper [Kirby],
Blockin [Kirby],
Blocky [Kirby],
Blowfish [Kirby],
Bo [Kirby],
Bobo [Kirby],
Bohboh [Kirby],
Bombar [Kirby],
Bomber [Kirby],
Bonehead [Kirby],
Bonkers [Kirby],
Booler [Kirby],
Bouncy [Kirby],
Bounder [Kirby],
Box Boxer [Kirby],
Boxin [Kirby],
Bronto Burt [Kirby],
Broom Hatter [Kirby],
Bubbles [Kirby],
Bugzzy [Kirby],
Bukiset [Kirby],
Bumber [Kirby],
Burnin Leo [Kirby],
Burning Leo [Kirby],
Burnis [Kirby],
Cairn [Kirby],
Cappy [Kirby],
Capsule J [Kirby],
Captain Vul [Kirby],
Chacha [Kirby],
Chameleo Arm [Kirby],
Chef Kawasaki [Kirby],
Chilly [Kirby],
Chip [Kirby],
ChuChu [Kirby],
Chuckie [Kirby],
Claycia [Kirby],
Con [Kirby],
Coner [Kirby],
Coo [Kirby],
Cookin [Kirby],
Cool Spook [Kirby],
crack-tweet [Kirby],
Crazy Hand [Kirby],
Cupie [Kirby],
Dark Crafter [Kirby],
Dark Matter [Kirby],
Dark Mind [Kirby],
Daroach [Kirby],
Dizzy [Kirby],
Doc [Kirby],
Drawcia [Kirby],
Drifter [Kirby],
Drop [Kirby],
Droppy [Kirby],
Dyna Blade [Kirby],
Dyna Chick [Kirby],
Efreeti [Kirby],
Elline [Kirby],
Emp [Kirby],
Fatty Whale [Kirby],
Fire Lion [Kirby],
Fishbone [Kirby],
Flamer [Kirby],
Flapper [Kirby],
Flopper [Kirby],
Flora [Kirby],
Flutter [Kirby],
Foley [Kirby],
Frigis [Kirby],
Gabon [Kirby],
Galacta Knight [Kirby],
Galbo [Kirby],
Ghost Knight [Kirby],
Giant Rocky [Kirby],
Gim [Kirby],
Gip [Kirby],
Glom [Kirby],
Glunk [Kirby],
Gobbler [Kirby],
Gobblin [Kirby],
Gooey [Kirby],
gordo [Kirby],
Grand Wheelie [Kirby],
Grizzo [Kirby],
Hack [Kirby],
Haley [Kirby],
Heavy Knight [Kirby],
Heavy Lobster [Kirby],
Heavy Mole [Kirby],
Hot head [Kirby],
HR-E [Kirby],
HR-H [Kirby],
Hurly [Kirby],
I3 [Kirby],
Ice Dragon [Kirby],
Ignus [Kirby],
Iron Mam [Kirby],
Javelin knight [Kirby],
Jukid [Kirby],
Jungle Bomb [Kirby],
Kaboola [Kirby],
kabu [Kirby],
Kabula [Kirby],
Kacti [Kirby],
Kany [Kirby],
Kapar [Kirby],
Keeby [Kirby],
Keke [Kirby],
Kine [Kirby],
King Dedede [Kirby],
Kirby [Kirby],
Knuckle Joe [Kirby],
Kookler [Kirby],
Kracko [Kirby],
Kracko Jr. [Kirby],
lalala [Kirby],
Laser Ball [Kirby],
Leap [Kirby],
Lololo [Kirby],
Lovely [Kirby],
Mace knight [Kirby],
Magman [Kirby],
Magolor [Kirby],
Magoo [Kirby],
Mahall [Kirby],
Mariel [Kirby],
Marx [Kirby],
Master Green [Kirby],
Maw [Kirby],
Mega Titan [Kirby],
Meta Knight [Kirby],
Metal Guardian [Kirby],
Mic [Kirby],
Miracle Matter [Kirby],
Mirra [Kirby],
Mite [Kirby],
Mopoo [Kirby],
Mr. Bright [Kirby],
Mr. Frosty [Kirby],
Mr. Shine [Kirby],
Mr. Tick Tock [Kirby],
Mrs. Moley [Kirby],
Mumbies [Kirby],
N-Z [Kirby],
Nago [Kirby],
Needlous [Kirby],
Nightmare [Kirby],
Noddy [Kirby],
Noo [Kirby],
Nruff [Kirby],
O2 [Kirby],
Paint Roller [Kirby],
Paint Slime [Kirby],
Pedo [Kirby],
Pengi [Kirby],
Phan Phan [Kirby],
Pitch [Kirby],
Pix [Kirby],
Plasma Wisp [Kirby],
Plugg [Kirby],
Pompey [Kirby],
Pon [Kirby],
Popon [Kirby],
Poppy Bros Sr. [Kirby],
Poppy Bros. Jr [Kirby],
Prank [Kirby],
Propeller [Kirby],
Pteran [Kirby],
Punc [Kirby],
Pupa [Kirby],
Putt [Kirby],
Queen Sectonia [Kirby],
Ribbon [Kirby],
Rick [Kirby],
Rockn [Kirby],
Rocky [Kirby],
Rolling Turtle [Kirby],
Roly-Poly [Kirby],
Sandman [Kirby],
Sasuke [Kirby],
Sawyer [Kirby],
Scarfy [Kirby],
Shadow Kirby [Kirby],
Shooty [Kirby],
Shotzo [Kirby],
Simirror [Kirby],
Sir Kibble [Kirby],
Sir Slippy [Kirby],
Skud [Kirby],
Skullord [Kirby],
Slushy [Kirby],
Snipper [Kirby],
Snooter [Kirby],
Soarar [Kirby],
Spark-i [Kirby],
sparky [Kirby],
Spikey [Kirby],
Spinni [Kirby],
Splinter [Kirby],
Squibby [Kirby],
Squishy [Kirby],
Starman [Kirby],
Storo [Kirby],
Sword knight [Kirby],
T.A.C [Kirby],
Tick [Kirby],
Togezo [Kirby],
Tookey [Kirby],
Trident knight [Kirby],
Turbite [Kirby],
Twister [Kirby],
Twizzy [Kirby],
Two face [Kirby],
UFO [Kirby],
Waddle Dee [Kirby],
Waddle Doo [Kirby],
Walky [Kirby],
Wall Shotzo [Kirby],
wheelie [Kirby],
Whispy Woods [Kirby],
Willy Wisp [Kirby],
Wizzer [Kirby],
Yariko [Kirby],
Zebon [Kirby],
Zero [Kirby],
Zero Two [Kirby],
Zoos [Kirby],

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