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List of Video Game Characters in Kingdom Hearts Franchise
Aeleus [Kingdom Hearts],
Air Soldier [Kingdom Hearts],
Ansem [Kingdom Hearts],
Aqua [Kingdom Hearts],
Aurora [Kingdom Hearts],
Axel [Kingdom Hearts],
Bandit [Kingdom Hearts],
Barrel [Kingdom Hearts],
Barrel Spider [Kingdom Hearts],
Blue Rhapsody [Kingdom Hearts],
Bouncywild [Kingdom Hearts],
Braig [Kingdom Hearts],
Cheshire Cat [Kingdom Hearts],
Cinderella [Kingdom Hearts],
Creeper Plant [Kingdom Hearts],
Crescendo [Kingdom Hearts],
Darkside [Kingdom Hearts],
Demyx [Kingdom Hearts],
DiZ [Kingdom Hearts],
Dr. Finkelstein [Kingdom Hearts],
Dumbo [Kingdom Hearts],
Elizabeth Swann [Kingdom Hearts],
Even [Kingdom Hearts],
Fairy Godmother [Kingdom Hearts],
Fat Bandit [Kingdom Hearts],
Fauna [Kingdom Hearts],
Green Requiem [Kingdom Hearts],
Guard Armor [Kingdom Hearts],
Hayner [Kingdom Hearts],
Jack Skellington [Kingdom Hearts],
Kairi [Kingdom Hearts],
King Triton [Kingdom Hearts],
Large Body [Kingdom Hearts],
Larxene [Kingdom Hearts],
Lea [Kingdom Hearts],
Lexaeus [Kingdom Hearts],
Lock [Kingdom Hearts],
Luxord [Kingdom Hearts],
Magic Mirror [Kingdom Hearts],
Maleficent [Kingdom Hearts],
Marluxia [Kingdom Hearts],
Master Xehanort [Kingdom Hearts],
Merryweather [Kingdom Hearts],
Naminé [Kingdom Hearts],
Olette [Kingdom Hearts],
Oogie Boogie [Kingdom Hearts],
Pence [Kingdom Hearts],
Phil [Kingdom Hearts],
Powerwild [Kingdom Hearts],
Red Nocturne [Kingdom Hearts],
Replica Riku [Kingdom Hearts],
Riku [Kingdom Hearts],
Roxas [Kingdom Hearts],
Saïx [Kingdom Hearts],
Sally [Kingdom Hearts],
Seifer Almasy [Kingdom Hearts],
Selphie Tilmitt [Kingdom Hearts],
Shadow [Kingdom Hearts],
Shock [Kingdom Hearts],
Soldier [Kingdom Hearts],
Sora [Kingdom Hearts],
Terra [Kingdom Hearts],
The Mayor [Kingdom Hearts],
The Queen of Hearts [Kingdom Hearts],
The White Rabbit [Kingdom Hearts],
Trickmaster [Kingdom Hearts],
Vanitas [Kingdom Hearts],
Vanitas Remnant [Kingdom Hearts],
Ventus [Kingdom Hearts],
Vexen [Kingdom Hearts],
Xaldin [Kingdom Hearts],
Xemnas [Kingdom Hearts],
Xigbar [Kingdom Hearts],
Xion [Kingdom Hearts],
Xion [Kingdom Hearts],
Yellow Opera [Kingdom Hearts],
Zero [Kingdom Hearts],
Zexion [Kingdom Hearts],

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