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List of Video Game Characters in Harvest Moon Franchise
Adam [Harvest Moon],
Alisa [Harvest Moon],
Amanda [Harvest Moon],
Angela [Harvest Moon],
Angelo [Harvest Moon],
Ann [Harvest Moon],
Annie [Harvest Moon],
Antoinette [Harvest Moon],
Ash [Harvest Moon],
Ayame [Harvest Moon],
Barbara [Harvest Moon],
Bo [Harvest Moon],
Cain [Harvest Moon],
Cam [Harvest Moon],
Candace [Harvest Moon],
Carter [Harvest Moon],
Cecil [Harvest Moon],
Celia [Harvest Moon],
Charlie [Harvest Moon],
Chase [Harvest Moon],
Chelsea [Harvest Moon],
Chen [Harvest Moon],
Cheryl [Harvest Moon],
Chloe [Harvest Moon],
Chris [Harvest Moon],
Cindy [Harvest Moon],
Claire [Harvest Moon],
Claude [Harvest Moon],
Cliff [Harvest Moon],
Cody [Harvest Moon],
Colleen [Harvest Moon],
Connie [Harvest Moon],
Cory [Harvest Moon],
Craig [Harvest Moon],
Daisy [Harvest Moon],
Dale [Harvest Moon],
Danica [Harvest Moon],
Daniel [Harvest Moon],
Denny [Harvest Moon],
Dia [Harvest Moon],
Diego [Harvest Moon],
Dirk [Harvest Moon],
Doctor [Harvest Moon],
Dr. Hardy [Harvest Moon],
Eileen [Harvest Moon],
Eliza [Harvest Moon],
Elli [Harvest Moon],
Elliot [Harvest Moon],
Enrique [Harvest Moon],
Ethel [Harvest Moon],
Eve [Harvest Moon],
Felicia [Harvest Moon],
Felix [Harvest Moon],
Flora [Harvest Moon],
Freya [Harvest Moon],
Galen [Harvest Moon],
Gannon [Harvest Moon],
Georgia [Harvest Moon],
Gina [Harvest Moon],
Gombe [Harvest Moon],
Grady [Harvest Moon],
Graham [Harvest Moon],
Grant [Harvest Moon],
Gray [Harvest Moon],
Gretel [Harvest Moon],
Griffin [Harvest Moon],
Gustafa [Harvest Moon],
Hamilton [Harvest Moon],
Hanna [Harvest Moon],
Hansel [Harvest Moon],
Harvest Goddess [Harvest Moon],
Hayden [Harvest Moon],
Henry [Harvest Moon],
Hiro [Harvest Moon],
Howard [Harvest Moon],
Hugh [Harvest Moon],
Ina [Harvest Moon],
Irene [Harvest Moon],
Isaac [Harvest Moon],
Issac [Harvest Moon],
Ivan [Harvest Moon],
Jack [Harvest Moon],
Jake [Harvest Moon],
Jarvis [Harvest Moon],
Jeff [Harvest Moon],
Jessica [Harvest Moon],
Joan [Harvest Moon],
Johnny [Harvest Moon],
Julia [Harvest Moon],
Julius [Harvest Moon],
Kai [Harvest Moon],
Kana [Harvest Moon],
Karen [Harvest Moon],
Kasey [Harvest Moon],
Kassey [Harvest Moon],
Kate [Harvest Moon],
Kathy [Harvest Moon],
Katie [Harvest Moon],
Keira [Harvest Moon],
Kevin [Harvest Moon],
Laney [Harvest Moon],
Lanna [Harvest Moon],
Lauren [Harvest Moon],
Leia [Harvest Moon],
Life Grain [Harvest Moon],
Lillia [Harvest Moon],
Lillian [Harvest Moon],
Lily [Harvest Moon],
Lloyd [Harvest Moon],
Lumina [Harvest Moon],
Lyla [Harvest Moon],
Mako [Harvest Moon],
Maria [Harvest Moon],
Marian [Harvest Moon],
Mark [Harvest Moon],
Marlin [Harvest Moon],
Mary [Harvest Moon],
Maya [Harvest Moon],
Mikhail [Harvest Moon],
Mint [Harvest Moon],
Mirabelle [Harvest Moon],
Molly [Harvest Moon],
Muffy [Harvest Moon],
Nami [Harvest Moon],
Natalie [Harvest Moon],
Nathan [Harvest Moon],
Nellie [Harvest Moon],
Nick [Harvest Moon],
Nina [Harvest Moon],
Nori [Harvest Moon],
Oracle (Ulyssa) [Harvest Moon],
Owen [Harvest Moon],
Ozzie [Harvest Moon],
Paolo [Harvest Moon],
Pascal [Harvest Moon],
Patrick [Harvest Moon],
Perry [Harvest Moon],
Pete [Harvest Moon],
Phillip [Harvest Moon],
Pierre [Harvest Moon],
Pony [Harvest Moon],
Popuri [Harvest Moon],
Rachel [Harvest Moon],
Rahi [Harvest Moon],
Ramsey [Harvest Moon],
Raul [Harvest Moon],
Rebecca [Harvest Moon],
Regis [Harvest Moon],
Reina [Harvest Moon],
Renee [Harvest Moon],
Rick [Harvest Moon],
Rock [Harvest Moon],
Romana [Harvest Moon],
Rose [Harvest Moon],
Ruby [Harvest Moon],
Rutger [Harvest Moon],
Ruth [Harvest Moon],
Sabrina [Harvest Moon],
Sara [Harvest Moon],
Sebastian [Harvest Moon],
Sharon [Harvest Moon],
Shea [Harvest Moon],
Shelly [Harvest Moon],
Sheng [Harvest Moon],
Sherry [Harvest Moon],
Simon [Harvest Moon],
Skye [Harvest Moon],
Stuart [Harvest Moon],
Takakura [Harvest Moon],
Taro [Harvest Moon],
Thomas [Harvest Moon],
Toby [Harvest Moon],
Toy [Harvest Moon],
Trent [Harvest Moon],
Vaughn [Harvest Moon],
Vesta [Harvest Moon],
Wada [Harvest Moon],
Wally [Harvest Moon],
Wilbur [Harvest Moon],
Will [Harvest Moon],
Witch Princess [Harvest Moon],
Witchkin [Harvest Moon],
Ying [Harvest Moon],
Yun [Harvest Moon],
Zack [Harvest Moon],

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