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List of Video Game Characters in The Godfather Franchise
Adolfo Tarafa [The Godfather],
Agustin Morales [The Godfather],
Aldo Trapani [The Godfather],
Andrew Calvacanti [The Godfather],
Anton Perez-Barnuevo [The Godfather],
Arnaldo Sousa [The Godfather],
Audrey Reid [The Godfather],
Bartolomé Beato [The Godfather],
Bartolomé Caballero [The Godfather],
Bartolomé Galdos [The Godfather],
Basilio Portillo [The Godfather],
Bernice Carney [The Godfather],
Bill Strozzi [The Godfather],
Bobby Higgins [The Godfather],
Casio Villalon [The Godfather],
Cecilia Horruitiner [The Godfather],
Charlotte Cruz [The Godfather],
Damason Turbiano [The Godfather],
Dennis Tinghi [The Godfather],
Dominic [The Godfather],
Donald Porco [The Godfather],
Donna Barajas [The Godfather],
Douglas Golden [The Godfather],
Ernest Compagni [The Godfather],
Ernesto Mustilier [The Godfather],
Ernesto Zaldivar [The Godfather],
Estela Cepero [The Godfather],
Estelle Martinez [The Godfather],
Eugene Ponce [The Godfather],
Frank Pentangeli [The Godfather],
Frederick Uliari [The Godfather],
Fredo Corleone [The Godfather],
Geraldine Hoffman [The Godfather],
Henry LaBounta [The Godfather],
Herminio Zayas [The Godfather],
Humberto Ruiz-Guillen [The Godfather],
Hyman Roth [The Godfather],
Israel Baldasano [The Godfather],
Jahsiiyah Lopez-Cuervo [The Godfather],
Joe Primanti [The Godfather],
Joseph Meza [The Godfather],
Juan Trimiño [The Godfather],
Juan-Carlos Moreno [The Godfather],
Keith Vedol [The Godfather],
Larry Vanni [The Godfather],
Leon Lamberteschi [The Godfather],
Leroy Romano [The Godfather],
Lewis Giangaleazzo [The Godfather],
Luis Galarza [The Godfather],
Luis Gatica [The Godfather],
Luisa Cardenas [The Godfather],
Marta Montaña [The Godfather],
Martin Giotti [The Godfather],
Michael Burns [The Godfather],
Michael Corleone [The Godfather],
Monica Ponce de Leon [The Godfather],
Nestor Nieto [The Godfather],
Norman Murillo [The Godfather],
Paco Mones [The Godfather],
Patricia Flynn [The Godfather],
Pedro Castellon [The Godfather],
Pedro Flores [The Godfather],
Pepe Arredondo [The Godfather],
Pilar Villaverde [The Godfather],
Quique Socarras [The Godfather],
Ray Sforza [The Godfather],
Rico Granados [The Godfather],
Rodrigo Norris [The Godfather],
Roy Giordano [The Godfather],
Samuele Mangano [The Godfather],
Segundo Santos-Guzman [The Godfather],
Shelby Holloway [The Godfather],
Sixto More [The Godfather],
Stanley Hampton [The Godfather],
Teofilo Alfonso [The Godfather],
Tom Hagen [The Godfather],
Tomas Lopez de Herrera [The Godfather],
Tomas Sama [The Godfather],
Victoria Castillo [The Godfather],
Wayne Uberti [The Godfather],

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