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List of Video Game Characters in Fire Emblem Franchise
Abel [Fire Emblem],
Aideen [Fire Emblem],
Aimee [Fire Emblem],
Algol [Fire Emblem],
Alm [Fire Emblem],
Altena [Fire Emblem],
Amelia [Fire Emblem],
Anna [Fire Emblem],
Arden [Fire Emblem],
Arden [Fire Emblem] [Fire Emblem],
Ardri [Fire Emblem],
Areone [Fire Emblem],
Ares [Fire Emblem],
Arran [Fire Emblem],
Arthur [Fire Emblem],
Arthur (Harold) [Fire Emblem],
Artur [Fire Emblem],
Arvis [Fire Emblem],
Asama [Fire Emblem],
Ashnard [Fire Emblem],
Astram [Fire Emblem],
Astrid [Fire Emblem],
Asyura [Fire Emblem],
Athena [Fire Emblem],
Aversa [Fire Emblem],
Ayra [Fire Emblem],
Azura (Aqua) [Fire Emblem],
Banba [Fire Emblem],
Bantu [Fire Emblem],
Barst [Fire Emblem],
Bartre [Fire Emblem],
Barts [Fire Emblem],
Basilio [Fire Emblem],
Bastian [Fire Emblem],
Beck [Fire Emblem],
Belf [Fire Emblem],
Belka [Fire Emblem],
Benoit [Fire Emblem],
Blume [Fire Emblem],
Boah [Fire Emblem],
Boey [Fire Emblem],
Bord [Fire Emblem],
Boyd [Fire Emblem],
Brady [Fire Emblem],
Briggid [Fire Emblem],
Brom [Fire Emblem],
Caeda [Fire Emblem],
Caellach [Fire Emblem],
Caesar [Fire Emblem],
Cain [Fire Emblem],
Caineghis [Fire Emblem],
Calill [Fire Emblem],
Camilla [Fire Emblem],
Campari [Fire Emblem],
Camus [Fire Emblem],
Canas [Fire Emblem],
Cassius [Fire Emblem],
Castor [Fire Emblem],
Catria [Fire Emblem],
Cecil [Fire Emblem],
Cecilia [Fire Emblem],
Ced [Fire Emblem],
Celica [Fire Emblem],
Cervantes [Fire Emblem],
Chalard [Fire Emblem],
Charlotte [Fire Emblem],
Cherche [Fire Emblem],
Chrom [Fire Emblem],
Clair [Fire Emblem],
Clear [Fire Emblem],
Clive [Fire Emblem],
Colm [Fire Emblem],
Cord [Fire Emblem],
Cordelia [Fire Emblem],
Cormag [Fire Emblem],
Corple [Fire Emblem],
Crimson [Fire Emblem],
Cynthia [Fire Emblem],
Dagdar [Fire Emblem],
Daichi [Fire Emblem],
Dalton [Fire Emblem],
Daniela [Fire Emblem],
Darros [Fire Emblem],
Deen [Fire Emblem],
Deere [Fire Emblem],
Deirdre [Fire Emblem],
Delmud [Fire Emblem],
Devdan [Fire Emblem],
Dheginsea [Fire Emblem],
Doga [Fire Emblem],
Dolph [Fire Emblem],
Donnel [Fire Emblem],
Dozla [Fire Emblem],
Draj (Dragée) [Fire Emblem],
Draug [Fire Emblem],
Duessel [Fire Emblem],
Dwyer [Fire Emblem],
Ecatarina [Fire Emblem],
Edward [Fire Emblem],
Effie [Fire Emblem],
Eirika [Fire Emblem],
Eldigan [Fire Emblem],
Elena [Fire Emblem],
Elice [Fire Emblem],
Elincia [Fire Emblem],
Elise [Fire Emblem],
Eliwood [Fire Emblem],
Ellerean [Fire Emblem],
Emmeryn [Fire Emblem],
Ena [Fire Emblem],
Ephraim [Fire Emblem],
Éponine [Fire Emblem],
Est [Fire Emblem],
Ethlyn [Fire Emblem],
Etzel [Fire Emblem],
Ewan [Fire Emblem],
Excellus [Fire Emblem],
Fa [Fire Emblem],
Faceless [Fire Emblem],
Farber [Fire Emblem],
Fee [Fire Emblem],
Feena [Fire Emblem],
Felicia [Fire Emblem],
Finn [Fire Emblem],
Flannel [Fire Emblem],
Flavia [Fire Emblem],
Flora [Fire Emblem],
Florina [Fire Emblem],
Foleo [Fire Emblem],
Fomortiis [Fire Emblem],
Forde [Fire Emblem],
Forrest [Fire Emblem],
Franz [Fire Emblem],
Frederick [Fire Emblem],
Frey [Fire Emblem],
Frost [Fire Emblem],
Funk [Fire Emblem],
Gaius [Fire Emblem],
Gangrel [Fire Emblem],
Ganz [Fire Emblem],
Garcia [Fire Emblem],
Garda Pirate [Fire Emblem],
Gareth [Fire Emblem],
Garon [Fire Emblem],
Garrick [Fire Emblem],
Gatrie [Fire Emblem],
Gazzak [Fire Emblem],
Gecko [Fire Emblem],
Geoffrey [Fire Emblem],
Gerik [Fire Emblem],
Gerome [Fire Emblem],
Gharnef [Fire Emblem],
Giffca [Fire Emblem],
Gilliam [Fire Emblem],
Glen [Fire Emblem],
Gordin [Fire Emblem],
Gordon [Fire Emblem],
Gotoh [Fire Emblem],
Gregor [Fire Emblem],
Greil [Fire Emblem],
Guinevere [Fire Emblem],
Gunter [Fire Emblem],
Gurei [Fire Emblem],
Guy [Fire Emblem],
Gyral [Fire Emblem],
Haar [Fire Emblem],
Haitaka [Fire Emblem],
Hana (Kazahana) [Fire Emblem],
Hannibal [Fire Emblem],
Hardin [Fire Emblem],
Hayden [Fire Emblem],
Hector [Fire Emblem],
Henry [Fire Emblem],
Hetzel [Fire Emblem],
Hinata [Fire Emblem],
Hinoka [Fire Emblem],
Hisame [Fire Emblem],
Horace [Fire Emblem],
Hormone [Fire Emblem],
Hydra (Anankos) [Fire Emblem],
Iago (Macbeth) [Fire Emblem],
Ignatius [Fire Emblem],
Ignis [Fire Emblem],
Ike [Fire Emblem],
Ilyana [Fire Emblem],
Inigo [Fire Emblem],
Innes [Fire Emblem],
Ishtar [Fire Emblem],
Ismaire [Fire Emblem],
Izana [Fire Emblem],
Izuka [Fire Emblem],
Jaffar [Fire Emblem],
Jagen [Fire Emblem],
Jake [Fire Emblem],
Jamil [Fire Emblem],
Jamke [Fire Emblem],
Janaff [Fire Emblem],
Jeigan [Fire Emblem],
Jeorge [Fire Emblem],
Jill [Fire Emblem],
Jiol [Fire Emblem],
Joker [Fire Emblem],
Joshua [Fire Emblem],
Julia [Fire Emblem],
Julian [Fire Emblem],
Julius [Fire Emblem],
Kagerou [Fire Emblem],
Kain [Fire Emblem],
Kana [Fire Emblem],
Kanna [Fire Emblem],
Karel [Fire Emblem],
Katarina [Fire Emblem],
Kellam [Fire Emblem],
Kent [Fire Emblem],
Kieran [Fire Emblem],
Kinu [Fire Emblem],
Kisaragi [Fire Emblem],
Kjelle [Fire Emblem],
Knoll [Fire Emblem],
Kotarou [Fire Emblem],
Kumagera [Fire Emblem],
Kurthnaga [Fire Emblem],
Kyle [Fire Emblem],
L'Arachel [Fire Emblem],
Lang [Fire Emblem],
Larcei [Fire Emblem],
Largo [Fire Emblem],
Laurent [Fire Emblem],
Leaf [Fire Emblem],
Leanne [Fire Emblem],
Leif [Fire Emblem],
Lekain [Fire Emblem],
Lena [Fire Emblem],
Leo (Leon) [Fire Emblem],
Leonardo [Fire Emblem],
Lethe [Fire Emblem],
Lewyn [Fire Emblem],
Libra [Fire Emblem],
Lilina [Fire Emblem],
Lilith [Fire Emblem],
Linde [Fire Emblem],
Linus [Fire Emblem],
Lissa [Fire Emblem],
Lleu [Fire Emblem],
Lloyd [Fire Emblem],
Lon'qu [Fire Emblem],
Lorenz [Fire Emblem],
Lucia [Fire Emblem],
Lucina [Fire Emblem],
Lucius [Fire Emblem],
Lugh [Fire Emblem],
Luke [Fire Emblem],
Lute [Fire Emblem],
Luthier [Fire Emblem],
Lutz [Fire Emblem],
Lyn [Fire Emblem],
Lyon [Fire Emblem],
Macellan [Fire Emblem],
Maji [Fire Emblem],
Makalov [Fire Emblem],
Malledus [Fire Emblem],
Malliesia [Fire Emblem],
Manfroy [Fire Emblem],
Mansel [Fire Emblem],
Marcia [Fire Emblem],
Marcus [Fire Emblem],
Mareeta [Fire Emblem],
Maria [Fire Emblem],
Maribelle [Fire Emblem],
Marisa [Fire Emblem],
Mark [Fire Emblem],
Marth [Fire Emblem],
Matoi [Fire Emblem],
Matthew [Fire Emblem],
Matthis [Fire Emblem],
Medeus [Fire Emblem],
Merlinus [Fire Emblem],
Merric [Fire Emblem],
Mia [Fire Emblem],
Micaiah [Fire Emblem],
Michalis [Fire Emblem],
Midia [Fire Emblem],
Midoriko [Fire Emblem],
Mikoto [Fire Emblem],
Milady [Fire Emblem],
Minerva [Fire Emblem],
Miriel [Fire Emblem],
Mist [Fire Emblem],
Mitama [Fire Emblem],
Mordecai [Fire Emblem],
Morva [Fire Emblem],
Morzas [Fire Emblem],
Moulder [Fire Emblem],
Mozume [Fire Emblem],
Muarim [Fire Emblem],
Murdock [Fire Emblem],
Mustafa [Fire Emblem],
My Unit (Avatar) [Fire Emblem],
Mycen [Fire Emblem],
Myrrh [Fire Emblem],
Nacht [Fire Emblem],
Nacien [Fire Emblem],
Naesala [Fire Emblem],
Naga [Fire Emblem],
Nagi [Fire Emblem],
Nah [Fire Emblem],
Nanna [Fire Emblem],
Nasir [Fire Emblem],
Navarre [Fire Emblem],
Neimi [Fire Emblem],
Nelson [Fire Emblem],
Nephenee [Fire Emblem],
Nergal [Fire Emblem],
Ninian [Fire Emblem],
Nino [Fire Emblem],
Nishiki [Fire Emblem],
Noire [Fire Emblem],
Nomah [Fire Emblem],
Nombry [Fire Emblem],
Norne [Fire Emblem],
Nowi [Fire Emblem],
Nyna [Fire Emblem],
Nyx [Fire Emblem],
Oboro [Fire Emblem],
Ogma [Fire Emblem],
Oguma [Fire Emblem],
Oliver [Fire Emblem],
Olivia [Fire Emblem],
Olwen [Fire Emblem],
Ophelia [Fire Emblem],
Orochi [Fire Emblem],
Orphelia [Fire Emblem],
Orson [Fire Emblem],
Orton [Fire Emblem],
Oscar [Fire Emblem],
Oswin [Fire Emblem],
Owain [Fire Emblem],
Palla [Fire Emblem],
Panne [Fire Emblem],
Patty [Fire Emblem],
Perceval [Fire Emblem],
Petrine [Fire Emblem],
Pheros [Fire Emblem],
Phila [Fire Emblem],
Pieri [Fire Emblem],
Priam [Fire Emblem],
Quan [Fire Emblem],
Radd [Fire Emblem],
Raimi [Fire Emblem],
Rajaion [Fire Emblem],
Ranulf [Fire Emblem],
Raquesis [Fire Emblem],
Raven [Fire Emblem],
Raydrik [Fire Emblem],
Rennac [Fire Emblem],
Renning [Fire Emblem],
Reyson [Fire Emblem],
Rhys [Fire Emblem],
Rickard [Fire Emblem],
Ricken [Fire Emblem],
Riev [Fire Emblem],
Rinkah [Fire Emblem],
Roberto [Fire Emblem],
Robin [Fire Emblem],
Roddick [Fire Emblem],
Rody [Fire Emblem],
Roger [Fire Emblem],
Rolf [Fire Emblem],
Roro [Fire Emblem],
Roshea [Fire Emblem],
Ross [Fire Emblem],
Roy [Fire Emblem],
Ruger [Fire Emblem],
Ryan [Fire Emblem],
Ryoma [Fire Emblem],
Saias [Fire Emblem],
Sain [Fire Emblem],
Saizou [Fire Emblem],
Saji [Fire Emblem],
Sakura [Fire Emblem],
Saleh [Fire Emblem],
Salem [Fire Emblem],
Samson [Fire Emblem],
Samto [Fire Emblem],
Sanaki [Fire Emblem],
Say'ri [Fire Emblem],
Sedgar [Fire Emblem],
Seigbert [Fire Emblem],
Selena [Fire Emblem],
Seliph [Fire Emblem],
Sennou [Fire Emblem],
Sephiran [Fire Emblem],
Serra [Fire Emblem],
Seth [Fire Emblem],
Setsuna [Fire Emblem],
Severa [Fire Emblem],
Shanan [Fire Emblem],
Sheeda [Fire Emblem],
Sheema [Fire Emblem],
Shenmei [Fire Emblem],
Shigure [Fire Emblem],
Shinon [Fire Emblem],
Shinonome [Fire Emblem],
Shiro [Fire Emblem],
Siegbert [Fire Emblem],
Sigrun [Fire Emblem],
Sigurd [Fire Emblem],
Silas [Fire Emblem],
Sofyia [Fire Emblem],
Soleil [Fire Emblem],
Sophie [Fire Emblem],
Soren [Fire Emblem],
Sothe [Fire Emblem],
Stahl [Fire Emblem],
Stefan [Fire Emblem],
Subaki (Tsubaki) [Fire Emblem],
Sully [Fire Emblem],
Sumeragi [Fire Emblem],
Sumia [Fire Emblem],
Suzukaze (Kaze) [Fire Emblem],
Syalla [Fire Emblem],
Syrene [Fire Emblem],
Takumi [Fire Emblem],
Tana [Fire Emblem],
Tanith [Fire Emblem],
Tauroneo [Fire Emblem],
Tethys [Fire Emblem],
Thany [Fire Emblem],
Tharja [Fire Emblem],
The Black Knight [Fire Emblem],
Tibarn [Fire Emblem],
Tiki [Fire Emblem],
Titania [Fire Emblem],
Tomas [Fire Emblem],
Tormod [Fire Emblem],
Trabant [Fire Emblem],
Tsukuyomi [Fire Emblem],
Ulki [Fire Emblem],
Ulster [Fire Emblem],
Ursula [Fire Emblem],
Vaike [Fire Emblem],
Valbar [Fire Emblem],
Validar [Fire Emblem],
Valter [Fire Emblem],
Vanessa [Fire Emblem],
Vasto [Fire Emblem],
Vasuhara [Fire Emblem],
Velour [Fire Emblem],
Victor [Fire Emblem],
Vigarde [Fire Emblem],
Vincent [Fire Emblem],
Virion [Fire Emblem],
Volke [Fire Emblem],
Vyland [Fire Emblem],
Walhart [Fire Emblem],
Warren [Fire Emblem],
Wendell [Fire Emblem],
William [Fire Emblem],
Wolt [Fire Emblem],
Wrys [Fire Emblem],
Xalbador [Fire Emblem],
Xander [Fire Emblem],
Xane [Fire Emblem],
Yarne [Fire Emblem],
Yen'fay [Fire Emblem],
Ymir [Fire Emblem],
Yubello [Fire Emblem],
Yukimura [Fire Emblem],
Yumina [Fire Emblem],
Yuugiri [Fire Emblem],
Zanth [Fire Emblem],
Zephiel [Fire Emblem],
Zero [Fire Emblem],
Zihark [Fire Emblem],
Zoura [Fire Emblem],

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