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List of Video Game Characters in Digimon Franchise
Agumon [Digimon],
Agunimon [Digimon],
Airdramon [Digimon],
Akira [Digimon],
Analogman [Digimon],
Angemon [Digimon],
Armadillomon [Digimon],
Armageddemon [Digimon],
Aruraumon [Digimon],
Asuramon [Digimon],
Babamon [Digimon],
Bakemon [Digimon],
Beelzemon [Digimon],
Beetlemon [Digimon],
Bertran [Digimon],
Betamon [Digimon],
Birdramon [Digimon],
Biyomon [Digimon],
BlackAgumon [Digimon],
BlackWarGreymon [Digimon],
Botamon [Digimon],
Bukamon [Digimon],
Calumon [Digimon],
Candlemon [Digimon],
Cecilia [Digimon],
Centarumon [Digimon],
Chuumon [Digimon],
ClearAgumon [Digimon],
Coelamon [Digimon],
Crabmon [Digimon],
Cyclonemon [Digimon],
Darkrizamon [Digimon],
Datamon [Digimon],
Davis Motomiya [Digimon],
Deltamon [Digimon],
DemiDevimon [Digimon],
DemiMeramon [Digimon],
DemiVeemon [Digimon],
Destromon [Digimon],
Devidramon [Digimon],
Devimon [Digimon],
Digitamamon [Digimon],
Dokunemon [Digimon],
Drimogemon [Digimon],
Elecmon [Digimon],
Etemon [Digimon],
Flarerizamon [Digimon],
Floramon [Digimon],
Frigimon [Digimon],
Gabumon [Digimon],
Gallantmon [Digimon],
Gargomon [Digimon],
Garudamon [Digimon],
Garurumon [Digimon],
Gatomon [Digimon],
Gazimon [Digimon],
Gekomon [Digimon],
Gennai [Digimon],
Geremon [Digimon],
Gizamon [Digimon],
Goburimon [Digimon],
Gomamon [Digimon],
Gotsumon [Digimon],
Greymon [Digimon],
Guardromon [Digimon],
Guilmon [Digimon],
Gururumon [Digimon],
Hagurumon [Digimon],
Hawkmon [Digimon],
Henry Wong [Digimon],
Hyogamon [Digimon],
Icemon [Digimon],
Ikkakumon [Digimon],
Imperialdramon [Digimon],
Ivy [Digimon],
Izzy Izumi [Digimon],
J.P. Shibayama [Digimon],
Jijimon [Digimon],
Joe Kido [Digimon],
Joy-Joy [Digimon],
Junior [Digimon],
Kabuterimon [Digimon],
Kari Kamiya [Digimon],
Kazemon [Digimon],
Ken Ichijouji [Digimon],
Kiwimon [Digimon],
Koji Minamoto [Digimon],
Kokatorimon [Digimon],
Kokuwamon [Digimon],
Koromon [Digimon],
Kotemon [Digimon],
Kumamon [Digimon],
Kunemon [Digimon],
Kuwagamon [Digimon],
LadyDevimon [Digimon],
Leomon [Digimon],
Lillymon [Digimon],
Lobomon [Digimon],
Lopmon [Digimon],
Machinedramon [Digimon],
Magnadramon [Digimon],
Mamemon [Digimon],
Matt Ishida [Digimon],
MegaGargomon [Digimon],
MegaKabuterimon [Digimon],
MegaSeadramon [Digimon],
Meramon [Digimon],
MetalEtemon [Digimon],
MetalGarurumon [Digimon],
MetalGreymon [Digimon],
MetalMamemon [Digimon],
MetalSeadramon [Digimon],
Meteormon [Digimon],
Millenniummon [Digimon],
Mojyamon [Digimon],
Monmon [Digimon],
Monochromon [Digimon],
MoonMillenniumon [Digimon],
Motimon [Digimon],
Muchomon [Digimon],
Mushroomon [Digimon],
Musyamon [Digimon],
Myotismon [Digimon],
Nanimon [Digimon],
Ninjamon [Digimon],
Numemon [Digimon],
Nyaromon [Digimon],
Ogremon [Digimon],
Otamamon [Digimon],
Pabumon [Digimon],
Palmon [Digimon],
Patamon [Digimon],
Penguinmon [Digimon],
Pheonixmon [Digimon],
Piedmon [Digimon],
Piximon [Digimon],
Ponchomon [Digimon],
Poyomon [Digimon],
Psychemon [Digimon],
Punimon [Digimon],
Raremon [Digimon],
Renamon [Digimon],
Rika Nonaka [Digimon],
Rockmon [Digimon],
Ryo Akiyama [Digimon],
Saberdramon [Digimon],
Sakuyamon [Digimon],
Salamon [Digimon],
Seadramon [Digimon],
Seraphimon [Digimon],
Sharmamon [Digimon],
Shellmon [Digimon],
Skull [Digimon],
SkullGreymon [Digimon],
SnowAgumon [Digimon],
SnowGoburimon [Digimon],
Sora Takenouchi [Digimon],
Soulmon [Digimon],
Starmon [Digimon],
Stingmon [Digimon],
Sukamon [Digimon],
Syakomon [Digimon],
T.K. Takaishi [Digimon],
Tai Kamiya [Digimon],
Takato Matsuda [Digimon],
Takato Matsuki [Digimon],
Takuya Kanbara [Digimon],
Tanemon [Digimon],
Tankmon [Digimon],
Tapirmon [Digimon],
Teddy [Digimon],
Tentomon [Digimon],
Terriermon [Digimon],
Togemon [Digimon],
Tokomon [Digimon],
Tommy Himi [Digimon],
Tortomon [Digimon],
ToyAgumon [Digimon],
Triceramon [Digimon],
Tsukaimon [Digimon],
Tsunomon [Digimon],
Tyrannomon [Digimon],
Unimon [Digimon],
Vademon [Digimon],
Vandar [Digimon],
Veedramon [Digimon],
Veemon [Digimon],
Vegiemon [Digimon],
VenomMyotismon [Digimon],
WarGreymon [Digimon],
Weedmon [Digimon],
WereGarurumon [Digimon],
Whamon [Digimon],
Willis [Digimon],
Wizardmon [Digimon],
Woodmon [Digimon],
Wormmon [Digimon],
Yanmamon [Digimon],
Yokomon [Digimon],
Yuramon [Digimon],
Zassomon [Digimon],
ZeedMillenniummon [Digimon],
Zoe Orimoto [Digimon],
Zudokorn [Digimon],

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