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List of Video Game Characters in Diablo Franchise
Adria [Diablo],
Akara [Diablo],
Alkor [Diablo],
Andariel [Diablo],
Anya [Diablo],
Asheara [Diablo],
Atma [Diablo],
Baal [Diablo],
Barbarian [Diablo],
Blood Raven [Diablo],
Charsi [Diablo],
Covetous Shen [Diablo],
Crusader [Diablo],
Cydaea [Diablo],
Deckard Cai [Diablo],
Deckard Cain [Diablo],
Demon Hunter [Diablo],
Diablo [Diablo],
Drognan [Diablo],
Duriel [Diablo],
Elzix [Diablo],
Fara [Diablo],
Farnham [Diablo],
Flavie [Diablo],
Gheed [Diablo],
Ghom [Diablo],
Gillian [Diablo],
Greiz [Diablo],
Griswold [Diablo],
Haedrig Eamon [Diablo],
Halbu [Diablo],
Hratli [Diablo],
Izual [Diablo],
Jamellla [Diablo],
Jerhyn [Diablo],
Kashya [Diablo],
King Leoric [Diablo],
Larzuk [Diablo],
Leah [Diablo],
Lysander [Diablo],
Maghda [Diablo],
Malah [Diablo],
Malthael [Diablo],
Meshif [Diablo],
Monk [Diablo],
Natalya [Diablo],
Nihlathak [Diablo],
Ogden [Diablo],
Ormus [Diablo],
Pepin [Diablo],
Qual-Kehk [Diablo],
Tyrael [Diablo],
Warriv [Diablo],
Witch Doctor [Diablo],
Zoltun Kulle [Diablo],

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