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List of Video Game Characters in Dark Cloud Franchise
Adel [Dark Cloud],
Aga [Dark Cloud],
Alexandra [Dark Cloud],
Alnet [Dark Cloud],
Ancient Baron [Dark Cloud],
Annie [Dark Cloud],
Argo [Dark Cloud],
Aunt Polly [Dark Cloud],
Borneo [Dark Cloud],
Bunbuku [Dark Cloud],
Cacao [Dark Cloud],
Carl [Dark Cloud],
Cedric [Dark Cloud],
Chief Bonka [Dark Cloud],
Claire [Dark Cloud],
Claude [Dark Cloud],
Conda [Dark Cloud],
Condor [Dark Cloud],
Corinne [Dark Cloud],
Couscous [Dark Cloud],
Crest [Dark Cloud],
Devia [Dark Cloud],
Donny [Dark Cloud],
Dr. Dell [Dark Cloud],
Dr. Nobb [Dark Cloud],
Dran [Dark Cloud],
Elder Shigura [Dark Cloud],
Elena [Dark Cloud],
Fabio [Dark Cloud],
Fairy King [Dark Cloud],
Ferdinand [Dark Cloud],
Flagg Gilgister [Dark Cloud],
Flotsam [Dark Cloud],
Fudoh [Dark Cloud],
Galen Agaris [Dark Cloud],
Garek [Dark Cloud],
Gaspard [Dark Cloud],
Gerald [Dark Cloud],
Gina [Dark Cloud],
Gob [Dark Cloud],
Gordon [Dark Cloud],
Goro [Dark Cloud],
Gosuke [Dark Cloud],
Granny Rosa [Dark Cloud],
Griffon [Dark Cloud],
Happy Clown [Dark Cloud],
Jack [Dark Cloud],
Jake [Dark Cloud],
Jibubu [Dark Cloud],
Jive [Dark Cloud],
Joker [Dark Cloud],
Julia [Dark Cloud],
Jurak [Dark Cloud],
King [Dark Cloud],
King Mardan [Dark Cloud],
King Raybrandt [Dark Cloud],
Komacho [Dark Cloud],
Kululu [Dark Cloud],
Kye [Dark Cloud],
La Saia [Dark Cloud],
Lana [Dark Cloud],
Lao Chao [Dark Cloud],
Laura [Dark Cloud],
Lin [Dark Cloud],
Macho [Dark Cloud],
Marnia [Dark Cloud],
Maximilian [Dark Cloud],
Mayor Need [Dark Cloud],
Mena [Dark Cloud],
Metal Flotsam [Dark Cloud],
Mikara [Dark Cloud],
Milane [Dark Cloud],
Momo [Dark Cloud],
Monica Raybrandt [Dark Cloud],
Morton [Dark Cloud],
Mr. Mustache [Dark Cloud],
Nagita [Dark Cloud],
Odd Gaffer [Dark Cloud],
Old Hag [Dark Cloud],
Olivie [Dark Cloud],
Osmond [Dark Cloud],
Paige [Dark Cloud],
Pao [Dark Cloud],
Parn [Dark Cloud],
Pau [Dark Cloud],
Priest Bruno [Dark Cloud],
Rainbow Butterfly [Dark Cloud],
Rando [Dark Cloud],
Renee [Dark Cloud],
Ro [Dark Cloud],
Ruby [Dark Cloud],
Rufio [Dark Cloud],
Ruty [Dark Cloud],
Sam [Dark Cloud],
Seda [Dark Cloud],
Sheriff Blinkhorn [Dark Cloud],
Sheriff Wilder [Dark Cloud],
Shingala [Dark Cloud],
Sophia [Dark Cloud],
Stew [Dark Cloud],
Stewart [Dark Cloud],
Suzy [Dark Cloud],
Theo [Dark Cloud],
Toan [Dark Cloud],
Treant [Dark Cloud],
Ungaga [Dark Cloud],
Xiao [Dark Cloud],
Yaya [Dark Cloud],

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