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List of Video Game Characters in Castlevania Franchise
Actrise [Castlevania],
Alastor [Castlevania],
Alucard [Castlevania],
Anette Renard [Castlevania],
Brauner [Castlevania],
Camilla [Castlevania],
Carrie Fernandez [Castlevania],
Charlotte Aulin [Castlevania],
Christopher Belmont [Castlevania],
Cornell [Castlevania],
Death [Castlevania],
Dracula [Castlevania],
Eric Lecarde [Castlevania],
Gabriel Belmont [Castlevania],
Gaibon [Castlevania],
Golem [Castlevania],
Graham Jones [Castlevania],
Grant DaNasty [Castlevania],
Hammer [Castlevania],
Hugh Baldwin [Castlevania],
Jonathan Morris [Castlevania],
Julius Belmont [Castlevania],
Juste Belmont [Castlevania],
Laura [Castlevania],
Leon Belmont [Castlevania],
Lisa Farenheights [Castlevania],
Maria Renard [Castlevania],
Master Librarian [Castlevania],
Maxim Kischine [Castlevania],
Medusa [Castlevania],
Mina Hakuba [Castlevania],
Morris Baldwin [Castlevania],
Nathan Graves [Castlevania],
Olrox [Castlevania],
Phantom Bat [Castlevania],
Reinhardt Schneider [Castlevania],
Renon [Castlevania],
Richter Belmont [Castlevania],
Shaft [Castlevania],
Shanoa [Castlevania],
Simon Belmont [Castlevania],
Slogra [Castlevania],
Soleiyu Belmont [Castlevania],
Soma Cruz [Castlevania],
Sonia Belmont [Castlevania],
Sypha Belnades [Castlevania],
The Ferryman [Castlevania],
The Mummy [Castlevania],
Trevor Belmont [Castlevania],
Yoko Belnades [Castlevania],

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