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07-29-21 04:17 AM
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Super Nintendo

Players: 1
Hack Of:
Super Metroid
Hack Type:
Graphic, Game Mod

Game Genre:
Game Perspective:
Platform, Side-Scrolling
Genre Non-Sport:
Sci-Fi / Futuristic

Play Super Metroid - Project Base (v0.6) (Super Metroid Hack) - Online Rom | Super Nintendo

Play Super Metroid - Project Base (v0.6) online with Super Nintendo browser emulation for free! Super Metroid - Project Base (v0.6) is a rom hack of Super Metroid (SNES). Play it with our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. Nothing to configure, we've done it for you!

Super Metroid - Project Base (v0.6)

Super Metroid - Project Base (v0.6) Title ScreenSuper Metroid - Project Base (v0.6) Screenshot 1
Super Metroid - Project Base (v0.6) Screenthot 2
Rating: 10
(7 votes)
Plays: 1,256
Filesize: 1,649kb

Super Metroid - Project Base (v0.6) Box Description

Project Base is a massive overhaul of the original Super Metroid in ROM hack form that was first introduced in August of 2009, and it has been picking up momentum ever since. It does not include edits to the routes or game layout at all, except in very minor instances to fix bugs in the original game. The sequence breaks and shortcuts that everyone loves have been left alone, and new ones have probably been introduced. This is not a 'hard version' of Super Metroid. The gameplay is just a lot more flowing and faster paced, so new players might take some time getting adjusted. The focus of Project Base is to ultra refine the same adventure that made people love this game throughout the SNES era and beyond. This hack is for anyone who spent unsettling lengths of time probing everything and learning all of the nooks, to everyone else (Metroid fans or not) just looking for something to do. Low difficulty and console friendly, hopefully with lots of replay value.

Since it offers no new level design, the creator makes patches between big jumps of progress. Each one is a fully playable, beatable rework of the original Super Metroid that is unique in its own way, although newer versions are definitely more refined. This is done because the creator often reworks changes already made, meaning it's possible that some people might like an older version more than the newest.

Super Metroid - Project Base (v0.6) Game Description

Changes include or will eventually completely include, but are not limited to:

- New colors for everything. Everything. Everything.
- Custom backgrounds for all rooms.
- Improved foreground tiling for all rooms.
- Graphic edits and tile mixing to give old areas a new feel.
- Modified animation speeds for most things, including enemies and Samus herself.
- Hundreds and hundreds of individual hex edits and many ASM improvements.
- Lots of modified sounds and eventually some tasteful edits to music.
- Tons subtle changes to the game's physics.
- Items gravitate toward Samus while beam charging (credit: Black Falcon).
- Much more realistic Morph Ball animation (credit: Black Falcon).
- Elevators, doors and room transitions move quicker.
- Every single beam combination has its own color palette.
- Grappling beam now shares its colors with Samus' currently equipped beam(s).
- New move: backflip. While crouching, hold the run button, then press jump and hold left or right, depending which direction Samus is facing (credit: Scyzer).
- New move: quick morph. Hold the item cancel button and press down. Samus will morph into a ball instantly without needing to crouch or aim down first. Works on the ground or in the air. Quick morphing in the air can also be done by holding L and pressing down, for players who might find item cancel annoying to use.
- Pose edit: holding the run button while standing still and jumping will make Samus do a spinning jump.
- Pose edit: holding the run button and pressing jump while morphed (without springball equipped) will now make Samus do a spinning jump straight out of ball form.
- Pose edit: holding the jump button while running or walking off of a ledge will make Samus enter the spinning animation immediately upon falling.
- Shinesparks (especially horizontal mid-air) are much easier to do.
- All kinds of other cool modifications.

Super Metroid - Project Base (v0.6) (Super Nintendo) Screenshots

Videos of Super Metroid - Project Base (v0.6) Gameplay

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Super Metroid - Project Base (v0.6) Guides and Walkthroughs

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Comments for Super Metroid - Project Base (v0.6)

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