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10-17-19 10:41 PM

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Happy birthday D!!!
Congrats on another year of life!
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10-01-17 12:37 AM
10-01-17 09:28 PM

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Happy birthday D!!!


10-01-17 12:37 AM
Spidey243 is Offline
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We've been friends for over a year now, and I may have a terrible memory, but there's no way I'd forget my best buddy's birthday!

Khfan_D98 : Happy birthday pal! I hope you have a great day, great cake and just all around great stuff! You have yourself the best day ever, my friend!
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10-01-17 06:59 AM
MarioLucarioFan64 is Offline
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Khfan_D98 :  
Happy birthday! Hope you'll have a fan-tas-tic day today! Tell us what you did for your birthday if you can!

Since i saw on your profile that you're a Final Fantasy fan.
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Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

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10-01-17 08:22 PM
Khfan_D98 is Offline
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Thanks, Spidey. You didn't have to do this, but I really appreciate it anyways. *Hugs*

MarioLucarioFan64 : I really truly hope that this summon works. Anyways, thank you, too, MLF! And epic pic-gift thing. I appreciate it!

Anyways, as for what I DID, yesterday, my Mama gave me Visa card with $60 on it, then she gave me my monthly allowance of $25, then my brother gave me around $20, and I combined it with my saved $41, so all together, I had a total of $140(!!!).

And most of the day was spent when me and and my big sis went to Lynchburg and just hung out and did stuff. We went to Gamestop, where I bought a little White Ranger plushie as well as a code for Metroid on the 3DS E-Shop, then we went to Toys R Us where I bought a Funko Pop of Jinx from Teen Titans, then we went to eat at Hibachi, where I had an awesome cheese biscuit, 5 pieces of fried shrimp, 2 slices of pepperoni pizza, a wonderful heavenly lasagna that was, for lack of better terms, pizza lasagna, with lots of cheese and even pepperoni, 2 pieces of fried chicken, like just drumsticks, then we went to Barnes & Noble and read some books, then a couple friends of ours were supposed to show up and meet us there, but there were technology complications (Me and Spidey know a lot about those -.-), and seemingly our messages didn't send through, so we went to THEM, and they gave me a small Hulk figure,a silver-ish Hulk statue with a stand of a classic Marvel comic cover, so that's pretty neat, a large Wolverine action figure, a small Thor figurine, a Wonder Woman Pez Despenser, and a small Classic Catwoman figure thingamabob.

Then we went to the mall and I bought a small plushie of Ruby Rose from RWBY.. We had plans to go to Cold Stone Creamery and get ice cream, but we ran out of time, so instead we went to Wal-Mart, got a cake that she's gonna write on herself, and a chocolate ice cream with fudge brownies, that she's gonna put oreos and peanut butter in and my mouth is dying just thinking about it. And I got a Sprite soda, to change things up a bit.

And then TOMORROW, we're gonna go to Pizza Hut and eat THERE, and THEN we're gonna do the cake stuff. And I'm also planning on using a chunk of my money to get LEGO Dimensions for PS4 and a couple add-oms for THAT, and see what I still have left over and go from there. Cause I still have $107 on my card, which is awesome because I was getting extremely anxious, which always happens whenever I have money because I hate making decisions and think that I'm gonna regret my choices, but so far, so good! I'm happy with what I've got so far!

Anyways, even though I hate being 19 and wish I could be younger again, I'm not sure the day could've been better spent, because I got to hang out alone with my best friend and favorite person, I've got some pretty sweet gifts, and I come back to an awesome thing made by my SECOND-best friend. Thanks again.
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(edited by Khfan_D98 on 10-01-17 08:27 PM)     Post Rating: 1   Liked By: MarioLucarioFan64,

10-01-17 09:28 PM
tornadocam is Offline
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Happy Birthday Blessings in Christ hope you had a great day  
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