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12-11-19 03:54 PM

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Momo Aria
07-29-17 03:23 PM
08-03-17 10:07 AM

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I died in a car accident


07-29-17 03:23 PM
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No, I didn't die in an accident... the car accident I was in earlier was very minimal. No one is hurt. Just the cars are slightly damaged.

What basically happened (generally speaking) is that my grandma and I were driving to the mall to go eat. My grandma enters the parking lot. She stops at a stop sign. She goes to turn, and then the other car comes and they collide. As her granddaughter, I defend my grandma and pin blame on the other driver.


This is what really happened.

In all the car rides I've been with my grandma, she's always talking on the phone while driving. If she feels she needs to talk to someone, she'll call them, even while she's driving. Today, my grandma started talking to me about how her insane sister was found homeless in NY, and she didn't want to be responsible for her, so she calls her other sister in PR during the drive to the mall. She was so involved in her conversation that when she stopped where she's supposed to stop and decided to turn, she didn't even look to see the other car coming. She says the other car didn't stop and had to wait for her, but she didn't see if that was the case. While I didn't see it either, I'm not willing to pin the entire blame on the other driver, even though I pretty much had to cuz it's family, and I have to defend family, even if they were the ones in the wrong.

I'm used to her driving and calling simultaneously, and sadly, even if I tell her to stop doing something or she's doing something wrong, she'll still do it, even when she knows she shouldn't be doing it. Honestly, after that accident had happened earlier today, I hoped that she learned to stop talking and driving at the same time...

I was wrong... 

After we finally ate, she started driving... and continued to talk to her niece, on the phone, even while noting loudly that she'll get in trouble for what she's doing, and she still does it... I was already a little annoyed with her earlier when my uncle drove by to check on us, because my other uncle (her nephew) came with him, and all she could say was "why did you bring him here?" Like, she's not even grateful that her nephew came with her son because he was worried about her and me... 

This is just me ranting... but I had really hoped my grandma would learn from this, but she didn't... she keeps doing this, even after having her car damaged because of what she did. 
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07-29-17 04:04 PM
Vanelan is Offline
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Sigh... some people never change...
It seems that even if she got ticketed, or you told the officer that she was on the phone and wasn't paying attention, she would just keep doing the same thing anyway.

Sorry Ari... I hope you're not too stressed because of her. :/
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07-31-17 11:52 PM
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I told you this before but she's really crazy. I never understood how anyone could even use their phone behind the wheel. You're not only endangering your own life but everyone else on that road as well. I frequently watch those types of videos on youtube and I'm just disgusted at how a lot of people drive.

And then to not even put the phone away after being in an accident is just stupid. People like her could break every bone in their body and they would still not change.

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08-01-17 01:12 AM
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xxAriaxx : did she ever get a ticket for doing that? Can you tell her to get off her phone when driving because me and the people on vizzed are all concerned about her safety.

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08-03-17 10:07 AM
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I'm not exactly a fan of those who don't learn from they're mistakes, sad to say but she is doomed to repeat them if she doesn't stop that.
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