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01-17-20 03:52 PM

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01-23-17 01:58 AM
01-23-17 09:02 AM

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Is there a term or thing you don't know and want to know now?


01-23-17 01:58 AM
MarioLucarioFan64 is Offline
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We all were wondering what that one word was of which we never heard before. Or what that one object was of which we never saw before. And we eventually get the answer, but it takes time. If not days then a few seconds to walk to the right person (or a dictionary or the internet) and find the answer. But i bet that even now, you're curious for a word or thing. If you indeed do and you still remember what you wanted to know (words? Any language, no swearwords please. Things? Anything, just no inappropriate stuff), you can say that you're wondering what it is riiiiiiight... here!

To me, it would be would be the English term for those gloves when you're in the winter. Idk if it still are named gloves, but that's what i'm wondering. And since when? Since yesterday.

How about you?
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01-23-17 06:05 AM
Eirinn is Offline
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You mean the kind of winter gloves that look like oven mitts? Those would be called mittens, sir. Now you know!

Okay, if anyone could tell me how to say "light", "moon", or "sword" In a language besides English or Japanese, that would be awesome. Why? Because I'm a sword nut, I love the way the word light sounds in Japanese (ひかり, in kana), and because I love night time. So yeah, why not?
I hope it's okay to use this thread this way.
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(edited by Eirinn on 01-23-17 06:06 AM)    

01-23-17 08:37 AM
mastergame is Offline
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Eirinn : In spanish light means luz, moon means luna (not a name), and sword means espada. However adding them together will not work because it simply doesn't follow spanish grammar. The alternative way Dark soul 3 said it was "Espada de la luz de la luna", which in their own right is correct but would be better to be called "Espada, luz de luna". Which in english translates to "sword, light of moon", or in a slang word "Sword of moonlight".

Now can someone tell me what "czechoslovakia" means, all im getting is the nation not its meaning.
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01-23-17 09:02 AM
Spicy is Offline
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mastergame : Well, idk if you know (i hope you do) but Czechoslovakia isn't a country anymore.

the name is quite simple, the 2 modern nations of Slovakia And the Czech republic used to be Czechoslovakia. I'm not too sure what it means exactly since i'm not czech or slovakian, and you're probably not gonna find anyone here that does know.

Eirinn : in Dutch sword is Zwaard, and in arabic its Sayf (سيف).
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