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01-28-20 04:34 AM

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11-10-16 08:41 AM
11-10-16 11:45 AM

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Best purchase ever?


11-10-16 08:41 AM
darthyoda is Offline
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Best purchase ever? I decided to get another Final Fantasy game... Well. I've only really heard good things of VII, so I decided to get the game. It's (from what I heard) the best FF game to date. This should be awesome, since I've only really played a couple, and Cloud is by far, the most popular character from the franchise, plus, this should be a game that'll be awesome to review! 

Do you guys suggest anything for starting? Tell me, what is the thing you like best about FF VII? 

Any starter tips? 

Or just discuss the game, I guess.
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11-10-16 10:52 AM
zanderlex is Offline
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If I'm not mistaken, this might actually be the game that caused me to hate Final Fantasy for a decade lol. I played when I was really young and I just couldn't get passed a certain level or area, it was so hard, and I tried so much but ended up giving up on the series for a while after that happened lol.
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11-10-16 11:02 AM
Eniitan is Offline
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First thing you need to know is getting used to some battle system and how the game goes as far as collecting things using the best party members, and how spells work as well. Its not too difficult once you find out how to get into the game well and knowing how to play it then things will be fine. I will have to warn you though there will be some parts in the game you would get stuck on. I could say more, but I want others who know the game as well to say something.
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11-10-16 11:45 AM
Oldschool777 is Offline
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My best tip is learn how to use your weapon or armor to maximize the growth of your Materia. Once it is maxed out then you could put it a weapon that has 0 growth. There are also ways to imbue your weapon with elemental attacks,so you do not have to use MP. But be cautious on one thing. Materia,for the most part,is a double edged sword. While you gain the use of a spell in battle and your MP and magic power grows,your HP and physical attack do weaken. So be warned about that. This is a huge game,so this will be an investment. You can find strategy guides online or in second hand game stores,but I implore you,try to solve it yourself first before you go there.

I could offer this tip: Use your Limit Breaks as often as possible. Not only can they turn the tide in battle,but you can learn new ones faster. There are also secret final limit breaks that you must find. They can only be used with a specific character and after you learn every other Limit Break.
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