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04-06-20 11:30 AM

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09-18-16 02:06 PM
09-18-16 08:28 PM

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Problems with the Articles of Confederation


09-18-16 02:06 PM
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Made this for  school, I hope you guys like it. There may be mistakes in both logic and spelling but logic was never perfect to begin with.

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(edited by 18mlivingston on 09-18-16 02:07 PM)     Post Rating: 1   Liked By: supernerd117,

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09-18-16 02:27 PM
Patrick Star is Offline
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Patrick Star
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   I am giving 1000 Viz to anyone who can tell me what I just watched.
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09-18-16 03:19 PM
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Yeeaaahh. . .

Basically the underlying power was there was soo much liberty that the Federal government couldn't do anything, and didn't have the power to do what it needed to do. These people did not want to serve another King George, but they went to far, and it took a while to create a system with actually stability.

Look up how many presidents they had before George Washington became our "first United States President" you'd be surprised.
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09-18-16 04:18 PM
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The point of the Articles of Confederation was to limit the power of the federal government. The United States were referred to in the plural the whole time.

The United States are going to war again in Mexico. That's because the states were loosely united, hence the "Confederation" part of all this. Of course they would limit the federal government's abilities to levy taxes and build armies. And no body should have more power over the state's rights, so there was no federal level of judiciary system.

It's by design. Sure, we see what we have now and think, "Wow, that's weak," but they were so busy trying to not allow another tyranny come to life, they completed hamstringed the only possible point of that: The Federal government.

Things changed. Here we are today.

Sidenote: The Civil War was fought over states' rights because the Articles of Confederation didn't just magically dissolve into everyone loving a federal government. More on that later.
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09-18-16 06:43 PM
supernerd117 is Offline
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18mlivingston : I forgot about the "objection!" site! Thanks for the reminder! Now excuse me while I bring the joy of glorious memeing to Vizzed.
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09-18-16 08:28 PM
Uzar is Offline
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The Articles of Confederation were a totally different system than our government because, the Articles never wanted a strong, central government. They wanted it to be a collection of independent states. But they ALSO wanted a central meaningless government that can ask for donations, and pass suggestions to all the states. This was, and still is, a stupid concept. They did a league of sovereign states, as well as a federal republic halfway. And in the end, the supporters for the Republic and strong central government won.
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I wonder what the character limit on this thing is.

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