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12-13-19 06:25 PM

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07-31-16 09:38 AM
08-14-16 05:22 AM

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What is the difference between V-Machine CD and the laptop to have the same price?


07-31-16 09:38 AM
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07-31-16 10:10 AM
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Eirinn :

This is in the wrong place, so please move to the Help / Questions / Suggestions fourm (not using local mod summon because that's broken atm :p)

Anyways, I'm not sure why they have the same price now (I believe that in the past the V-Machine CD was actually 100K viz), but the laptop allows you to play every game system
(excluding CD systems) for free, and the V-Machine CD allows you to play every game system for free including CD systems (excluding Playstation).
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07-31-16 10:14 AM
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CrimsonCrash 64
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Hey I'm aware your new here, but this is the movies forum.   Threads like these are more appropriate for the RGR or Help/Question/Suggestion forum. 

Local Mods :  Please move this

The Difference between the V-machine CD  versus the Laptop item is the fact that the V-machine CD includes the CD based systems like the Sega Saturn, Sega CD, Sega Dreamcast..
Just not the PS1.

The Laptop allows all of the standard console games,  it does not include free access to CD vizzed games.

Dang.. Didn't know ZeeTee beat me to this, sorry for the double summon :/
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(edited by SuperCrash64 on 07-31-16 10:15 AM)     Post Rating: 1   Liked By: DARKFURIA,

07-31-16 04:41 PM
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In addition to what been said above by ZeeTee and SuperCrash, I believe the Laptop also allows you to host Netplay sessions without being charged Viz, as well.
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08-14-16 05:22 AM
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m0ss is correct.
The laptop makes it so you can create netplay sessions for free and play any non-CD system for free.

If you don't see yourself playing a lot of netplay, the V Machine CD might be the better option for the Viz.
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