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01-23-20 11:35 AM

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07-05-16 11:20 AM
07-09-16 09:07 PM

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TimeSplitters 2 Review

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07-05-16 11:20 AM
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TimeSplitters 2 Review
Hi guys I am back with another review of a shooting game this time. This was my first shooting game and it was really fun back then. I thought to do a review on it.

Story 7 out of 10: For this story its broke into different sections. In the future which would be present day there would be a huge battle with the humans and with aliens or any other creatures. Instead of destroying the world. These aliens are using strange objects to change the fate of history of the world which would bring earth to ruin. These aliens are called timesplitters. Two space marines from Earth named Sergeant Cortez and Corporal Hart. Are sent out to a space station which is overrun by the timesplitters to retrieve something called the time crystals. But when they reach the bridge it would be too late as they will see the last few timesplitters take the time crystals with them and dash into the time portals which will send them into various time periods. So you can go in alone. Or if you are playing with someone you both will have no choice but to go through the time portal to follow the timespiltters and track them down.. This will become a plan now to redo things and fix what has gone wrong. So to complete each time zone you have been thrown into you will have to collect a certain object to active the next time portal for your next destination. So you will get to see the types of past and places you get to do before being able to go back into the future again.

Graphics 7 out of 10: When I first played the game it kinda remind me of the graphics final fantasy 10 has. I dunno how or why. Maybe because Distributors makers of the game are square enix. Anyways to me that’s how it is. Among another strange kind of graphics as well. Like how some areas in the game are portrayed to look like. its also similar to goldeneye as well with this.

Sound 7 out of 10: Yeah there are some good music's. Its not the best but there are pretty good music within the game. Its something that you would listen too. But not always over and over. You might get bored of it or you might not.

Addictiveness 8 out of 10: Yeah I say it would be addictive to play. Because I would say because of the story mode and other options you can play in as. I remember I did a lot for the map maker as well back when I played this game a lot.

Depth 7 out of 10: There are a lot of things you can do as said the story mode which is up to 2 players. Multiplayer mode where a group of 4 people can play the game. There is also the arcade, challenge and map maker. Now map maker is something you can do like create a place and add in the types of monsters you want onto your map and when you have done it you can test it out which is a pretty cool thing to do. Most plays would either be the story mode or the multiplayer mode. When you are playing the story mode you have 3 options of levels you can take on easy, medium or hard. There are many other things to explore and unlock when you play so I won't say anymore than that.

Difficulty 7 out of 10: It can get hard on some areas in the game. As you play more in the game to find the time crystals will become more hard. Because there will be objects and things you need to do before you can activate the next time portal. When you do this on harder mode it would really be hard to do so watch out on that

Overall 8.5: It’s a great shooting game to play and one of my first few I enjoyed besides from destiny. You should try out this game if you love shooting games. Its really fun and something you might like to play or to try out.

Thank you for reading my review I will be back with another so until then. ^-^
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07-09-16 09:07 PM
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Link | ID: 1284631 | 76 Words

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Your description of the story really caught my attention and it would probably interest me if I were into shooters. However you could have used more details for the rest of your review: are the graphics smooth? What are some of the tracks you remember from the game? How does it compare to other shooters?

Also (excuse me I'm a linguist ) be careful with punctuation. Your sentences are fragmented with periods at strange places.
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