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06-14-16 01:36 AM
06-14-16 01:36 AM

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Sword Art Online's Pina


06-14-16 01:36 AM
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Pina is a Feathered Little Dragon is a Tamed Monster in the game Sword Art Online. Its fur is light blue and feels like feathers, covering all of its body and two wings. It belongs to Silica, who is its Beast Tamer. Though Pina cannot speak, they seem to understand each other. The two share a very close bond with each other and thus synergize very well in battle. It has both offensive and defensive abilities, including a healing breath and bubbles that confuse the opponent.

In the anime, Silica and Pina wander off into the forest alone after an argument with their party members. They are quickly overwhelmed by monsters in the forest. Pina sacrifices itself to take a fatal blow that would otherwise have killed Silica. Fortunately, Silica is saved by a passing Kirito, but her it's too late for her monster. They venture to the Hill of Memories where Silica is able to obtain an item that revives Pina, and beast and tamer are once again reunited.

After Sword Art Online, Silica continues to play Alfheim Online, where Pina is able to join her in the new game. The two join together with Kirito and his friends to retrieve the sword Excalibur.

Pina is named after a cat Silica owns in real life.
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