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02-25-20 09:41 AM

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06-09-16 05:29 AM
06-09-16 08:42 AM

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It's Time to Scoot the 'Burbs

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06-09-16 05:29 AM
yoshirulez! is Offline
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Ah, yes. The wonderful world of ports, shovelware, and sports games. Or, in this case, all of the above! Yes indeed, Razor Freestyle Scooter is a game where you scoot the 'burbs all over 'burbington, home of the 'burbiest 'burbs you could ever scoot. The only place you'll ever find high quality 'burbs to scoot. This game was released on multiple platforms, but the truth is that the 'burbity of it is more pure and genuine for this particular port. And, to give you a taste of that scootastful 'burbity, I'm here to review it and give you the fact's about the 'burbs.

Graphics: 4/10. Although I can forgive it for being a Game Boy Color game, I can't forgive for how inaccurate some of the sprites look. Some things just being off-scale or completely malformed, it's hard to tell exactly what you're doing, not to mention it's just a complete eyesore. In particular, I found some animal I thought was a deer. Or a bear. I'm not really sure, but it was definitely brown and an animal. And the scale of the animal wasn't right if it were either of those, it was almost like the size of a dog compared to your player, who is a young kid. The roads don't have any detail really, just a solid color with some white lines. The people scooting the 'burbs seem to be the only real thing focused on, and even then it isn't very good. It's bland, generic, and painful to look at. Now take this, and multiply it by 9. That's how many times you have to see something like that. There's been some good Game Boy Color games with some really nice graphics, but sadly this one doesn't seem to even come close to that.

Sound: 8/10. Now, if you've played the game you might be wondering why I rated the sound 8/10. Well, despite there only being 2 or 3 songs in the entire game, and there only being 1 playing while you're scooting the 'burbs and other various locations, the main theme is just so incredibly catchy that I can't help but make up my own lyrics and sing along in my head. It really gives you that feeling of scooting down some really 'burbious streets, perfect for all of those swood grommets out there. Come on, one listen and you'll want to play the whole game too. I did!

Addictiveness: 7/10. Scooting the 'burbs for an hour and a half was a really enjoyable experience for me. And although I wanted to quit here and there, I just couldn't. I couldn't get enough of the sweet 'burb scooting action, and you probably couldn't get enough of it either, were you to play this game. That is, until you win a championship. That's pretty much like beating the game, and there's no reason to play it after that. So enjoy scooting the 'burbs for as long as possible, because once it's over, it's over. It's time to move on.

Story: 1/10. There's no story. Only you, the game, and the 'burbs.

Depth: 2/10. I would have given this a 1/10 if it didn't have the shop feature or other game modes, but apparently the programmers saw it fit to make it a thing instead of focusing on more important things. You have Championship, Racing, and Trick Mode. As well as a shop, so you can scoot the 'burbs in style even though it has absolutely NO impact on your character's sprite at all, and for that matter I doubt it even affects his stats. It's just useless, useless, useless. After completing the Championship, you get kicked back to the title screen to either turn the game off or indulge in some more 'burby scootings.

Difficulty: 1/10. I beat the game by just holding forward and jumping. That's literally it. It's REALLY hard to play the game because it controls like a bag of ew. You'll have a hard time dodging anything, but in the end it doesn't even matter because you can just make up for it in the other tracks you scoot. But really the only one worth scooting is the 'burbs so why would you even bother scooting anything else?

Overall: 5/10. It's pretty mediocre, but it's the first shovelware I've actually enjoyed. Maybe because the music is so catchy, or I just feel awesome scooting the 'burbs, but there's something magical about this game. Everyone should play it once, and never again. If I wind up seeing this game somewhere I'm buying it just so I can show people the 'burbs more often. Maybe you should do the same, too.

Although this review has been short and sweet, it is fitting that way, much like the game in question. Short and sweet describes Razor Freestyle Scooter better than anyone could ever describe it, even me. Have fun scooting the 'burbs.
Vizzed Elite
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06-09-16 05:37 AM
GameBoy1023 is Offline
Link | ID: 1275003 | 43 Words

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This is a quality review that has taught me many things, like how to scoot the burbs.
What this review didn't teach me is how to please you though. That's the one flaw in this review.
But otherwise, you did a good job.
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06-09-16 08:42 AM
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I learned how to scoot the 'burbs here.

Vinesauce memes aside. You really did your best. That was admirable of you. I can't believe this game existed. And it is as bad as I thought.

Vizzed Elite
I wonder what the character limit on this thing is.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

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