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12-10-19 09:12 PM

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06-03-16 04:07 AM
06-03-16 04:07 AM

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Advertising for Vizzed in real life


06-03-16 04:07 AM
MarioLucarioFan64 is Offline
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(I wish i could use more keywords. xD )

Hey guys, i wanted to tell more stuff, but it's better compared to another thread i made in this forum:

So first of all, i told you guys in that thread that i'm moving from my current place, which is a psychical institute-like place. I don't know what is it exactly, but i learn how to control my psychical problems and anger problems there. Unfortunately, i couldn't learn the right things and instead, i learn bad stuff from other clients. Those clients are also teens, like me. And this institute exists for 96 years this year, so they should know what they're doing. But it turns out they don't as most teens aren't learning anything additional, and i have to move to Nijmegen, a place more close to Oss (the town where i live in). My current place (Right now i use the school's PC) is in Boxtel. (I know, there's also a Canadian Boxtel, but i don't mean that one. )

Also, i've been telling many people about this site, and they all seem to be interested. I even told a grown-up about this, and he wrote it on a note and actually wanted to look around here. I think i did a good job. I mean, this site just HAS to be mentioned over here. It's still a cool site!

One more thing: When i'm gonna move away from Boxtel, i'll be offline much, as i decided to make a fresh start in Nijmegen.
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