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02-19-20 04:53 PM

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Decided to Register at the Gym Today
Getting out of shape, so I need the workout..
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04-05-16 12:29 PM
04-25-16 09:24 AM

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Decided to Register at the Gym Today


04-05-16 12:29 PM
TheTrueUlti is Offline
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I am getting out of shape, so I have decided to register into the gym for a couple of years. Paying $500 advance for a two-year membership, I am going to leave to sign up for the membership card in a couple of hours when it opens.

Gotta go everyday from now on to keep my body constantly fit and in shape. My only hope is that I don't get lazy and stop attending a few days after I start. I have had that habit in the past, but am hoping to break it.

Anyway, I gotta keep a healthy body
and a healthy mind, so wish me luck in my workouts!
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04-05-16 12:40 PM
geeogree is Offline
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Build it into your schedule. Make going to the gym as important as going to work or school. Otherwise you are likely to let it slide.

I personally hate the gym but I'm not a fan of being around people I don't know well especially when I'm doing something self-improving because I'm critical of myself and assume others are too so I get self-conscious. That was a bit of a run-on sentence but I think I got my point across Good for you for going
Vizzed Elite

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04-05-16 12:59 PM
asdren is Offline
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TheTrueUlti : Good for you....I am on gym 2 year.
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The Babadook

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04-05-16 01:49 PM
Boured is Offline
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That's really cool, glad you decided to do something like this as well as wanting to keep your body in good shape. Though be sure you have time to go to the gym.
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04-05-16 02:29 PM
plasticinsanity is Offline
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Sorry. I'm a bit of a gym enthusiast myself, so I get really hyped up when other people say they're bettering their health by joining the gym. When I joined, I never thought I'd have stuck with it as long as I have. Or that I'd be going as often as I do. Don't focus on the results. Focus on how you feel after the gym. That's what keeps me going, and slowly I've noticed results.

My most recent accomplishment was being able to open a jar without using the 'hot water' method or banging it against the counter. I exercise to be strong, not skinny.
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04-05-16 03:24 PM
TheTrueUlti is Offline
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Aw.... Bad luck for me. I won't be able to register today... The gym is being reorganized. They are bringing in new equipment and rearranging the place. They won't be open for registrations until the seventh... Still, two days is not so bad... I can wait... I guess.

Well, not much I can do about it, and being depressed won't help anything at all, anyway. So... guess I have to wait. I'll just be doing some basic push ups and sit ups and stuff until they reopen.
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04-05-16 04:09 PM
KidSonic is Offline
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You used to work out every day before I moved away. Why the sudden stop? Obviously you have stopped exercising, since you are, how you say, "out of shape".

Anyway, hope you get the next chance to sign up and get back in shape, buddy.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

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04-05-16 04:54 PM
gcvashgun is Offline
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Congratulations you were able to do something that I have been trying to do for the longest XD no seriously I have been thinking about going to the gym for the longest but kept failing on doing it due to laziness, and self consciousness. So congratulations hope you get yourself back into the shape you wish to become. 
who are the patriots?

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04-05-16 10:30 PM
Oldschool777 is Offline
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Congrats on taking that step. Starting a workout routine is not easy,but you start slow and build yourself up. And it does help if you have someone to go with you. But when you start,get your consultation and get their recommendations and how you should proceed.
Bite me...

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04-10-16 11:07 AM
janus is Offline
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Good for you! As long as you can fit training in your schedule, you will stay motivated and will WANT to train. I personally do it when I get out of bed before going to work and it works wonderfully. And you do not have to always train there; I bike to the gym as it provides a good warm up (plus I prefer the fresh air when doing cardio). Maybe you will want to jog there if it is not too far away. Also look for group exercise; some people find it more motivating to exercise with other.

Finally exercise produces endorphins, which makes you happy. When traveling I tend to feel blue because I do no exercise as much.
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The unknown

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04-10-16 09:10 PM
austipokedude is Offline
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From  other gym experiences and with mine as well you are less likely to quit if you overdo it within the first few weeks but that doesn't change the fact that you mustn't do too little just try to avoid over exerting yourself and it will become a healthy habit that you developed. Good luck!
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04-24-16 11:27 PM
Mynamescox44 is Offline
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TheTrueUlti : Seeing as how a few weeks have passed, how is it going so far?? Did you ever end up registering? If so, are you on a regular routine? I wish you the best in bettering yourself. Keep us updated, we NEED TO KNOW lol.
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04-25-16 09:24 AM
Uzar is Offline
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Congratulations dude! I am proud of you. Workout routines aren't easy, but they are so rewarding. Good luck, and never skip leg day!
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I wonder what the character limit on this thing is.

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