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03-04-16 08:12 PM
03-09-16 10:07 PM

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3 things you'd want a stranger to notice


03-04-16 08:12 PM
zero97axl is Offline
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"Hi, hello, greetings, nice to meet you. Who are you? Tell me a little about yourself please!" (I'm not actually quoting anyone I just made this up)

So people often love talking about or expressing themselves (especially in Western culture where individualism is more encouraged than it is in the East), I'm sure many of us can agree on that. Anyways! I'm making this thread out of pure curiosity. We all (or at least a good portion of us) want to project a certain outward image to the world.

Want I want you, dear reader, to post is a response to: "To a complete stranger, what are 3 things you'd want them to know or notice about you?" Please try to be a bit more specific than simply saying something like "my personality" or "my clothing". I'm more so hoping for post like "my sarcastic sense of humor" or "how good jeans look on me" or "I'm a devout Christian and go to Church every Sunday" or something (it doesn't have to be exactly like that all I'm saying is try to refrain from very general statements) 
Wandering Turtle

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03-04-16 09:41 PM
zanderlex is Offline
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Poor Davideo7
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1. How good my hair looks at the right times.

2. How smart I am.

3. How good I am at most games.
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Sergei's Mustaches

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03-04-16 10:48 PM
Singelli is Offline
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oooooooh, what a great and unique question!

I think the first thing I want people to notice about me is that I'm shy. While this may seem like an odd thing to wish, my hope is that any awkwardness can be forgiven.  Unfortunately, it's very unlikely anyone WILL notice, because I'm very good at faking normal interactions.  However, faking aside, I struggle to maintain eye contact... to keep a conversation going... and to find appropriate responses to whatever is being said to me.  If people automatically could see that I was shy and be understanding of it, I wouldn't have to stress while faking the confidence I don't feel.

The second thing I want people to notice is Joel if  I have him. Because... my goodness... who -wouldn't- want that cutie to be noticed!  Nearly everyone we come across talks about what a gorgeous baby he is, and my (very) un-biased opinion is that he totally is the most beautiful baby ever.

The third thing I want people to notice? Hmmm.... That's a difficult one!  I guess I want people to KNOW that I am a firm believer in Christ. This is something maybe to be -noted- after conversation rather than to be noticed with physical observation.  However, if more people understood what a saving relationship with Him meant, I would hope that my attitude, actions, and choices spoke volumes about the most important decision of my life.  I should act in such a way that people know I'm saved before I even tell them I am. What a witness!
Vizzed Elite

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(edited by Singelli on 03-04-16 10:49 PM)    

03-05-16 12:36 AM
ghostrunner is Offline
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The 3 things I'd like people to notice would be:

1. That I listen more than I speak.  I never learned anything new through hearing myself talk.

2. I am a devout family man that puts my family's happiness before my own.  Them being happy is what brings me joy anyhow.

3. I am highly competitive and work hard to be the leader that my team deserves.  When I ask someone to do something it's an expectation that I'd have for myself and then some.

Nice thread idea by the way!

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 02-08-16
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03-05-16 08:13 AM
Uzar is Offline
Link | ID: 1251117 | 126 Words

A user of this
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I thought about this, and I've come up with my 3 things.

1. That I'm more of a listener than a talker. And that I'm still struggling with shyness. So it's not like I hate people and am uninterested in everybody. I just don't know what to say, and am more afraid of you than you are of me.

2. I am a Christian. And that, despite the crazyness and weirdness, it all stems from a strand of love and joy that isn't my own.

3. I really do have interests outside of video games. It's just that I don't always follow the hippest trends, that's all. And I kinda default to that subject first.

I am loving this thread by the way! 
Vizzed Elite
I wonder what the character limit on this thing is.

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03-05-16 08:47 AM
plasticinsanity is Offline
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1. This is going to sound narcissistic and I don't care. I work hard at the gym for my results, and yes, I do want people to see my muscles I'm developing (they're still small yet but oh well haha).

2. I'm funny. Or, at least I try to be.

3. I'm outgoing. I'm working on this more and more - I used to be very much so a recluse, and never wanted to be around people. I'm working on this and so far, I think I'm doing really well. I can make the first approach with talking to someone new a lot more - not all the time, but like I said, I'm working on it.
Trusted Member

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Post Rating: 1   Liked By: legacyme3,

03-05-16 10:23 AM
Mister X is Offline
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Mister X
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1. I would want this stranger to notice my somewhat withdrawn nature, preferring to listen than to talk. Of course, I'd also want them to note how this is because I use this "info"  to make better decisions.

2. I'd want them to notice my physical appearance. Just a year or two ago I was pretty chubby and lazy. Now I'm (pretty) muscular and fit. It feels great to have people notice my hard work.

3. I have an interest in just about anything. Not so much sports but even that's changing. You can strike up a conversation with me about just anything.
The Master Of Miscellany

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03-06-16 11:40 AM
Oats is Offline
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Dang. This is a good question...

1. I'd want them to notice that I'm up to talk. Unlike many people, I'm not shy; I'll talk to anyone, anywhere, about anything. However, just because I talk, that doesn't mean I don't listen. I'll listen to your problems as long as you're willing to listen to mine, mate.

2. I'm a natural leader, and I can be aggressive at times to succeed. I'm not being rude if I appear bossy. I'm trying to do the best for all of us so we win. However, if you make a mistake, I won't care as long as you tried.

3. If you're nice to me, I'll go out of my way to be nice to you. You get into a fight (more verbal than physical ) and you're kind and I know you're not at fault? I'm in there, helping you out as much as I can until the other person backs off. I'm loyal, and I want them to know that.

That was pretty hard to pick considering I don't think of myself that much. Hopefully I didn't make myself sound narcissistic or anything.
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03-06-16 06:09 PM
SacredShadow is Offline
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3 things I would want a stranger to notice.....what an intriguing question indeed. 

1. Reserved and quiet. 

I would want people to notice that I am exceedingly withdrawn and reserved from people at most times. It's not that I have a genuine dislike for meeting new people, but I'm not the type of person that actively seeks and initiates conversation. Most people that don't know me on a personal basis would probably describe me as the introverted, observant type that doesn't speak much unless spoken to. I am an entirely different person where friendship and family is concerned, but these are the types of traits I would make known to strangers. 

2. A man of many masks

I'm not an easy person to read and predict, my collective character consists of numerous personality traits. I am a different person with my friends than I am with my family, peers, teachers, and strangers. This allows me to maintain a level of comfort in my day to day life, no one should ever be able to accurately predict my thoughts, words, or actions as a result of being exposed to one personality all the time. To me, this is what keeps any relationship interesting and fresh. In my opinion, going through life with the same approach to everything and everyone is  monotonous and dull. If anything, I would want strangers to know that I am a person of character, and that an interesting personality is something that I highly value. I welcome the opportunity to become friends with someone who will often disagree with me. There's nothing more boring than a friendship with someone that ALWAYS agrees with everything you do and say. 

3. Blunt, sarcastic, and a non-conformist

The final thing I would want a stranger to know is that I can come across as highly sarcastic and straightforward at times. I am not going beat around the bush per se when it comes to addressing certain things. There are times when the elusive approach is preferable to being direct, but I've always been partial to the brutally honest approach when it comes to conveying my thoughts. I also don't really care about my social standing or image when it comes to the people I hang out with. I dictate my actions in the same way I dictate the type of people I hang out with. Social norms and cliques mean nothing to me, too many people are afraid to act of their own ambition when it comes to making decisions on how to act or who to hang out with because of what society says is normal or right. They are too afraid to be shunned or looked at differently. I would want people that I consider friends or friend material to know that such things mean nothing to me. I'm confident enough in myself not to conform or worry about what society considers to be socially correct or proper. This more than likely makes me sound rebellious, but I don't really care which is a part of the indifferent side of me, but that's a different side for a later time. Nonetheless, I and I alone choose who I become friends with. 

These are the three foremost things I want strangers to know and consider about me before they make the leap of faith, and that is when the discernment between friend and stranger becomes clear.  
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03-07-16 03:56 AM
Poka Mocha is Offline
Link | ID: 1251736 | 354 Words

Poka Mocha
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Three things, huh? And they have to be specific? Alrighty, then.

1) My Age and Face

I really want people to know how annoyed I get when they ask about my age when they look at me. Whenever I tell it to them, they reply "Whoa, really? You look so young!" It's one thing to ask about my age, but it's another when you point out the obvious.

Another reason for this-- since people
assume I'm younger than I am-- is when they tend to have little to no respect towards me. They always try to 'give me advice' in the form of a lecture, which is not their place to be in. That's both of my parent's job. Thanks, but no thanks, they don't need any help.

2) Busy Schedule

When I say I'm busy, I really do mean I am busy. I can't tell you how many times my real-life friendships have ended because of this. Any homeschooler will know this is to be true. Especially if one of their parent's travel for work purposes-- taking you with them, and are not social. On weekends I am free, but you still have to consider that my family isn't social with people-- even with our own neighbors! So, I have to resort to Skyping and texting. Usually, people will drop from being my friend to being my acquaintance or-- in most cases-- think I'm trying to avoid them. Which results to them ending our bond.

3) Patience

Wanting them to know to be patient with me. I have trust issues, which results to me being very cautious around strangers. I really want to be friends with you, I just don't want to insult you in any way and in turn, don't want to get hurt. I'm not shy, unless you put me in front of an audience. It's extremely hard for me to hold back my emotions, and it gets harder the more I try to do it. At times, it seems as if I'm clingy, but that just means I appreciate you as who you are! So, please, patience.
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03-08-16 05:29 PM
Final Weapon is Offline
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Final Weapon
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I would like them to notice these characteristics about me.

1: I'm fairly good at drawing pictures, and enjoy doing it.

2: I try to learn from my past mistakes so they'll never happen again.

3: I'm usually honest about things most of the time.
Perma Banned

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03-08-16 09:01 PM
Mynamescox44 is Offline
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- I'm an open book, I'll literally talk about anything without shame.

- I'm open-minded. We may be different, but I respect others beliefs and opinions.

- I'm easy-going. I have the mentality of a hippie / surfer type you see in movies without being a stereotype. Hakuna Matata, it means no worries
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03-09-16 10:07 PM
Eirinn is Offline
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Singelli : I forgot how much we have in common.
Singelli - Sees question "Name three things..." types up 260 word post.
xD Something I would do, no doubt. In fact, I'll probably do it now. lol Also I love how you said you want them to notice that you're shy. I for one find this to be a good trait.

In answer to the question here:

1. I want them to notice that I'm a Christian. This is the most important thing that anyone could ever take away from meeting me. If I can add anything of value to someone's life, it's an introduction to Jesus, and a good example of what a Christian acts like and how they live. This is my greatest hope in any meeting.

2. I want them to notice that I care about people. Now this is something that they would notice if I manage to convey the first thing I listed properly, but I want to come across as someone who will listen without hesitation to whatever you need to talk about and that I won't judge you. I disagree with some things that people do, but you will never find a single person that can honestly tell you that I ever looked down on them or cast judgment on them for anything they believed, didn't believe, did, or did not do, or said, or did not say. Period.

3. I want them to notice that I'm fun, or that I try to be. See, I'm not insecure about myself, I just know who and what I am. I know my strengths and I know my weaknesses, and I live and act accordingly. I know I'll never win anyone over with a nice smile, or a lot of charm. I know I'm not the best at anything that I do, and I know that I'm not exactly a face that stands out from the crowd, nor do I have many qualities to make me seem special enough to commit to memory. However I also know that I have some very good qualities, and those are what I try to show, like:
I have a good sense of humor (though my jokes aren't always the best, I make more than enough of them ).
I'm fun to talk to if you can get me on a topic I'm interested in.
I have a lot of good input to offer on things if you ever take the time to listen.
I may not have the most book smarts of anyone you'll ever meet, but I am smart in my own right. I think anyone open and honest would be hard pressed to deny that. I have a practical kind of knowledge.
I am me, and no one else. I have never been, nor will I ever be a puppet. I don't buy into anything just because someone says it to me. I research it myself with valid sources and find out the truth about the matter myself. I'll take opinions, but they are opinions and not fact.
I'm honest and fair.
And finally, I'm a friend. I have never turned on anyone for any reason, nor will I ever do so. Once I'm a friend, I stay that way until you change that yourself.

Also, I really like this thread idea. It's thought provoking, and something worth talking about.
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