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12-31-15 07:01 AM
01-02-16 10:07 AM

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Happy new year everybody!


01-01-16 12:51 PM
Laian is Offline
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Honestly, I'm leaving things behind me while walking in this long and endless corridor. Except for a few things such as my summer job, the Japan Touch and, most important, spending this December 31st with my friends and family (and getting drunk after spending an afternoon making the meal ^^), I'm leaving lot of bad things behind me. Well, I'm trying so hard but it still stays on or it will come back later. 2015 has been really crappy for me, to say the least. I hope, with all my future plans, I'll get a better situation for 2016 and the next years.

Happy new year nonetheless, dear Vizzed members.
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(edited by Laian on 01-01-16 12:52 PM)    

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01-01-16 12:56 PM
IgorBird122 is Offline
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Happy New Year everyone. A New Year means new things to happen. Well, let's hope the best for 2016 because 2016 could be an interesting year

2015 was a disaster, let's hope that 2016 will be a much better year for all of us.

With New Years comes change and I made quite a few changes, permanently quit places that caused 2015 to wreck, and change the way the IBisms are performed. And be a little more out there with others.

Let's hope for the best in 2016.
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01-02-16 10:07 AM
janus is Offline
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2015 was more successful than 2014. My internship was much more successful - it was at a news outlet rather than a think tank - and I was able to meet fun people. During that internship I was able to land a job as a freelancer for another news outlet, although it seems that I need to work MUCH harder if I actually want to work for them. Finally another website to which I sent (very) occasional op-eds has started to pay its contributors. It is not much ($100 for at least 4 articles monthly) but they pay according to readership, and I might just be able to get a bonus for next month!
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