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10-17-19 10:42 PM

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10-18-15 08:31 AM
10-19-15 06:09 AM

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Game Accelerator Acc. crashes RGR Em.


10-18-15 08:31 AM
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For some reason, every time I tried to load today, the games in RGR would not load at all. I tried all of the above in RGR help , refresh, PC restart, un and re install, different browser, and nothing worked. Then I realized when I tried to load the game, download was at 0% and then it says "loading game" and then a crash happens. So I sold Game Acc. From my profile, tried to play a game, and NOW the games load and work. So please fix that accessory, cause it doesn't work for me anymore and possibly others as well

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10-18-15 02:04 PM
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I was having the same issue since yesterday at late, my games were not loading and the download of the new stay at 0%, so I sell the Game Accelerator accessory and now they work but the PlayStation and Sega CD games.
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10-18-15 02:07 PM
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I tried that too but it didn't work for me. Maybe it's because I'm staff now and have it automatically..
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10-19-15 06:09 AM
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The reason is that the download accelerator and some CD systems are hosted on which is having DNS issues.
More details are in the announcements. Or Found here -

Closing this thread.
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