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10-15-15 11:34 PM
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Kirby's Pinball Land review

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10-15-15 11:34 PM
gamerforlifeforever is Offline
Link | ID: 1211807 | 548 Words

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On November 30, 1993, HAL Laboratory released the first spinoff game in the Kirby series, called Kirby's Pinball Land. As the name suggests, it's a pinball game with Kirby as the ball. How does this compare to regular pinball? Was this a good way to kick off Kirby spinoffs? I'll tell you what I think by making this review.

Graphics: 7/10 Kirby's Pinball Land looks the way you'd expect a pinball game on the gameboy to look. The enemies each look great, the levels are well designed, and Kirby himself looks great as well. When it comes to visuals, Kirby's Pinball Land looks great, for pinball standards as well as for Kirby standards. There are better looking games though, such as Link's Awakening, Pokemon, and the Mario games. Still, the graphics in this game are worthy of a 7 in my eyes.

Sound: 8/10
Kirby's Pinball Land provides a good soundtrack for a gameboy game. It's not as memorable as Link's Awakening, the Pokemon games, or even Kirby's Dream Land, but it's still got a good soundtrack regardless. Overall, Kirby's Pinball Land's soundtrack is good enough to get an 8 from me.

Addictiveness: 8/10 This game offers good replay value for anyone who enjoys a good game of pinball and Kirby. There's 3 tables to play, and each table has multiple floors to climb. Eventually once you've made it up far enough, you'll reach a boss battle. The boss battles are easy to beat, but they're still fun to battle nevertheless. The only drawback here is that the game is pretty easy overall. If this game provided more of a challenge, I still, Kirby's Pinball Land is a fun version of Pinball that's more than fun enough to keep playing and try to beat your high score. I'm giving the addictiveness an 8.

Story: N/A
Kirby's Pinball Land doesn't have a storyline, therefore I'm leaving this category blank.

Depth: 3/10 This is the category where this game falters. In all, there are just 3 tables to complete, along with a few boss battles. There isn't enough content here to keep people satisfied. It would've been nice to see a couple more tables at least, that way the game would've lasted longer. This is definitely one of the shorter games I've played on the gameboy. Overall, this isn't the shortest game I've played, but it's short enough for me to give the depth a 3.

Difficulty: 2/10
This game is one of the easier versions of pinball I've played. The boss battles are very simple to beat, and completing each table doesn't require a lot of skill. Overall, Kirby's Pinball Land isn't hard at all, therefore I'm giving the difficulty a 2.

Overall Score: 7/10
Kirby's Pinball Land was a good way to kick off Kirby having spinoff games. It has good graphics for it's time, a nice soundtrack, and addicting gameplay that will make you want to come back for more. If it weren't for the lack of tables and the lack of difficulty, then this would've been my favorite Kirby spinoff game on the gameboy. Despite these shortcomings, Kirby's Pinball Land is a good spinoff game that fans of Pinball and Kirby will enjoy. For these reasons, I'm giving Kirby's Pinball Land a 7 out of 10.
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10-17-15 08:48 PM
janus is Offline
Link | ID: 1212366 | 62 Words

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Another good review from you gamer. It is structured well as usual and you give it enough details to give a general impression of the game. However the review would have been improved by doing more comparisons as you did with the sound metric. How do graphics compare? Are there other pinball games for Game Boy to which it could be compared?
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