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12-10-19 08:19 PM

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Two killers?
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02-22-15 04:54 AM
02-22-15 01:22 PM

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Two killers?


02-22-15 04:54 AM
greenluigi is Offline
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Welcome, ladies and gentleman, to one of my threadies! This time, we will talk more about our mysterious murder, Purple Man. First, let's talk about the DeathMinigame where the Puppet jumpscares you at the end. So, at some point, a car will approach the crying child, who's crying outside of Fredbear's Family Diner. There's a normal guy, with all of his skin purple. He killed the child, and left. In another Death Minigame, however, there's seems to be another Purple Man, who's similar, except he seems taller, and has white pupils. I thought of these two people. I think there's probably TWO killers. Yes, two different Purple men who teamed up. Why? In the other Death Minigame, the Purple Man seems to hold some-kind, of, gun or something. While the other one, he killed the crying child, though there's only one, major flaw, to this theory. One of the Purple Man has white puppils, and could it be... an Animatronic? Maybe.  So, the 2nd Purple Man could probably be an Animatronic, who stuffed the other 4 children into suits. What do you think about this? Is there 2 different killers, or one of them is an Animatronic?

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02-22-15 01:22 PM
SonicFan22 is Offline
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greenluigi : You should take another look at the "Gun" It doesn't look like anything that would represent a gun, it looks more like a phone I believe it's the same person. It would be cool if there were two but I think that's quite doubtful, but it's all theory talk, so none of us could be right curse Scott for being so good at leaving hard to break mysteries. Anyway nice thread green, looking forward to more!
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