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02-08-15 05:01 PM
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The best JRPG to set foot on the Wii

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02-08-15 05:01 PM
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Hello everyone, I am Tyranit, and welcome to my review of Xenoblade Chronicles. I have had a history with this game since about July of 2014, searching wildly for this game, to only find a disc. I learned about this game from a popular Let's Player on Youtube by the name of Chuggaaconroy. He has been covering this game 100% for about half a year now. Before we get to the review, this game almost never made it over to the United States, even though it received rave reviews over in Europe and Japan, and that is why we have the British voice actors for all of the characters. Operation Rainfall saved this game, along with The Last Story and Pandora's Tower, so we could have this game on North American consoles. Be warned, there are some spoilers ahead, and the future may not be for you. Now lets get to the review, shall we. 

Graphics: 8

I give Xenoblade Chronicles an 8 in the graphics department because this game has the most amazing atmosphere that you could have ever asked for. The day and night cycle really shows this in areas such as Eryth Sea and Valak Mountain. The cut-scenes are great looking as well, as the character models are well polished for a Wii game. There are a lot of cut-scenes that stretch about ten to fifteen minutes long, and I never get bored because it looks like a cartoon I would watch on Saturday morning. The NPC designs are very good, especially the High Entia and the Machina, as they look human, or Homs in this game, but still have their distinctions between them. The enemy designs also look great, as the Mechon have great color usage, but some unique monsters look like the regular monster, or are just re-colors, but they still look good. The weapon and armor designs for the characters also look unique, but do sometimes clip through the characters in cut-scenes if the equipment is big.

Sound: 10

I give Xenoblade Chronicles a perfect 10 in sound because this is some of the best sounding music that has ever come out of a video game. Yes, it is even better than Wily Stage 1 in Mega Man 2. Go look up the songs You Will Know Our Names and Mechanical Rhythm in your spare time, they are amazing to hear in battle as well as by itself. There are also songs in areas that I love to listen to, such as Mechonis Field, and the night time theme of Valak Mountain. None of the music is lacking, and it is a long soundtrack. It was so big, that it was officially released on FIVE DISCS! I have high hopes for Xenoblade Chronicles X's music because of the greatness of this soundtrack.

Addictiveness: 9

I give Xenoblade Chronicles a 9 in addictiveness because it is a very fun game to experience with the battle system, the story, and just walking around in beautiful areas whenever you get the chance. I don't go through all of the quests whenever I go through the game again, but I do try to discover each area so I don't have to worry about levels. There is a feature called New Game + where you can play through the game again at your current level that you beat the final boss with, and you will keep all of your equipment. If you know about all of the Level 80 unique monsters that you had to run as fast as you could away from in early areas, now you can defeat them because you are leveled up enough to do so, as you were too under leveled to do so in your first run.

 Story: 10+
If I could rate the story of Xenoblade Chronicles above a 10, I would. I give it a perfect 10 though because this is the first game that the story actually interested me, and I did not actually skip the cut-scenes of. Even though some of the cut-scenes hit the twenty minute mark, I still do not get bored because it feels like I am watching a quality anime. I think the heart-to-hearts in this game really impact the story and some unique dialogue that you could skip over if you do not explore everything that is accessible to you at the time. I learned that an early faced Mechon named Xord was actually the father of one of the characters in Colony 9. A basic summary of the story of  Xenoblade Chronicles is that two ancient titans named the Bionis and the Mechonis, beings made by Zanza and Meyneth respectively, lived in peace originally, but the Bionis attacked the Mechonis, and they were waged in an endless war. When the titans stopped moving, the Mechon waged war on the Bionis, led by Egil, to kill every living being on Bionis so that it could not reawaken. This introduces our young hero, Shulk, and his friends Reyn and Fiora. Fiora is killed in a Mechon attack, and Shulk and Reyn, with the Monado in hand, climbed the Bionis in search of Metal Face, the Mechon who killed her. On the way, Shulk and Reyn meet the medic Sharla, the Heropon Riki of the Nopon race, Melia, a half Homs, half High Entia princess of the capital of Bionis, Alcamoth. They also recruit Fiora's older brother and previous wielder of the Monado, Dunban. They figure out on top of Prison Tower that Fiora was not dead, but turned into a Face Mechon named Face Nemesis. They eventually save her after Fiora regains some control, and she joins the party with the spirit of Meyneth inside of her Face Mechon. They go across Sword Valley, and get into the Mechonis, and have to climb all the way up to defeat Egil, leader of Mechonis. After this, we realize that Egil was not the true villain, but the spirit of Zanza that was living inside of Shulk took the Monado, as well as Meyneth's Monado from Fiora. This was caused by long time friend Dickson, who shot Shulk in the back, and reveals himself as one of Zanza's disciples. Shulk is unconscious after this, and the party has to go on without him.  They also figure out that the other 2 disciples were friends of theirs, Lorithia of Alcamoth, and Alvis, the sear of the royal family of Alcamoth. Shulk comes back, and they go on to defeat Zanza, and Shulk recreates the world where there is no need for gods like Zanza or Meyneth. Dang that was a long explanation, but that was the smallest summary that I could give, that is how long the story is.

Depth: 10+
If I could give the Depth of this game over a ten as well, I would definitely do it. This game is linear, but the areas of the game are so expansive that you could literally explore a smaller area, like the Bionis Leg, for over 5 hours trying to kill off unique monsters and complete all of the quests. In the bigger areas like Makna Forest and Valak Mountain, it can take about 10 to 15 hours per area to get all of the areas discovered and all of the quests completed. This game has over 470 quests to take out, and each one can take about 10 minutes a piece, giving you a long bit of time to complete them. The story also makes this score higher because this game could not be as big if the story did not take advantage of this huge world, which it does rather well.

Difficulty: 6
I give this game a six on difficulty because even if you are over leveled, if you do not pick the right combination of characters for a boss, you will most likely die over and over again. It is also easy to die if you have quite a few enemies attacking you at once. The controls are somewhat complicated, but you get used to them after about a half hour of game play, so that does not contribute to the score all that much. I did have trouble in my runs whenever I did not get all of the quests and explored because the experience that they give you is enough to let you not have to grind at all through the entire game.

Overall: 10
I give this game a perfect 10 because the sound, story, and depth are all phenomenal, the difficulty seems just right and makes sense whenever you die, the addictiveness give me a lot of reason to replay this game over and over again, and the graphics are also a drawing point because of the cut-scenes being so long. This has been my review of Xenoblade Chronicles, thank you for reading.
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